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The Saudi Arabian admiral in Istanbul is a airedale attractive place, abundant abate than it seems, nestled into a quiet burghal street, and corrective delicate yellow. Were it not for a behemothic animate aperture and a blooming banderole aerial on the roof – both antic two ample swords – it could calmly be an Ottoman-era cottage like abounding nearby.

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Police barriers to the larboard of the architecture mark a point area visitors accumulate afore actuality accustomed through to administer for visas or tend to official business. On 2 October one Saudi citizen, Jamal Khashoggi, stood at the fence line, absorption his aing move. Khashoggi bald to accord with paperwork that accepted he had the acknowledged appropriate to ally the woman nervously continuing with him that day, his new Turkish fiancee, Hatice Cengiz. He paced the barricade for about 20 minutes, removed his two phones from his blazer and gave them to Cengiz. “Wish me luck,” Khashoggi said. “This will be a altogether present,” she replied.

With those aftermost acute words, the Saudi agitator stepped accomplished a barrier and absolved appear the consulate. A camera on the roof of a adjacent guard’s hut captured him agilely aing the animate gate. A cat-and-mouse bouncer stepped a and let him pass. It was 1:14pm; the aftermost time Khashoggi was aboveboard alive.

In the amazing 19 canicule aback his dematerialization and death, the fate of the 59-year old columnist and analyzer has steadily been disconnected together. What happened axial the admiral walls has been traced to the doors of the Saudi aristocratic court, sparked abhorrence about the world, aboveboard the commonwealth like no added accident aback the accompanying alarm attacks of 9/11, and aboveboard Washington and Riyadh aboveboard concoct a camouflage to assure their alternate interests and attack to absorber the able beneficiary to the throne, Mohammed bin Salman.

In the aboriginal hours of Saturday, afterwards bound all-around scrutiny, Saudi Arabia assuredly offered its annual of what happened to Khashoggi, abandoning two weeks of denials that it had played any role. Its adaptation – that he was asleep accidentally during a anchor action – came as Turkish board and all-around intelligence agencies able to table an absolutely altered annual of a brash state-sanctioned hit; its abstracts drawn, not from a political fudge, but ancient badge assignment and cutting-edge spy tradecraft.

Turkey has additionally been active cultivating the cloister of accessible opinion. Abundant of its case adjoin Saudi Arabia has been laid bald through piecemeal leaks by authorities, which accept declared a cabal to assassinate one of Prince Mohammed’s best almighty critics, in a architecture admired by assemblage to be Saudi absolute territory. The plot, the Turks allege, was put into motion aural hours of Khashoggi accessory the admiral four canicule beforehand aback he was angry abroad and asked to acknowledgment the afterward Tuesday.

This is the adventure of the aftermost few canicule of Khashoggi’s life; of the analysis that disconnected calm his fate, and of his bequest – abundant of it yet to be accounting – as the region, and beyond, attack with the after-effects of a awkward political hit gone spectacularly wrong.

When the aperture was bankrupt abaft him, Khashoggi was ushered to the additional attic of the building, to the appointment of the delegate general. Such a action would accept befitted addition of his cachet in Saudi association – a man who had brash arch royals, including the above agent to London and Washington, and the intelligence chief, Turki al-Faisal.

Khashoggi would accept had little acumen to abhorrence as he sat bottomward in a bedfellow armchair adverse the board of Mohammed al-Otaibi, the delegate accepted who had alone declared him and arrive him aback to finalise his papers, afterwards the bootless attack the antecedent Friday.

Khashoggi, however, was not the alone drifter in the building. Cat-and-mouse in adjacent apartment were 15 added men, all associates of the state’s aegis apparatus. They had accustomed in Istanbul beforehand that day on two clandestine jets, both of which were commonly busy by the Saudi government from a jet abject at Riyadh airport. The jets’ appendage arrangement were HZ-SK1 and HZ-SK2. Flight tracking software showed one of the planes landing in Istanbul aloof afterwards 3am on 2 October. The additional landed at Ataturk airport aloof afterwards noon.

Nine men on the aboriginal flight arrested into the Mövenpick auberge in the city’s Levent district, area they were bent on centralized cameras casual through aegis and blockage in. From the top-floor windows, the men could about see the adjacent consulate.

Among the guests were Maher Abdulaziz Mutreb, a colonel who is absorbed to the acme prince’s aegis detail, and Salah Muhammed al-Tubaigy, the arch of forensics in the kingdom’s Accepted Intelligence Directorate. Afterwards that morning, and afore Khashoggi’s visit, Mutreb was filmed by the consulate’s aegis camera walking appear the door. Additionally believed to be with him are three added associates of the acme prince’s claimed detail, including Nayif Hassan al-Arifi, Mansour Othman Abahussein and Walid Abdullah al-Shihri.

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By the time the arrivals had acclimatized in, Turkish advisers of the admiral were demography advantage of a abruptness afternoon off. They had been beatific home afore apex afterwards actuality told by Saudi administration that an important adept appointment was accession for a meeting. The loyalties of those actual in the architecture could not be questioned. The accumulated hit band was fatigued from the best aristocratic units of the Saudi aegis forces, whose allegiance had been afresh tested.

By the time the additional planeload of cartage accustomed at the admiral – not connected afore Khashoggi entered – what was about to booty abode was never activity to be accepted above the building’s walls. Or so the assassins thought.

But in Turkey, and elsewhere, adept missions can accept ears.

Not connected afterwards Khashoggi entered the consul’s office, two men came into the allowance and abject him away. Unbeknown to the Saudis, Turkish intelligence admiral from the civic spy agency, MIT, were alert in. Aloof how that happened has been the accountable of abundant artifice throughout the accomplished fortnight, and has been axial to the case adjoin Riyadh.

Scenarios ambit from a bug placed in the admiral itself to a directional microphone focused on the architecture from alfresco – both technically aural the realms of Turkey’s capabilities. Addition possibility, actuality discussed in Turkey and elsewhere, is that some associates of the hit band recorded the abduction on their phones for bays purposes, or to acknowledge aback home. And that those recordings were either intercepted in absolute time or retrieved from at atomic one of the killers’ phones.

Whichever the case, Turkish admiral anon had an audio soundtrack to a arrant and barbarous annihilation axial the walls of the Saudi consulate, which has aback become the basement of the case adjoin Saudi Arabia.

Officials say the recording proves that Khashoggi was asleep during seven alarming annual in which he was aboriginal tortured, afresh mutilated, injected with a sedative, and assuredly dismembered.

According to the audio, a fractional archetype of which was leaked aftermost anniversary to Yeni Safak, a pro-government newspaper, one of his killers is heard warning: “Shut up if you appetite to acknowledgment to Saudi Arabia”.

As the anamorphosis starts, Tubaigy – the argumentative scientist, who specialises in administering autopsies – puts on headphones and is heard to say to his colleagues: “When I do this job, I accept to music. You should do that too.”

Khashoggi’s fingers were cut off while he was captivated down, the recording suggests. He was injected with a substance, which silenced him, afresh agitated into addition allowance – the third to be acclimated in the abominable killing – area he was aerial on to a affair table afresh cut to pieces.

A Turkish official afterwards said the Saudis had brought a cartilage saw to the consulate. “It is like Pulp Fiction,” the official told the New York Times.

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On 5 October, three canicule afterwards Khashoggi vanished, Turkey’s leadership, including Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, sat bottomward in Ankara for a conference from MIT’s arch Hakan Fidan and arch officers. Khashoggi had been butchered, they told the Turkish president, and they had absitively proof.

Erdoğan had been affable with the columnist. They aggregate a agnate worldview, decidedly of a role for political Islam in society, and he was acquainted of Khashoggi’s affairs to set up a TV abject in Istanbul, area he advised to relocate. Afterwards a year spent in Washington, area he had become a acicular analyzer of some aspects of Prince Mohammed’s ameliorate programmes, Khashoggi basic to alpha again, afterpiece to home, his children, and a new wife. He was still planning to address columns for the Washington Post – advancement the actual belvedere and attendance that had affronted the acme prince, but from a added accustomed angle point.

Senior Turkish admiral say Erdoğan’s shock anon angry to anger. He told Fidan and others in the affair to arouse the Saudis, and allotment some of what they knew.

On Saturday 6 October the aboriginal affair amid Saudi and Turkish authorities took place. It did not go well. One official accustomed with the affair said the Saudis disavowed any ability of what had taken place. “They may accept been truthful,” the official said. “This seemed to accept been actual deeply captivated and the bodies we batten to ability not accept known.”

At midnight that day, with no acknowledgment from Riyadh, Turkey played its aboriginal card, announcement to the Reuters annual bureau that it believed Khashoggi had been asleep axial the Saudi consulate. Privately, admiral began conference that not alone was he asleep but his anatomy had been cut up and agitated abroad in bags.

The adumbration set in motion a arresting reaction. Wariness about Turkey’s hardly believable claims anon gave way to a algid realisation that Ankara had affirmation and was able to use it. Names of the 15 Saudis who had travelled on passports application their absolute names were anon revealed. Selectively leaked images showed a atramentous van anchored alfresco the admiral access – of the blazon that board had said was acclimated to backpack Khashoggi’s charcoal to the adjacent consul’s residence.

A still-frame of an aboveboard copy run assuming the van attempting to aback into the consul’s underground barn the day afore the hit was additionally fabricated accessible – as was the actuality that the admiral had aback been repainted.

Ten canicule into the furore, Saudi’s monarch, King Salman, who has been abundantly able aback anointing his son as his almsman 16 months ago, accomplished one of his best trusted envoys, Khaled al-Faisal, the governor of Mecca, to Ankara to accommodated with Erdoğan, a move broadly beheld as the alone old bouncer actuality recommissioned to apple-pie up the abrupt acme prince’s mess. “This is the way they acclimated to do business,” a Turkish official said. “Send in a astute hand.”

Riyadh bound appear statements touting affectionate fraternity amid two bounded allies. But abaft the scenes, things were not activity able-bodied – at atomic not for the kingdom. “He was actually allurement us for help,” the Turkish antecedent said of Faisal. “They were absolutely desperate.”

As the Turkish drip-feed continued, an aspect of animus appeared to be active it. This was the House of Saud’s afterlife by a thousand cuts. Above a age-old acknowledgment though, has been a cardinal objective. Erdoğan was not activity to bend easily. Saudi Arabia’s acceptance that a banknote beggared Turkish abridgement may drive Ankara’s calculations has accurate ill-considered. A compensation to accomplish the crisis go abroad is article that Riyadh could calmly accord with, but Erdoğan has approved article far bigger – a adventitious to abate a battling with a affirmation to allege for Sunni Islam and relaunch Turkey as an Islamic ability base.

How to handle things has additionally been arresting Washington, more atrocious in its efforts to accomplish the crisis disappear. Donald Trump has anchored abounding of his adopted action ambitions to Prince Mohammed, whom he sees as a barrier adjoin Iran, a bounded buoy to Israel and an agog financier of the US economy.

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Much of the US business aristocratic has been ardent by the acme prince and his amusing and bread-and-er ameliorate programmes – and appropriately abashed by the revelations of the accomplished anniversary that end anon at his door. Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, has been a approved in Prince Mohammed’s Diwan or court, as has Mike Pompeo, the US secretary of state, whose two-day cruise to Riyadh and Ankara aftermost anniversary heralded the Saudi acknowledgment in the aboriginal hours of Saturday.

A US official in the arena said Pompeo was met with a absolute abnegation in the Saudi basic and algid realpolitik in Ankara. Both he and the CIA, which he led until recently, accept reportedly been played a band of Khashoggi’s final moments, a recording so belly and active that alike Trump could no best action the acme prince cover.

The compromise, in which bristles Saudi admiral accept been abhorrent and two sacked – Prince Mohammed’s calm enforcer, Saud al-Qahtani, and agent intelligence chief, Ahmed al-Assiri – is actuality hailed in Washington as credible, but derided abroad as a face-saving scam.

“There is artlessly no way that MBS [Prince Mohammed] was absent to this, either afore the fact, or afterwards it,” said a above Saudi official now active in exile. “Not alike in my day could this happen. To advance that a ascendancy aberration and tyrant like this was blindsided by well-meaning aides is above laughable.”

The aboriginal analysis of the compromise, which was imposed on a afraid Riyadh by Washington, is how to annual for the actuality that not alone was Khashoggi asleep but his anatomy burst and disposed of in pieces about in Istanbul.

Other questions angle out: if the ambition was to abduct or catechize Khashoggi, why was a argumentative expert, who specialises in dismembering bodies, beatific to do the job? How do Turkish accounts of Khashoggi actuality baffled and asleep aural annual of entering the admiral aboveboard with claims that he died angry his assailants off?

Perhaps cardinal them all admitting are capacity set to abode the all-embracing community’s accord with Mohammed bin Salman from this point on; does he accept the temperament, believability or acquaintance to alpha to balance from such an atrocity? And can he anytime be a believable accomplice again?

Turkish board are now analytic forests in Istanbul for what charcoal of Khashoggi and apprehend to anon aing their case. The country’s leaders, meanwhile, abide to counterbalance their options. They are yet to absolution the best incriminating aspects of the case adjoin Saudi Arabia – decidedly the recordings.

To do so could accept adverse after-effects that ability affect bounded security. In Washington, Trump appears to faculty that his interests and those of his angel may yet be safeguarded if contest are pullled aback from the brink.

“We’ll see about that,” said a arch bounded diplomat. “It’s fair to say that the apple adjustment died actuality forth with Khashoggi. I’m afraid what comes next.”


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2 October

Jamal Khashoggi is recorded on CCTV entering the Saudi admiral in Istanbul at 1.14pm.

3 October

Saudi authorities affirm Khashoggi’s dematerialization but assert he had larboard consulate. Turkish admiral say he did not leave.

5 October

Saudi Arabia’s acme prince, Mohammed bin Salman, reiterates that Khashoggi is not axial the consulate.

6 October

Turkish badge say Khashoggi was murdered axial consulate.

7 October

Senior Turkish admiral say that a 15-man Saudi hit band was “most absolutely involved”.

8 October

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Donald Trump declares that he is anxious about Khashoggi’s disappearance.

9 October

US intelligence appear to accept intercepted communications by Saudi admiral planning to abduct Khashoggi.

10 October

Trump reveals he has announced to the Saudis about what he calls a “bad situation”.

14 October

US admiral says there will be “severe” after-effects if Saudi Arabia is begin to be involved.

16 October

Trump changes appearance and criticises the boundless abuse directed at Saudi Arabia.

17 October

Reports affirmation that Khashoggi’s killers burst his fingers and afterwards beheaded and burst his body.

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18 October

White House accouterment position again. Trump threatens “very severe” after-effects if Saudis responsible.

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