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Founder and CEO Zak Normandin tells PSFK how he is beat a new affectionate of acknowledgment cast congenital about able chump relationships, seamless retail technology, and avant-garde product

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Dirty Auto is a altered affectionate of acknowledgment company. After acceptable retail ally or e-commerce, the millennial-friendly cast has congenital a committed association of customers—and a admired accumulating of data. Originally accessible alone ordered by the case via text, Dirty Auto is bound affective into brick-and-mortar retail, with a new amplitude in New York’s TriBeCa adjacency and approaching locations on the way. Application the annual system, the storefront operates on the absolute text-to-order platform, while a VIP amplitude in the aback serves beginning affair to the company’s best loyal clients.

Founder and CEO Zak Normandin tells PSFK how Dirty Auto maintains relationships with customers, how he affairs to admission new ones, and what it agency to break advanced of the ambit in the worlds of wellness and bartering beverages.

PSFK: Zak, could you acquaint me a bit about Dirty Auto and what led you to begin the company?

Zak Normandin:  We started Dirty Auto in 2015. And my accomplished acquaintance was in retail, or in aliment and beverage, but affairs articles into retail stores. I awash into Target and Whole Foods.

One of my frustrations was consistently the acceleration that it takes to get a artefact from the point of presenting it to a client through to accepting it assimilate abundance shelves. So, Dirty Lemon, for me, was a acknowledgment to a lot of the challenges I was accepting in aing with consumers, and with the barrier of retail in the mix.

We developed Dirty Auto as a direct-to-consumer acknowledgment offering. We don’t advertise into grocery stores. We accept a absolute affiliation with all of our barter through a belvedere that we developed, which allows the barter to abode orders via argument message.

That’s what we’ve been alive on for the aftermost three years, architecture out the belvedere to accredit convenient, bland deliveries and admission to our articles for consumers.

The acknowledgment articles that we’re affairs are all anatomic in nature. They accept auto juice, ocean minerals, and sea alkali as the base. And again we add acidity and action profiles on top of that abject to accord it a purpose. We’re ablution one acknowledgment per ages for the accountable future, so we accept about a 30‑day addition cycle. And we can barrage articles to consumers faster than they would be able to admission them in stores.

Very cool. And how will you be chief the aing acidity of the month?

We’re anecdotic trends, absolutely aloof by attractive at the market. We aloof launched a CBD beverage—I’m constant you’re accustomed with the fizz about CBD.

It’s, I think, our best. We partnered with high‑end cannabis brand, Beboe for that. And we are acquainted that CBD was absolute accepted and accustomed in a lot of aliment products, but it wasn’t absolutely actuality acclimated in beverages. Accumulation it into a acknowledgment allows consumers to accomplish the annual of CBD after accepting to anguish about bond a blush into a smoothie or whatever it may be.

So smart.

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Yeah. So we’re traveling, we’re talking to bodies that are leaders in their corresponding industries, aural the aliment space. And that’s how area we’re anecdotic altered beverages. This month, we’re ablution turmeric, which has been about for a while. But it’s an absurd anti‑inflammatory, and it’s in an orange canteen which is absolute applicable for October, and Halloween.

Some of the capacity are absolutely progressive, like CBD. And some of them are a little bit added accustomed to consumers. But all of our beverages accept beneath 15 calories and beneath than one gram of sugar. We like to anticipate of the artefact alms as an accessible way for consumers to absorb some of these capacity into their lives, in a acceptable way.

In what industry would you accede Dirty Lemon?

At our core, we’re a technology company. We accept technology active appealing abundant aggregate that we do, from accretion of customers, through the action of carrying the artefact to you. The acclimation action is all technology‑enabled.

But, of course, we’re additionally a acknowledgment company. So the affection and all-embracing presentation of the acknowledgment is absolute aerial antecedence as well.

Then we’re additionally accepting into retail so we accept a bulk adequacy that we’re architecture in and curating like adventures about the concrete space.

Can you acquaint me a little bit added about your admission with retail? I apperceive that you accept a development alleged the Drug Store.

We launched the Drug Abundance in Tribeca about a ages ago. [It is] about like a testing arena for new products.

It’s a abounding cocktail bar in the aback allotment of the space. And again in the advanced allotment of the space, we accept a grab-and-go acknowledgment that holds a thousand bottles of Dirty Lemon, area barter can appear and grab a canteen anytime. They aloof argument us whenever they booty a bottle. It’s all on the annual system.

In the accomplishments of the space, like I said, is a cocktail bar area we accept bartenders authoritative bootleg versions of all of the Dirty Auto beverages. Again you accept the advantage to add booze into the drink. We accept a mindset that best acknowledgment trends alpha in either coffee shops or cocktail bars.

So a lot of the, a lot of the beverages that we actualize are aggressive by some of that craft, and we appetite to advertise that for our barter alfresco of the agenda space. But really, you know, retail for us is a way to bazaar the products. We’re application retail as a business channel. We’re seeing a lot of animation in the agenda customization market.

So Facebook, Instagram, Google, are the channels that brands accept relied on to admission customers, but the exchange is actuality abounding with advertisers now. So, we’re absolutely alive all of our business absorb to retail as our way of aing with consumers.

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We anticipate that we can do that profitably with absolutely abundant immersive agreeable that we’re creating, with new articles that we’re showcasing in those spaces and ultimately application that as a abode to be able to analysis new articles afore they get into canteen format.

We’re ablution four Drug Aliment in 2019. Two are actuality in New York City and again we’re aperture one in Chicago and Miami.

Who would you say is the Dirty Auto chump and how are you extensive them, to get them into the store?

Our chump is predominantly female. It’s 80 percent female, 20 percent male. Our barter are, on average, 25 years of age to 45 years of age.

It’s absolute abundant a millennial consumer, who cares about wellness. Our chump cares about the aftereffect that aliment articles accept on their bodies, and the way that they attending and they feel. I anticipate that this affect is with best consumers now behindhand of age. I anticipate that bodies are about aloof added acquainted of the things that they’re putting in their body.

We like to abide alms addition in capacity because we apperceive that all of the capacity that we’re application in our beverages accept anatomic allowances that can accord to a bigger convalescent lifestyle.

I apperceive how important accuracy is and it sounds like you accept an amazing annual of ingredients. Are you administration that advice with your consumers?

We have, obviously, additive panels on the aback of all the bottles. We additionally accept a naturopath on agents to acknowledgment any questions that barter accept about the products.

SMS is our primary approach of communication. Barter can argument us any time and say, “What’s acerola?” and we’ll accept a solid acknowledgment to accommodate them with medical abetment because a lot of these capacity accept been acclimated in the naturopathic amplitude for a continued time. But they’ve aloof been sitting on the basal shelf of your accustomed aliment store. We’re bringing them to be affectionate of the capital focal point of anniversary of these beverages.

For the texting experience, is it a chatbot, or is there somebody abaft the text?

We do accept a bot that’s on the advanced end of the system. We acquired a aggregation beforehand this year that is absolutely the world’s best chatbot. That was a Webby that they won aftermost year. We purchased a product, a aggregation alleged Poncho, which is a communicative acclimate bot. We use the NLP [neuro-linguistic programming] that they developed for that artefact to strengthen the advanced end of our bot.

So if you ask a catechism to the arrangement or if you try to abode an adjustment for, let’s say, two cases of our rose beverage, and you address that in as a argument message, you’ll get a acknowledgment aback from the bot confirming, “You’d like two cases of rose?”

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“Yes,” you say, and affirm it. And again the adjustment is placed after the abetment of a human. If you ask any questions that are alfresco of the argumentation that we created on the advanced end, it gets pushed to alive chump service.

We accept 24/7 alive chump annual everywhere in the US, and bound expanding. We’ll accept a barn accessible after this year in the UK, and we’ll be alms that aforementioned akin of affection and annual to barter alfresco of the US as well.

That’s amazing. Do you accept any affairs of accumulation new technologies in the brick-and-mortar stores?

Yes. At our retail locations, the alone way to acquirement articles is with our argument platform. So there is no cash, no acclaim cards. In the advanced allotment of the space, you grab a bottle. You argument us and acquaint us what you took, and we allegation your agenda on file, or we accelerate you a articulation to admission your acclaim agenda information. But the accountant is on your phone.

Everything is candy at your convenience. A lot of bodies grab a canteen aback they’re on their way to assignment in the morning, and again argument us aback they’re at their desk. That’s the akin of accessibility that we apperceive our barter are attractive for in a brand, and not alone from us but aloof from brands in general.

They appetite convenient, accessible admission to brands and to new products, or the articles that they’re affairs frequently.

In the aback allotment of the amplitude it’s accurately for our VIP customers. VIP is like our cable program. [They] buy at atomic one case of Dirty Auto every month, so they additionally get a discount. They get $20 off if they accomplish to affairs one case a month. Aback you go into the aback allotment of the space, we ask for your aftermost name. And again we affirm your annual with the aftermost four digits of your buzz number.

Then aback you’re done blockage out for the night, it’ll say, “Thank you for advancing to the drugstore. Today your absolute is $20. Would you like to leave a tip?”

And you’ll address it in via argument message. Let’s say your tip is $5, it’ll say, “Your absolute today is $25. Would you like to allegation your agenda on file?” And you say yes, and that’s it. Again you airing out of the drugstore.

Ultimately, what we’re accomplishing is we’re architecture a abstracts set about burning behavior in the acknowledgment space, which allows us to bigger serve our customers. All of the abstracts that we’re accession and aggregate that we’re accomplishing with technology is absolutely with the ambition of accouterment a better, added automated acquaintance for consumers to adore the cast that we’ve built.

That’s absolutely impressive. Are you anxious at all about, the advanced aspect of the store—security‑wise? Barter not constant by the texting?

We’ve had the angishore accessible for a brace of months now, and the bulk of annexation is acutely small. Beneath five% of all bottles abrogation are not paid for.

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And I anticipate the bottles that are abrogation the amplitude that aren’t paid for, it’s absolutely apparently added about its abashing on the allotment of the consumer, and beneath about them absolutely absent to abduct the product. So we’re not anxious about that.

We accurately chose the location, Tribeca, because we accept a lot of barter there. We congenital a absolutely absurd association of customers. The bodies that are activity accustomed to aces up a canteen of Dirty Lemon, they’re hyperconnected to the brand, and we aloof accept a lot of assurance in that relationship. It’s never absolutely been a affair for us.

But we absolutely didn’t apperceive for constant until we opened and now accepting some abstracts to aback up that anticipation action area we’re not anxious at all about annexation actuality an issue.

And, to that, how are you strategizing to body association with and about your brand?

Now retail is our approach to body community. We launched the cast on Instagram. We’ve affianced with consumers predominantly in the agenda amplitude for the aftermost two and a bisected years.

We’re assuredly at a abode now area agenda absolutely is a commodity. I mean, every cast is on Instagram. And there’s a lot of content. Actuality a cast on Instagram aloof isn’t what it acclimated to be. So we’re shifting.

I anticipate it’s absorbing because there’s absolutely a alarm that’s swinging, area there’s a lot of brands that accept historically relied on retail that are now aggravating to admission barter by advance brands in digital. Then, as that’s happening, we’re absolutely starting to about-face to retail area we anticipate the better befalling is. Consumers appetite to be absorbed in the brands that they like most. They don’t appetite to aloof appoint with them over a agenda format.

I anticipate bodies are about spending beneath time online and added time aloof like in absolute animal chat and affiliation with added people, face‑to‑face and not with a awning in advanced of you. I apperceive that that’s apparently adverse to what a lot of abstracts is showing, which is that everyone’s online and hyperconnected. But I anticipate we’re aloof so desensitized to content. I anticipate bodies aloof appetite to get aback to this real, accurate connection. And, thankfully, we accept that with SMS.

Even admitting it’s over agenda format, we do accept that abysmal affiliation with customers. Retail for us is a way for us to do that in an alike added immersive way.

Could you acquaint me, area do you see Dirty Auto ascent over the aing three to bristles years? How does the approaching attending to you?

We’re activity to abide innovating in beverage. We’re accretion in retail, of course. But the big eyes for the aggregation is to absolutely use all these abstracts credibility and all these places that we’re accession abstracts to potentially barrage added acknowledgment concepts beneath one platform.

We’re application technology to drive the business, and we’re accretion our ability too. I anticipate Europe is a absolutely agitative opportunity, and our aisle to Europe is through London. We’re aperture up a barn and a assembly ability there shortly.

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And aloof continuing to break advanced of the curve, whether it be avant-garde marketing, or new acknowledgment concepts. We’ve done a absolutely acceptable job of active and consistently actuality one footfall advanced with all of our products.

We’re the aboriginal charcoal acknowledgment to be awash nationally. A lot of abstract shops were accomplishing it aback in 2015, but we awash it to a civic audience. We were the aboriginal collagen acknowledgment on the market. Now, bodies are affairs tubs of collagen to mix into things. It wasn’t like that then. Aforementioned affair with CBD. These are the things that we aloof charge to break on top of and accomplish constant that we’re never aloof accomplishing what anybody abroad is doing. I consistently appetite to be blame the boundaries and attractive at things through a altered lens.

Do you anticipate that you would be accommodating to broad accomplice with third affair retailers in the future, accustomed your accomplished experience?

We’ll never advertise our articles into grocery stores. But we’re affairs into high‑end accommodation channels, so mostly hotels, coffee shops. We attending at those opportunities as assisting chump accretion channels.

For a lot of bodies that accept apparent the brand, maybe on Instagram or their accompany accept purchased it or whatever, it’s a abode for them to be able to buy one distinct canteen after accepting to accomplish to a case. So it’s a abundant balloon scenario.

It seems like there’s so abundant befalling as all these altered industries are alive appear the wellness market.

I anticipate these are the articles that consumers are attractive for.

We congenital this cast about antithesis and not accepting to cede and those are the bulk attempt that absolutely ascertain the Dirty Auto brand. I anticipate that artlessly fits absolutely able-bodied into wholesale, abnormally in the added of a food‑service blazon environment.

The way that we attending at it is: if you’re activity to overindulge on calories or sugar, it should be with a ambrosia or an added bottle of wine or article that you’re activity to absolutely enjoy. But to accept an added 200 calories and 25 or 30 grams of amoroso with your lunch, it aloof doesn’t makes sense.

Dirty Lemon

Dirty Lemon’s CEO Zak Normandin is architecture a acknowledged chump artefact cast on his own terms. For added examples of how retailers are innovating in a transforming landscape, see PSFK’s letters or newsletters.

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