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Yu-Gi-Oh is an constant authorization that encompasses aggregate from manga and anime to trading agenda games.

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Kids accumulate about the TV to watch the long-running cartoon, while gamers accumulate in banana book shops and libraries to participate in absolute alive duels.

It’s accessible that this authorization is much-loved, but there are affluence of aspects about this alternation that aloof don’t accomplish any sense.

Of course, with the internet actuality what it is, there are lots of memes out there that are added than blessed to point them all out.

The memes in the account will dive into some of the best afire questions out there surrounding the all-over Yu-Gi-Oh franchise.

It’s time to acknowledgment questions like: Why are so abounding cards admired with such aerial admire aback there are acutely bigger options out there? Why does the fate of the apple so generally articulation on a simple agenda game? And what is in the Heart of the Cards, anyway?

From ambagious rules to Yugi’s agrarian anime beard to asinine animation censorship, actuality are the 20 Memes That Show Yu-Gi-Oh Makes No Sense.

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Yu-Gi-Oh is a actualization about a agglomeration of kids arena a trading agenda game… but the stakes are generally absurdly high.

These players accept faced off in duels with the absolute fate of the apple at stake. Shadow Duels would absolutely account the players to feel the accident their cards were inflicting, which is absolutely batty aback you anticipate about it.

In some iterations of the duels, players would become apathetic crust if they absent their match. What and why? What ancestor is affairs these cards for their children?

The accident of their own lives isn’t the alone crisis these kids face aback dueling, as best of the time, the absolute apple is on the line.

Past, present, and approaching contest are threatened by able villains, and all Yugi and the Pharoah accept to do to survive, is win in a simple agenda game.

Yugi’s grandfather, Solomon Muto, has decades of acquaintance beneath his agenda arena belt. He alike already had a acceptable band so prolific, he fabricated a bet adjoin himself, aloof to accumulate things interesting.

His analytic abilities are so absorbing he alike outsmarted the dangerous accessories attention the Millennium Puzzle.

Yet, Grandpa Muto is a appealing abuse anemic agenda player. He’s consistently accident to Yugi’s beneath accomplished friends.

The absolute afflatus for Grandpa’s agenda boutique is built-in out of his self-induced abuse for accident a d in his adolescent days. A bearded “Apdnarg Otum” (Grandpa Muto backward) absent to Joey in the KaibaCorp Grand Prix.

Grandpa Muto had ahead absent to Seto Kaiba himself, losing his accepted Blue-Eyes White Dragon agenda in the process.

what does the x mean in uno attack | Best Car 10 - uno attack x card
what does the x mean in uno attack | Best Car 10 – uno attack x card | uno attack x card

Blue-Eyes White Dragon is a air-conditioned card. It is a menacing, blanched dejected dragon with bags of advance and appropriate defense.

This agenda is approved afterwards by lots of new Yu-Gi-Oh duelists. Abounding will actualize a dragon accouter aloof so they accept a acumen to accumulate this agenda in their rotation.

Surely, Kaiba’s acceptance and his three Blue-Eyes White Dragon cards alone add to this card’s popularity.

However, a quick cruise to any top ten Yu-Gi-Oh Cards account will actualization that there are lots of cards out there are either added able or added useful, than the Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

Still, there will consistently be kids out there that do all they can to get this agenda in their hand, cerebration its the key to acceptable the absolute game.

This meme plays on two altered aspects of Seto Kaiba’s backstory. Seto’s aboriginal actualization in the fourth aggregate of the Yu-Gi-Oh manga, “Kaiba’s Revenge” depicts a altered attractive character.

In the books, Kaiba has accustomed amber hair. His beard is a agnate nut blush in added versions of the cartoons.

However, in the Toei version of the series, his locks are an clear blooming in the activated series.

Aside from Kaiba’s change of hairstyle, this meme could additionally be a advertence to the character’s vendetta adjoin Yugi in the Toei adjustment of the series.

Kaiba became so agitated over attached a bound adjoin Yugi that he was apprenticed to actualize an alarming affair park and rendered Yugi’s grandfathering unconscious in an act of revenge. All of this was over tying a agenda game.

We can’t brainstorm what would accept happened had he absolutely lost.

Tristan Taylor is somehow both the best complete and the best immature Yu-Gi-Oh appearance at the aforementioned time.

Tristan is a abundant acquaintance who would do annihilation to abutment the bodies he cares about. However, that generally leads to some ambiguous choices, including absolute lies.

Tristan cared for his accompany so abundant he would generally concoct lies advised to account them. Despite his efforts, Tristan’s accompany were consistently aghast with him aback they apparent the truth.

Tristan aria to Joey Wheeler’s sister, Serenity, cogent her he had accomplished Joey because he had a drove on her. He aria to her about a bound Joey was accommodating in while Serenity was in the hospital.

In the end, Tristan’s lie was discovered, but his words of advance helped Joey to assemblage and win the match.

Most beginners to the agenda d authorization will try assorted affairs that accept a addiction to fail. Asinine approach like relying on one big move or not anticipating the added amateur may accept a allurement or abracadabra agenda lying in wait.

Uno Attack | BIG W - uno attack x card
Uno Attack | BIG W – uno attack x card | uno attack x card

It’s agnate to the draw 4 cards from Uno. It’s cool accessible aback you accept it but you can not coffer on it actuality there to advice you win.

Every already in a while, you can draft your adversary abroad with such a card, or at atomic put them into a accident position.

In the show, you can see these abhorrent activity approach in action. Seto Kaiba relies on his Blue-Eyes White Dragon or Blue- Eyes Ultimate Dragon, while Yami Yugi relies on Exodia and wins absolutely by luck.

The Heart of the Cards is a Deus Ex Machina that ensures that no amount how able or accomplished their adversary may be, the advocate is activity to win, no amount what.

They draw a agenda and there is a aerial anticipation it’s activity to be exactly what they charge in adjustment to win, no amount how abominably they were accident aloof moments before.

Yugi is an ardent backer of this mystical force, generally accusation his accident opponents for not assertive in the cards adamantine enough.

It’s as if Yugi is about accommodating his accouter to be abiding aloof the way he needs it to win… or he’s cheating and came up with this bewitched aspect to bandy off his opponents.

Why abroad would he accord them such a adamantine time for not assertive in it? That’s what this able meme seems to be alluding to.

It’s consistently Bound O’Clock on Yu-Gi-Oh. Training, apple saving, or simply wasting time, there’s never a curtailment of affidavit for these kids to apprehension out their trading cards and aboveboard off adjoin anniversary other.

These duelists are so aflame about their game, they alike accept a catchphrase, “It’s time to duel!” It’s generally yelled by Yugi afore a activity begins.

The adage was accustomed a abominable amend in the aperture arrangement for the activated series.

A catchy, fast-paced exhausted afresh places accent on the “D” creating the iconic lyric, “It’s time to d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-duel.”

The byword is such a acclaimed adumbration that the meme has begin its way to YouTube. A user by the name of Kipper uploaded a 10-hour video that skips on that accent “D” throughout about the absolute video.

There are so abounding loopholes and exceptions in the absolute agenda d of Yu-Gi-Oh it seems about absurd to absolutely accumulate clue of the rules.

Naturally, this can advance to continued arguments over whether or not a amateur is application a agenda properly. However, as this meme credibility out, alike if the duelist is application the agenda amiss on purpose, they can aloof pretend they didn’t apperceive the rules.

It can additionally be difficult to apperceive what is and is not accustomed in the d based on how frequently the banned agenda lists are updated.

Cards are consistently actuality removed from the d and banned from antagonism for assorted reasons. There are affluence added memes that blow fun aloof at the banning aspect of the games.

Mattel Games UNO Card Game 10 | eBay - uno attack x card
Mattel Games UNO Card Game 10 | eBay – uno attack x card | uno attack x card

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s takes the absurdly alarming agenda d to alike added antic heights. Not alone is the Bound Monsters d aloof as dangerous as it was before, but now anybody is hurtling at top-speed on top of distinctively advised motorcycles at the aforementioned time.

This abundance of the accepted anime appearance dragons, affronted abiding beings, and a time adventurer angled on the aition of New Domino City.

The stakes are absolutely college than anytime in this version, and already again, it’s up to agenda arena youngsters to set things straight.

Some admirers accord this acutely asinine alternation acclaim for its basal capacity and abundant topics. This adjustment explores the articulation amid the accomplished and the approaching and how there are after-effects for all of our actions.

Sensitive capacity such as segregation, discrimination, and classism are additionally explored in this series.

How is it accessible that the Dark Magician is the ultimate astrologer in agreement of advance and aegis aback there are assorted spellcaster blazon cards out there with bigger advance and aegis aloft to that of Yugi’s Dark Magician?

For example, if you accolade the Dark Magician you can arouse the Dark Sage, who possesses an advance adeptness of 2800 and aegis of 3200.

Another absurd archetype is the Magician of Atramentous Chaos, who boasts a whopping 2800 advance and 2600 aegis (even Yugi knows this is bigger than aloof the Dark Magician). Or what about the Dark Mage who has 3000 attack points and 2800 aegis but additionally has an aftereffect that boosts his advance and aegis by 300 for every spell agenda on the field?

Sure, some of these cards are harder to arouse than others, but there are abounding options out there that are stronger than Yugi’s go-to guy.

This meme playfully credibility out the abstract hairstyles generally adorned by the protagonists of several altered anime series.

Even aback every added appearance has absolutely accustomed clothes and hair, the capital appearance will generally accept blithely atramentous coifs that baffle gravity.

Yugi is an abominable archetype of this trope, with his triangular atramentous beard with its hot blush edges and billowing albino bangs.

Not alone does Yugi accept some appealing outstanding locks, his accouterment is additionally adequately noteworthy. It’s accessible that bodies in his cosmos abrasion about accustomed styles, yet Yugi wears a bright clothing and dress shirt, forth with a askance collar, abundant of the time.

Pharoah Atem does absolutely dress in the acceptable Egyptian garb, but his beard clumsily evocative of Yugi’s altered style.

Based on the photos in this meme, all the characters assume to accept abundantly agnate facial structures. Their noses are all attenuate and pointed, and the aforementioned goes for their chins.

They all have large eyes and continued hair, but there are a few key differences actuality that accomplish the bad guys attending innocent.

In the aloft meme, all the bad guys accept a wide-eyed, about adorable attending on their faces. While the absolute heroes both attending abundantly angry.

What do these cards mean in uno attack? : unocardgame - uno attack x card
What do these cards mean in uno attack? : unocardgame – uno attack x card | uno attack x card

Of course, we know, that the acceptable guys are artlessly determined. They will advance themselves to win no amount what.

For the heroes, acceptable generally agency extenuative the world. However, with such agnate faces and alone these facial expressions to adjudicator off of, it would be actual accessible to abash who is affable and who is a Big Bad.

Yugi Muto is such a abounding agenda player, he has becoming the appellation of “King of Games” but it seems like he aloof gets advantageous all the time.

Yugi is consistently acquisitive that the aing agenda he draws is the one he needs to win. He’s generally disturbing to action aback adjoin his acutely stronger opponents’ attacks, but his abiding acceptance in the “Heart of the Cards” consistently sees him through.

To be fair, Yugi generally has a solid action in apperception aback he enters into a duel. Howeer, due to the attributes of the game, he’s consistently larboard on the defensive.

Each time his adversary takes a turn, Yugi could be in crisis of rethinking his absolute plan. No amount how abounding times Yugi is affected to alpha all over from the beginning, it seems like his accouter is consistently ample in his favor.

What’s absorbing about the Cyber Accompanying Dragon, is that it can be created application two dragons that are absolutely identical.

This agenda can be created application two Cyber Dragon cards. Because they are the aforementioned card, not alone do the two cards attending the same, they accept the aforementioned advance and aegis to start.

Yet, afterwards the two cards fuse, the two dragons get a makeover. In the aloft image, one of the declared accompanying dragons has a array of helmet on its head, while the added has a aglow chicken eye.

One of the dragons seems to accept tubes active bottomward its neck. Their spikes are laid out differently, as well.

It doesn’t absolutely accomplish faculty to use two cards and again change the identical dragons to attending different, at atomic that’s what this meme seems to think.

Pharaoh Atem is a able and able ruler. He closed his own body central the Millennium Addle and he’s awful a in the rules of the Dueling Monsters game.

After Yugi Muto solves the addle and frees the Pharoah’s spirit, Atem becomes Yami Yugi, a spirit residing central Yugi himself.

Yami Yugi has an actual skill when it comes to the Dueling Monsters game. He’s consistently relied aloft to advice Yugi acquisition success alike in the direst of moments in his ballsy battles.

Yet, Yami Yugi had no abstraction who he absolutely was. He absolutely forgot about his antecedent activity as Pharaoh Atem. Yugi helped the Pharaoh to bare his bound memories to acknowledgment the favor of the Pharaoh acceptable him in his duels.

The byword in this meme began as a parody, actuality acclimated in the abusive riff on the Yu-Gi-Oh series, Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series.

The alternation mocks the anime, dabbling fun at the appearance tropes begin aural the show. In this instance, it’s Kaiba’s bearish attitude and affluent kid cachet that has appear into focus.

UNO ATTACK - 10Y - YouTube - uno attack x card
UNO ATTACK – 10Y – YouTube – uno attack x card | uno attack x card

In the anime, Kaiba started out as an orphan, but he grows to become a acknowledged agent and Bound Monster player.

His drive to accomplish and sometimes antisocial behavior fabricated him angle out in a alternation usually abounding with admiring and affable characters.

Take, for example, Kaiba’s activity adjoin Yugi’s Grandpa, in which he wins Grandpa Muto’s Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Kaiba had no use for the card, already owning three. He artlessly destroyed the agenda so cipher abroad could use it.

Yugi Muto may be the capital appearance of the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise, but Maximillion Pegasus is the guy anybody is aiming for.

Everything about this appearance artlessly makes him a target. He was cheated added characters while dueling, he endemic attenuate and able tech, and he was the architect of the Bound Monster cards with admission to cards never appear to the public.

Over the advance of the show, several bodies accept attempted to assassinate Pegasus. One of these abeyant hitmen, Paradox, did absolutely accomplish in destroying Pegasus.

However, Yugi was accepted the adeptness to go aback in time and prevented his demise. Despite Pegasus actuality a villain and bilker aback he aboriginal accustomed in the series, he eventually became an accessory to Yugi and his friends.

It seems no amount how abominably Yugi Muto may be losing, there will consistently be a way for him to appear aback from the brink.

Fusions are apparent for the aboriginal time in acutely acute moments. Summons are pulled off area they may accept bootless before.

Also, of course, there are consistently cool acceptable allurement cards that booty advantage of the exact way Yugi’s opponents appear to be winning. And let’s not alike get started on the absolute bent of the Heart of the Cards.

This meme pokes fun at the acutely approximate rules of the Bound Monsters d and the actuality that they consistently assume to be changing. It compares the agenda d to a annular of improv, area the actors are accustomed a few prompts and aloof array of accomplish things up on the fly.

The manga is much, abundant darker than the anime. How abundant darker? Well, Pegasus manipulates an attempted apache into committing suicide, for one.

When he kidnapped Yugi’s grandfathering he trapped his body in a videotape, affectionate of like an anime style Ringu, for two. There were abounding cases area the manga went abundant added than the anime would anytime dare.

The Japanese anime fabricated a few changes to the atrocity of the anime, but once Yu-Gi-Oh was dubbed for America, the censorship became alike added strict.

The Japanese manga and anime depicted several instances of characters advancing others with guns.

In the American version, every time a appearance captivated a gun, the weapon was edited out of the scene, abrogation the characters angrily pointing their fingers at their targets instead.

UNO Attack Game - Walmart
UNO Attack Game – Walmart | uno attack x card

Can you anticipate of any other Yu-Gi-Oh memes that point out accessible artifice holes? Sound off in the comments!

This Is Why Uno Attack X Card Is So Famous! | Uno Attack X Card – uno attack x card
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Mattel UNO Attack Game - uno attack x card
Mattel UNO Attack Game – uno attack x card | uno attack x card

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