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Interactive Brokers Group Inc.(NYSEMKT: IBKR)

Interactive Brokers Client Portal | Interactive Brokers - interactive brokers debit card
Interactive Brokers Client Portal | Interactive Brokers – interactive brokers debit card | interactive brokers debit card

Q3 2018 Antithesis Appointment Call

Oct. 16, 2018, 4:30 p.m. ET


Good day ladies and gentlemen and acceptable to the Interactive Brokers Group, Third Division Banking After-effects Appointment Call. At this time, all participants are in a listen-only mode. Later we will conduct a question-and-answer affair and instructions will be accustomed at that time.

(Operator Instructions). As a reminder, today’s affairs may be recorded. And now I’d like to acquaint your host for today’s program, Nancy Stuebe, Director of Agent Relations for Interactive Brokers. Amuse go ahead.

Nancy Stuebe — Director of Agent Relations

Good afternoon everyone. Acknowledge you for aing us to analysis our 2018 third division performance. Once again, Thomas is on the call, but asked me to present his comments on the business. He will handle the Q&A. As a reminder, today’s alarm may accommodate advanced statements, which represent the company’s acceptance apropos approaching events, which by their attributes are not assertive and are alfresco of the company’s control.

Our absolute after-effects and banking action may differ, possibly materially, from what is adumbrated in these advanced statements. We ask that you accredit to the disclaimers in our columnist release. You should additionally analysis a description of accident factors independent in our banking letters filed with the SEC.

This division saw several new developments in Interactive Brokers. I will alpha with our accommodation to move our primary advertisement to the IEX Exchange. I appetite to accent that our banal continues to barter at all the exchanges it did before. But by affective our primary advertisement to IEX, we acquire investors affairs or affairs our shares will get bigger prices.

Typically, executions on the IEX are done at the beggarly of the bid/ask spread, which is bigger than breadth they are done on added exchanges. This is because the IEX has a arbitrary beggarly peg adjustment that allows traders to column absolute orders at the beggarly and accord the barter the acumen to aish the adjustment for 3 milliseconds at the time aback absolute orders at added exchanges are crumbling, and afresh reinstate the adjustment at the new midpoint.

So it is the accumulated of the barter of acceleration bang with their crumbling adjustment software accepted that makes us an able adjustment blazon where(ph)the absolute adjustment gets best off abundant beneath often. Anyone absorbed should go to the IEX website and apprehend up on this facility. IEX’s signature feature, a acceleration bang of a few milliseconds is bigger for investors because aerial abundance traders, the traders who buy retail adjustment breeze from added brokers cannot booty advantage of the order.

When there are middlemen involved, as they are addition aperture to feed, costs are raised, not reduced. It is our ambition to accomplish abiding the amount to advance is as low as possible, and afresh to accord that annual to the investor. We do not appetite that annual to go to the boilerplate man who buy adjustment breeze and afresh barter adjoin it.

We are admiring to be the aboriginal aggregation to annual on IEX and we apprehend abounding added companies to chase us. Once again, in this quarter, we set new annal in our allowance business. Our chump disinterestedness accomplished 142.5 billion, up 23% while we additionally hit an best aerial in chump accounts up 26% to 576,000.

Margin lending at $30.7 billion outstanding was up 22% from the year ago division and was additionally up sequentially. This advance led to a net acquirement admission of 21% on our allowance business, with its pre-tax allowance extensive 66% for the quarter.

DARTs this division were 763,000, up 10% over aftermost year, so they were bottomward from the added alive aboriginal and added quarters. Bazaar volatility, as abstinent by the VIX, slowed to an boilerplate of 13 in September and was advancing bottomward steadily from its 2018 annual boilerplate aerial of 22 in February. Aback quarter-end, the VIX has risen again. Our DARTs admission comes from our constant annual advance and not from authoritative acquisitions.

We broadcast the ambit of banking casework we action to our barter this quarter. Through our chip advance administration program, we abutment abounding altered types of affairs from one account. First, our audience are in the best assimilation ante in their accessible banknote currently 1.68% on US dollars and able accounts afterwards accepting to alteration from one annual to another.

Given that abounding banks and brokers pay alone a baby atom of 1%, we see this as a huge befalling to accompany in new barter and new deposits and we accumulate blame this bulletin in our advertising.

Customers can now additionally drop their paycheck anon into their IBKR annual and anon alpha to acquire those aerial ante and use our anew alien bill pay action to pay bills. Our debit Mastercard allows our barter to pay costs or accomplish purchases breadth they can borrow adjoin their annual at our industry low assimilation rates.

And they can do all this, as able-bodied as advance in antithesis in over 120 bazaar centers accepted at low amount seamlessly from one account. The greener grass affection is overextension through the industry. JP Morgan is alms chargeless trades by affairs their barter orders to aerial abundance traders, while we are alms aerial ante on deposits, we’ve got added to accretion or lose. I like our position.

We’ll acquire added to say about aught commissions in our advancing advertisements. I am asked abounding times how it is that we abide to abound at such aerial ante and aback will it stop? The acknowledgment is, it will abide as connected as we attach to our allegation to focus on architecture automation. This enables us to abide to attack on price, to action anytime broader annual capabilities and geographies, low commissions and low assimilation ante on allowance borrowing, aerial assimilation ante on banknote and best amount beheading on trades.

Individually and collectively, these capabilities allure -to-be audience and accord to the advance of our business.

Further, abounding of the bazaar segments we accomplish in are large, all-around and growing. Abeyant barter are able-bodied acquainted of the accent of befitting costs bottomward and revenues up abnormally in an ambiance breadth there is bottomward accountability on fees.

So the prices we allegation adjoin our competitors and the assimilation we pay on banknote balances, forth with the all-embracing admission on technology we action are important credibility of adverse that we allocution to abounding abeyant barter about worldwide.

To adeptness them, we acquaint in Business Media and in locations that adeptness the called barter we ambition as able-bodied as on amusing media. We additionally acquire 40 accomplished sales bodies who are able-bodied a in our products, a aggregation that we grew over decades. It takes added than a year to alternation addition who is accomplished in the acreage in all that our belvedere can do beyond assorted chump types in assorted countries, which acquire altered demands and requirements.

Our salespeople are amid about the world, may do accumulated from accessory conferences and industry contest to befitting clue of a new asset manager’s launching, to advancement acquaintance with both absolute firms who may be attractive to accomplish a change and with absolute audience who acclaim us to accompany and colleagues.

About bisected of our business comes from chat of mouth, so the bigger we abound and the added bodies that are on our platform, the added bodies there are who allocution about us and what we can do for a banker or investor.

Pretax accumulation for the division was 276 million, abacus aback the 23 actor for this quarter’s abortive bill impact, net of treasury mark assets gives us 299 actor or 65% pre-tax margin. Allowance was 291 actor of this and accomplished a 66% pre-tax margin. Now for the breakdown by chump of how our allowance business is evolving.

Once again, in all our chump segments, we saw able advance in accounts, applicant disinterestedness and commissions. For the third quarter, barrier funds of proprietary trading firms were 4% of our accounts, up 11%, 19% of our applicant equity, up 12% and 25% of our commissions, up 16%.

Our low allowance ante and aerial banknote assimilation abide to allure institutions in a aggressive space, which is awful focused on beheading amount and all-embracing cost. Advance in this breadth was able and both developed and developing bounded markets.

Individual barter fabricated up 49% of the accounts up 19%; 35% of chump equity, up 22%; and 50% of commissions, up 18%. Chump disinterestedness was apprenticed by double-digit backbone in all geographic regions, decidedly in developed markets internationally as chat of aperture about our belvedere has spread. While bazaar animation was bottomward sequentially, agency benefited from college animation in annual advance adjoin aftermost year’s third quarter.

Investors abide to become added acquainted of the convenance of brokers affairs their barter orders to aerial abundance traders, which is now allotment of a chic action suit. This is a convenance that gives investors lower prices on their advertise orders and armament them to pay college prices on their buy and is commodity we at Interactive Brokers do not do with our barter orders.

We additionally see individuals who appetite all-around admission and low(ph)cost not alone on commissions and allowance financing, but additionally on FX as they barter internationally, which all plays to our strength.

Registered advance admiral represent 17% of our accounts, which is up 16%, 24% of our chump equity, up 24% and 17% of our commissions, up 16%. The RIA articulation is benefiting from our new products, our easy-to-use annual (inaudible) capability, low agency ante and aerial assimilation on banknote balances as able-bodied as the important actuality that we do not allegation a RIA assorted fees to admeasure a barter amid assorted chump account.

We additionally action chargeless chump accord management, or CRM software as able-bodied as advertisement accoutrement that charge a RIA does not acquire to pay for third affair services. In an ambiance with bottomward accountability on fees, our adeptness to extenuative adviser money while accouterment accomplished performance, advertisement and functionality, has developed added important.

Finally, introducing brokers apery 31% of our chump accounts up 48%; 21% of our chump equity, up 36% and 9% of our agency assets up 37%. As we discussed aftermost quarter, our introducing agent articulation continues to annual from the tailwind of two above trends. The accretion authoritative accountability worldwide, which makes outsourcing your aback appointment the best band-aid and the advance of a new agent chic in developing countries, abounding of whom appetite to barter internationally.

This quarter, we alien our chip advance administration affairs which consolidates the array of banking affairs you can do from a distinct Interactive Broker’s account. Afterwards accepting to alteration funds amid accounts, barter automatically get the best assimilation ante on both their cash, earning bazaar amount assimilation on abandoned balances and on their securities, earning added assets by lending out their absolutely paid shares.

Integrated Advance Administration additionally includes our Debit Mastercard, our new bill pay action and amount absolute deposits, giving our barter added affidavit to breach in our belvedere to transact their banking business.

Handel über Mobilgeräte | Interactive Brokers - interactive brokers debit card
Handel über Mobilgeräte | Interactive Brokers – interactive brokers debit card | interactive brokers debit card

Our insured coffer drop clothing affairs which offers barter up to $2.75 actor in SIPC-and FDIC-insured deposits continues to abound and accomplished $1.6 billion this quarter. Finally, we are attractive advanced to announcement admission to Israel on our belvedere in the four quarter.

And now, Paul Brody will booty you through the numbers. Paul?

Paul J. Brody — Chief Banking Officer

Thank you, Nancy. Acceptable anybody to the call. Acknowledge you for dialing-in. I’m action to analysis our after-effects as accepted and afresh we’ll go into some detail on the drivers abaft the numbers and afresh we’ll booty questions. Let me activate by highlighting that our banderole numbers for net revenues and pre-tax assets betoken a 3% year-over-year admission for both of those measures.

But aback we aish the furnishings of non-core operating items, primarily from our bill about-face action and the auction of our US bazaar authoritative business in 2017, those numbers acceleration to 19% and 29% respectively. And I’ll accord added detail on this in my analysis of the financials.

So let’s about-face aboriginal to the operating metrics, which reflected a able advance in chump accounts, disinterestedness and banknote balances while trading accumulated were about in band with bazaar volatility. The volatility, as abstinent by the boilerplate VIX, rose to 12.9 this quarter, up 18% from 11 in aftermost year’s third quarter. Sequentially however, this quarter’s boilerplate VIX beneath from 15.4 in the added division and from 17.2 in the aboriginal division afterwards a decidedly airy February and March.

The added animation over the year ago division led to an 8% acceleration in options trading accumulated while futures and stocks volumes were off 4% and 20% respectively. The abatement in banal barter volumes was due to lighter trading in the low amount stocks and an admission in the admeasurement of trading in college priced stocks.

As a aftereffect of this shift, while the cardinal of shares traded declined, as the DARTs and the commissions on stocks both rose.

Finally, adopted barter accumulated was bottomward as well. Absolute accounts grew to 576,000, up 26%, which contributed to chump disinterestedness advance of 23% to $142.5 billion. We saw advance in all chump segments, decidedly in introducing brokers and banking advisors.

With the connected tailwind from new annual growth, our annual absolute DARTs were up 10% adjoin aftermost year. Our all-embracing boilerplate austere agency per DART fell 5% year-on-year to $3.78 on a artefact mix that featured abate boilerplate barter sizes in stocks options and ForEx and hardly college in futures.

Moving on to net assimilation allowance table. Our net assimilation allowance widened to 1.68% from 1.31% in the third division aftermost year. The Federal Assets aloft ante afresh this division in backward September, authoritative a absolute of 4 increases in the fed fund’s ambition amount aback December 2017.

Due to accurate administration of our abbreviate continuance portfolio, we recorded a bashful mark-to-market accretion of about $1 actor on our backing of US treasuries. As always, we plan to authority these antithesis to maturity, but as brokers, clashing banks, GAAP rules crave us to mark them to bazaar in our banking reporting.

US amount increases calm with added chump balances generated added net assimilation assets on banknote balances. We acquire our connected success in asset acquisition should advance to beyond contributions from assimilation acute assets action forward.

Our FDIC Insured Bank’s Deposits Ambit Affairs alien backward aftermost year continues to abound and accomplished $1.6 billion. Allowance lending and absolute banknote administration were the best cogent contributors to our net assimilation margin.

Average allowance accommodation balances grew 22% adjoin aftermost year, which accumulated with college assimilation ante led to allowance assimilation advance of 72%. Our absolute banknote assimilation assets rose 52% primarily on Fed hikes to US assimilation rates. Two factors acquired the yields on our absolute banknote to not absolutely bout the increases in Fed funds rates.

First, currently about 15% is captivated in added currencies, although afresh 11% of that is captivated in currencies that additionally showed assorted animated assimilation ante during the quarter. And second, accustomed the accepted boilerplate continuance of advance in treasuries of hardly beneath 90 days, and accustomed that, about 18% of the portfolio does not aces up the new crop until the afterwards quarter, these amounts would not be accepted to chase a Fed backpack immediately.

The year-over-year abatement in absolute banknote balances is a action of admission in allowance loans, of banknote swept to our FDIC ambit program, and as added chump banknote actuality put to assignment in the antithesis markets. Starting with the ages of September, we began to breach out in our metrics the FDIC ambit affairs now $1.6 billion, which for accounting purposes removed funds that would contrarily be included in our absolute banknote balances on our antithesis sheet.

Securities lending assimilation assets was lower this division as there were beneath of the accomplished amount adamantine to borrow lending opportunities in the bazaar than in above-mentioned periods. Now for our appraisal of the appulse of the aing 25 abject point admission in rates, with the connected advance in our chump assets, the advance opportunities accessible to us at new artefact introductions are able-bodied positioned to aerate our net assimilation income.

Expectations of added amount increases are about already reflected in the yields of the instruments in which we invest. Therefore in our calculation, we attack to abstract the appulse of an abrupt acceleration in rates, abstracted from the appulse of amount hikes that acquire already been broiled into the prices of these instruments.

With that assumption, we would apprehend the aing 25 abject point hasty acceleration in ante to aftermath an added $19.5 actor in net assimilation assets on chump balances over the aing four quarters, and $21.4 actor as the annual run rate. That run amount includes the reinvestment of all of our present backing at the new, college rate.

Turning to segments. Electronic Allowance angry in a solid achievement with assets in both commissions and net assimilation income. Net revenues were $444 actor for the quarter, up 21%. Pretax assets was $292 million, up 30%, for a 66% pre-tax margin.

The Treasury marks at $1 actor were not absolute to articulation results. We accustomed a $3 actor bill abatement this division adjoin $1.5 actor in the year ago quarter, these are accounted for as decreases in beheading and allowance expense. Afterwards these rebates, the beheading and allowance costs would acquire been up about 1%.

Fixed costs in allowance were $99 million, up 14%. The primary affidavit for this admission were ahead appear allowance of costs accompanying to ambagious bottomward of bazaar making, additionally to added acknowledged and acquiescence costs and additionally contributions to reserves.

Customer bad debt amount was a baby accretion this quarter, assimilation immaterial new debts and our acknowledged efforts to accumulated on some debts from above-mentioned periods. This is a affirmation of the connected capability of our accident administration systems in attached chump default.

Market authoritative continues to abide of chump abetment activities and options bazaar authoritative in a baby cardinal of assisting markets alfresco the US, which we will accomplish for the time being, as we abide to appraise them.

Net revenues were $16 actor of which $7 actor were trading assets and the accumulated of the was net assimilation income. Bazaar authoritative pre-tax assets was $7 million. We remained at about 95% assimilation of the $40 actor of costs that were projected to drift to brokerage, and we apprehend to adeptness a abounding assimilation in the fourth quarter.

Corporate articulation reflects the furnishings of our bill about-face strategy. We backpack our disinterestedness in admeasurement to a bassinet of 14 currencies, we alarm it Global, to best reflect the all-embracing ambit of our business. As the US dollar adequate adjoin best added above currencies this quarter, we incurred an all-embracing accident from our action of $27 actor of which $3 actor is appear as Added Absolute Assets or OCI and $24 actor is included in the earnings.

We appraisal the absolute abatement in absolute antithesis per allotment from these bill furnishings to be $0.06 with $0.05 appear in added assets and $0.01 as OCI. Turning to the assets statement, net revenues were $439 actor up 3% over the year ago quarter, and abacus aback the $24 actor accident on our bill strategy, net of the $1 actor accretion from appearance our treasury portfolio to market, after-effects in adapted net revenues of $462 actor for the quarter, up 19% over aftermost year’s $388 actor afterwards adjusting for these items and additionally adjusting an $11 actor accretion on the auction of our US bazaar authoritative business aftermost year.

Commission acquirement rose 2% on college accumulated and options, and as I mentioned before, college DARTs in stocks, partially annual by lower boilerplate barter sizes in best artefact categories. As we acclaimed earlier, the abatement of our all-embracing boilerplate austere agency per DART hit $2.78 reflected this mix. Of the $244 actor net assimilation income, allowance produced $235 million, Bazaar Authoritative $7, and Accumulated the remainder.

Other Assets which includes our All-around bill strategy, Treasury marks and added fees and assets we accustomed was $21 million. Besides from the abatement in the All-around and the absence of aftermost year’s ancient accretion on the alteration of our US bazaar authoritative business, about all areas of added assets showed increases.

Non-interest costs were $163 actor for the quarter, up 3% from aftermost year, the primary drivers were $10 actor college accepted authoritative expenses, abundantly stemming from acknowledged and acquiescence costs and reserves.

As a note, G&A costs in the year ago division independent a $3 actor accretion of a tax reserve, so the admission would acquire been $7 actor or 39% otherwise. The G&A admission was partially annual by a lower beheading and allowance costs aided partly by the college allowance fee abatement mentioned beforehand as able-bodied as the cessation of our US options bazaar authoritative business.

Also acting to annual the admission were lower agent advantage and allowances expenses, which accommodate approved adjustments to year-to-date allotment for benefit accruals. At division end, our absolute headcount stood at 1,380, up 15% from aftermost year, we acquire been hiring best aggressively in the areas of applicant services, acknowledged and acquiescence and software development.

And to this end, we abide to body up our operations in India. Pre-tax assets of $276 actor was up 3% and represented 63% pre-tax margin. Adapted for the non-core items I mentioned previously, pre-tax assets was $299 million, up 29% over aftermost year’s pre-tax assets of $231 actor on an adapted basis, apery an adapted pre-tax allowance of 65%.

Diluted antithesis per allotment were $0.51 for the quarter, adjoin $0.43 for the aforementioned aeon in 2017, absolute adulterated antithesis per share, which includes all bill furnishings were $0.50 for the division adjoin $0.44 aftermost year. Afterwards the appulse from currencies and treasury marks, adulterated EPS would acquire been $0.56, so $0.05 college than the appear EPS for the quarter.

To advice investors bigger acquire our earnings, the breach amid accessible shareholders and the non-controlling assimilation is as follows. First, as a preface, the reclassification of one of our adopted entities resulted in added appear ancient assets tax amount of $4 actor and partially offsetting added assets of $3 million. These entries aftereffect the accessible aggregation alone and they are agnate to those we appear at year-end, which were accompanying to the Tax Act. The added tax is a non-cash annual that affects our appear assets alone and not absolute taxes paid.

So starting with assets afore assets taxes of $276 million, we aboriginal abstract $3 actor of added assets accompanying alone to the accessible company, abrogation $273 actor of operating company’s income. We afresh deducts $6 actor for — mostly adopted assets taxes paid by our operating companies, that leaves $267 million, of which 82% or about 219 actor appear on our assets annual is attributable to non-controlling interest.

How To Request an IB Debit Card | IB Knowledge Base - interactive brokers debit card
How To Request an IB Debit Card | IB Knowledge Base – interactive brokers debit card | interactive brokers debit card

The actual 18% or 48 actor is accessible for the accessible aggregation shareholders, but as this is a non-GAAP measure, it’s not appear on our assets statement. Afterwards we add aback that $3 actor of added assets to the $48 million, accretion $51 actor and abstract the actual taxes at $12 million, accessible company’s net assets accessible for accepted stockholders is the $39 actor you see appear on our assets statement. The $12 actor contains the ancient $4 actor tax amount accompanying to the reclassification I mentioned and that is afterwards this item, the accessible aggregation tax would acquire been 8 million.

Our assets tax amount absolute of $18 actor abide of this $12 million, added the $6 actor of taxes paid by the operating companies.

Turning to the antithesis sheet, it consistently charcoal awful aqueous with low leverage, or acutely able-bodied capitalized from a authoritative standpoint, and we abide to arrange our disinterestedness basal in a growing allowance business. We authority antithesis basal in adjustment to booty advantage of opportunities as able-bodied as to accent the backbone and abyss of our antithesis sheet, and we abide to backpack no abiding debt.

At September 30th, allowance debits were $30.7 billion, an admission of 22% over aftermost year. Our acute allowance lending ante which become added noticable adjoin our aeon as the assimilation ante rise, added our customer’s alertness to booty on the advantage and Interactive Broker’s accommodation to amuse it acquire contributed to this growth.

This amount may appearance added swings than in accomplished years due to our success in alluring institutional barrier armamentarium barter who are added adept in demography on leverage. Our bourgeois antithesis breadth administration supports a growing allowance lending business.

Our circumscribed disinterestedness basal at September 30th, 2018 was $6.9 billion, $5.5 billion was captivated in brokerage, $1.1 billion in bazaar authoritative and chump abetment activities and the in corporate. Now, I’d like to about-face the alarm aback over to the moderator, and we will be blessed to booty some questions.


Certainly. (Operator Instructions). Our aboriginal catechism comes from the band of Rich Repetto from Sandler O’Neill. Your catechism please.

Rich Repetto — Sandler O’Neill — Analyst

Yeah, acceptable black Thomas, acceptable black Paul. The aboriginal catechism is on the advance rates, Thomas, you can still address the accomplished advance in the industry, but if you attending aback compared to aftermost year, it has chastened somewhat from the aerial 30%, 40% in advance year-over-year in disinterestedness and allowance accommodation balances, et cetera. I assumption I’m aggravating to see is, is that — has the advance been afresh still acme in the industry, but has it been awash by in any way Asia and what’s action on in the Asian markets, or could you aspect it — what would you aspect it to? The change?

Thomas Peterffy — Chief Executive Officer

So aftermost year, the advance was higher, because the markets went up, and abounding of our barter were invested, so their assets — the accumulated of their assets has increased. This year, up to the end of September, our customer’s absolute accumulation was alone about $1.1 billion.

So all the advance we had this year were due to new assets.

Rich Repetto — Sandler O’Neill — Analyst

And afresh in the accomplished you haven’t quantified it, but you aloof said the fastest growing breadth was Asia. Is that still — does that still authority accurate now?

Thomas Peterffy — Chief Executive Officer

Yeah. That is still — holds true, yes.

Rich Repetto — Sandler O’Neill — Analyst

Okay. Acknowledge you. And afresh the aing catechism is on the shares per trade, you know, we acquire it’s lower trading in the low amount stocks and you fabricated up for it accurately in proportion, bodies trading college priced stocks and with the commission, but I assumption what we’re not seeing is at atomic from what approach checks I’ve done is, added brokers actuality impacted in the low price, trading in low amount stocks. Acquire I got that amiss or — ?

Thomas Peterffy — Chief Executive Officer

If you remember, it was a pure(ph)conference and I asked Chairman Clayton about whether the SEC is action to affair any description on their low amount banal campaign. They are basically, in so abounding means cogent us that we shouldn’t booty low — we shouldn’t booty barter who appetite to accompany in bargain stocks and aback they advertise it through us, unless we jump through several hoops, but they don’t acquaint us what the hoops are. So I asked him at that time whether they plan to analyze this, and he said they are alive on it.

But I haven’t heard annihilation yet. So we aloof anchored up on the affairs beneath which we — our barter who barter low amount stocks.

Rich Repetto — Sandler O’Neill — Analyst

Okay. That I understand. Acknowledge you. That’s helpful, Thomas. Thanks. That’s all I have.


Thank you. Our aing catechism comes from the band of Kyle Voigt from KBW. Your catechism please.

Kyle Voigt — Keefe, Bruyette, & Woods — Analyst

Hi. Aloof a brace of questions on allowance lending first. Aboriginal aloof the afterwards admission in the crop on chump margin, I anticipate it was 26 abject points. I anticipate you said that the added afterwards division absolutely outpaced our expectations. Aloof apprehensive if you’re seeing some applicant mix aural the allowance balances that’s been accessible for the all-embracing yield, I guess, in added words, a beyond allocation of the allowance antithesis is advancing from those lower antithesis and college amount tiers?

Thomas Peterffy — Chief Executive Officer

Yeah, there won’t be any added annual for that.

Kyle Voigt — Keefe, Bruyette, & Woods — Analyst

Okay. And aloof a aftereffect there. Beforehand this year you aloft appraisement on the aerial bank of allowance balances by about 5 abject points, and in that columnist release, you’ve set 30 billion as array of a beginning or criterion that you were ecology previously.

Just analytical now that allowance balances acquire exceeded that 30 billion mark in September, are you adequate with the akin of chump allowance that you acquire appropriate now or will you abide to do some appraisement adjustments?

Thomas Peterffy — Chief Executive Officer

Yeah, we are comfortable, because acclaim antithesis is additionally a acumen in parallel.

Kyle Voigt — Keefe, Bruyette, & Woods — Analyst

Okay, all right, thanks. And aftermost one from me. It’s aloof on the — I mean, you’ve launched a cardinal of solutions over the past, absolutely 1 year or 18 months that absolutely accept targeted at aggravating to admission your allotment of your client’s wallet. So this chip advance administration alms with a debit card, aberrant deposit, I’m aloof wondering, aback it’s been formed out, do you anticipate that you’re accepting success in accretion that allotment of wallet and are there metrics that you clue internally, I assumption that would advance that you’re accepting success there. Thanks.

Interactive Brokers Communiqué - interactive brokers debit card
Interactive Brokers Communiqué – interactive brokers debit card | interactive brokers debit card

Thomas Peterffy — Chief Executive Officer

As we say, we acquire about $61 billion of banknote which is added than a third of all of our assets. So I wouldn’t apperceive how to accredit it to annihilation else, but to(ph)the aerial assimilation will pay.

Kyle Voigt — Keefe, Bruyette, & Woods — Analyst

Okay, all right, thanks.


Thank you. Our aing catechism comes from the band of Mac Sykes from Gabelli. Your catechism please.

Macrae Sykes — Gabelli & Company, Inc. — Analyst

Good afternoon, everyone. I did acknowledge Nancy’s comments on the chargeless trading and your initiatives there, but maybe you could allocution a little bit added about this affair of chargeless trading. It seems like some of the chump agreements from some of your competitors absolutely acquire hidden costs in them.

And I aloof capital to get your thoughts on array of announcement chargeless trading and whether that’s absolutely the case, and afresh secondly, acquire you gotten any acknowledgment from your barter accustomed that you are a low amount alms in agreement of chump acknowledgment about chargeless trading and honestly(ph)complaints or aloof questions about that and what you may be accomplishing about it?

Thomas Peterffy — Chief Executive Officer

So this is a austere affair for us. Now that JP Morgan has aing Robinhood in alms chargeless trades. We acquire to — we acquire to booty this actual seriously, as a threat. And we are currently alive on bartering to explain to bodies why that is bad for them.

And, but the actuality is that, if you attending at our ATEX(ph)for example, we consistently accretion barter 2, 3, 4 barter a day from Robinhood, and I’ve never apparent a chump who went from us to Robinhood.

Macrae Sykes — Gabelli & Company, Inc. — Analyst

Okay. And you talked a little bit about bazaar ameliorate on the baby cap stocks. But could you aloof allocution about maybe bazaar ameliorate in agreement of maker-taker archetypal action forward, your affiliation with IEX and breadth you see that maybe alteration over the aing bristles years or so?

Thomas Peterffy — Chief Executive Officer

Well, we acquire no abstraction what is action to happen. I absolutely don’t know, it’s adamantine to get annihilation from the SEC and in the case, they charge be actual active because it’s — we are not acknowledged in aggravating to allocution to them about anything.

Macrae Sykes — Gabelli & Company, Inc. — Analyst

Thank you for demography my questions.


Thank you. Our aing catechism comes from the band of Chris Harris from Wells Fargo. Your question, please.

Chris Harris — Wells Fargo Antithesis — Analyst

Thanks. I aloof appetite to chase aback up on the — the point about industry fee cuts, appraisement pressures. Are you accepting inquiries from barter about JP Morgan, about Robinhood. I mean, it sounds abundant that cipher is appointment out, but (Multiple Speaker) —

Thomas Peterffy — Chief Executive Officer

We acquire not heard, no one has asked us anything. But we acquire a added adult chump base. They understand. They acquire what goes on here. So, I mean, we consistently acquaint them how abundant money the brokers acquire in payments or adjustment breeze and they acquire breadth that comes from.

Chris Harris — Wells Fargo Antithesis — Analyst

Got it. OK.

Thomas Peterffy — Chief Executive Officer

And (Multiple Speaker) adage — could you do my Barter Agency free(ph). No, that has not happened.

Chris Harris — Wells Fargo Antithesis — Analyst

Yeah, OK. I mean, you acutely acquire a able-bodied accurate amount proposition, it sounds like your barter get it. I aloof capital to analyze that point. Okay, addition affair in agreement of assimilation earning asset balances, you’ve got the FDIC ambit affairs now and I’m apprehensive if you guys acquire anticipation or internally about what the befalling for that could potentially be?

How abounding of your barter you anticipate adeptness appetite to booty advantage of that program? I apperceive it’s aboriginal days, but acutely you guys get appealing nice economics there, so maybe you could busy on that if you could for us.

Thomas Peterffy — Chief Executive Officer

Paul you appetite to answer(ph)this?

Paul J. Brody — Chief Banking Officer

Yeah, sure. So we began to cycle it out aftermost — the fourth division of aftermost year, and we adequately and bound fabricated it accessible to the assorted chump groups who would be acceptable for it. We haven’t absolutely covered them all.

We appraisal that if we had abounding participation, maybe the balances would be apparently a little added than bifold what they are, so we’ve got appealing acceptable booty up on it appropriate now, it’s — we are blessed with it. Our own antithesis are at or maybe a little bit bigger than our added advance ante — added advance ante at banks afterwards demography advantage of the crop curve, of course.

So it’s operating absolutely well. We’re blessed with it at the akin of that, we anticipate it grows steadily as barter aces up on it and I anticipate new customers, we fabricated efforts to present it to them, array of on their way in. So there’s apparently added booty up there than there was before, and it’s a acceptable program.

Interactive Brokers Debit Mastercard - interactive brokers debit card
Interactive Brokers Debit Mastercard – interactive brokers debit card | interactive brokers debit card

Chris Harris — Wells Fargo Antithesis — Analyst

Okay, great. Acknowledge you actual much.


Thank you. Our aing catechism comes from the band of Brian Perry(ph)from Reed Street(ph). Your question, please.

Unidentified Participant — — Analyst

Hey, acceptable afternoon and acknowledgment for demography my questions. Aboriginal catechism is a aftereffect on Richard’s animadversion about trading action and low priced shares. I am apprehensive if you could accord little added blush on what types of operational changes you fabricated to accomplish the abbreviation of trading in low priced shares amid your absolute customers?

And afresh for this division aloof approximately, what appulse you anticipate that abbreviation had on your DARTs? Acknowledge you. That’s my aboriginal question.

Thomas Peterffy — Chief Executive Officer

So we acquire — our acquiescence administration issued a new regulations which we use internally that carefully describes what affectionate of trades we can and cannot accept, what affectionate of orders we can acquire and what affectionate of orders we cannot accept.

The agitated on the allotment of barter was substantial, we said there is annihilation that we will do about that and if they don’t like it, we are sorry, but we cannot acquire them and a cardinal of them acquire gone to see — to attending for added brokers and that’s all I can acquaint you. So I did not do the assignment to amount out how abounding low amount banal trades we acquire absent per day, for example. Acquire you Paul, you had some?

Paul J. Brody — Chief Banking Officer

I don’t acquire the detail at that level, no.

Unidentified Participant — — Analyst

Got it. I mean, the acumen I was allurement was animation was up about 18% year-over-year and your annual closes in mid ’20s with DARTs advance of aloof about 10%, I’m apprehensive if there’s any way to size, it’s an aftereffect that you’ll apparently lap in a year, I’m academic and so assimilation in any weight or ballpark that affect that you’ll apparently lap in, I don’t apperceive in nine months or something?

Thomas Peterffy — Chief Executive Officer

Well, no, I’m sorry, I do not anticipate that — I anticipate a greater appulse is that what is advancing from the actuality that added of our new accounts are alien in agent accounts and those accounts tend to barter beneath than our aboriginal chump abject which is the adult banker — the traders. Aback we started the business we originally addressed ourselves to attic traders and bodies who were trading for a living, right? So that’s why we still acquire — our basal chump is still that, but that’s breadth the accumulated of our volumes appear from, but those bodies are accepting old, as I know.

Unidentified Participant — — Analyst

Appreciate the color. And added question, if I could. So chump credits represented about 36% of chump disinterestedness in this division and that’s across-the-board of sweeps. I’m apprehensive how altered that cardinal looks for your new customers, for admission assets?

Paul J. Brody — Chief Banking Officer

I anticipate we admeasurement it alone for the admission customers, but you acquire to acquire and conceivably not put too abundant weight on the acclaim cardinal itself, because as I mentioned afore in my talk, that we’ve got a actual abiding beck of chump money and asset transfers advancing in all the time.

But, you know, the acclaim balances are accountable to what happens to them afterwards that, so they become invested, depending on what the bazaar is accomplishing barter absolutely become added or beneath invested in stocks that’s one primary factor.

Certainly on an accumulated abject for us as a broker, we booty chump credits and accommodate it to added barter who are accomplishing defended allowance lending and that has absolutely gone up absolutely rapidly. So that leaves us with beneath to advance on the Street, but chump credits are still action up.

So all of these factors accord to, acutely they all assignment their way into the net assimilation allowance in one way or another, but you acquire to acquire about the barter actuality invested in the market, which is absolutely not beneath our control.

Unidentified Participant — — Analyst

Got it. And it sounds like it’s not a cardinal you clue or acquire the adeptness to track, it’s aloof the point you made, it’s absolutely important ascribe in bulging what net assimilation assets will abound at over the best appellation is just, how acute new audience are in agreement of their banknote balance.

Thomas Peterffy — Chief Executive Officer

Yeah. But you acquire to bethink that these clients, at atomic the ones that had added than $100,000 with us — dollars annual of assets with us are accepting paid assimilation and so what we acquire on these balances is (inaudible).

Unidentified Participant — — Analyst

Yes, I beggarly it adds up it’s added — it’s like beyond than your agency acquirement now.

Thomas Peterffy — Chief Executive Officer


Unidentified Participant — — Analyst

Okay, thanks. Acknowledgment for the color. I do acknowledge it.


Thank you. (Operator Instructions). Our aing catechism is a aftereffect from the band of Mac Sykes from Gabelli. Your catechism please.

Macrae Sykes — Gabelli & Company, Inc. — Analyst

Hi. I capital to aloof dig into, if I were to have, say a $100,000 annual at the close absolutely invested in S&P securities, how abundant I would achievement to accomplish aloof on the accessory that could be acclimated in the portfolio?

Interactive Brokers - interactive brokers debit card
Interactive Brokers – interactive brokers debit card | interactive brokers debit card

Paul J. Brody — Chief Banking Officer

So it’s absorbing that you best S&P securities, because those tend to be what we would alarm accepted collateral, acceptation dejected chips and adequately arid from a lending standpoint as far as the appeal on the Street.

If you had best addition basis that had more, what we alarm adamantine to borrow stocks, added abstruse names, added stocks in greater demand, you could absolutely see abundant antithesis from accommodating in the absolutely paid lending program. But — and those numbers are all over the line, and they’re advancing out. That’s why the antithesis lending acquirement is actual abundant a action of which stocks get hot at assertive times.

We’ve had — we’ve apparent Tesla appear and go, array of in agreement of its appeal for shares on the Street, that’s aloof one name, and our job is and we acquire congenital accoutrement to booty advantage and optimize the lending aback the stocks go into a ambit breadth their ante get actual high.

Macrae Sykes — Gabelli & Company, Inc. — Analyst

And aloof to analyze on GC, what’s the crop I assumption are there antithesis on that?

Thomas Peterffy — Chief Executive Officer

There is no crop on GC.

Paul J. Brody — Chief Banking Officer

Right, we don’t alike accommodate out GC because it doesn’t aftermath any yield. But if you are a customer, I can acquaint you that, you can attending into a address that we would bear to you that would acquaint you what the adumbrated antithesis would be on the portfolio that you’re absolutely captivation in your annual to try to assimilation you or say at least, get you to see what the amount of accommodating in the affairs adeptness be.

So we acquire actual acceptable accord in the program, because we do a acceptable job of lending shares out.

Macrae Sykes — Gabelli & Company, Inc. — Analyst

Great, acknowledge you.


Thank you. This does achieve the question-and-answer affair of today’s program. I’d like to duke the affairs aback to Nancy Stuebe for any added remarks.

Nancy Stuebe — Director of Agent Relations

Thank you anybody for accommodating today. As a reminder, this alarm will be accessible for epitomize on our website. We will additionally be announcement a apple-pie adaptation of our archetype on our armpit tomorrow. Acknowledge you again, we will allocution to you aing division end.


Thank you, ladies and gentlemen for your accord in today’s conference. This does achieve the program. You may now disconnect. Acceptable day.

Duration: 49 minutes

Nancy Stuebe — Director of Agent Relations

Paul J. Brody — Chief Banking Officer

Rich Repetto — Sandler O’Neill — Analyst

Thomas Peterffy — Chief Executive Officer

Kyle Voigt — Keefe, Bruyette, & Woods — Analyst

Macrae Sykes — Gabelli & Company, Inc. — Analyst

Chris Harris — Wells Fargo Antithesis — Analyst

Unidentified Participant — — Analyst

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