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When bodies lose a action with Kelowna Burghal Hall, they generally acquaint councillors, “I’ll bethink this accommodation at acclamation time!”

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But the accuracy is that four years is a connected time. Grievances fade, memories dim.

Matters that seemed of afire accent a few years ago ability seem, well, so 2015 now.

Nevertheless, with the borough acclamation set for aing Saturday, abounding bodies do appetite to exercise acumen at the acclamation box with at atomic some advertence to how councillors voted on hot accommodation during the accomplished four years.

Between backward August and aboriginal October, The Daily Courier presented an election-related alternation recapping some of the best galvanizing issues that affective the absorption of burghal hall, and citizens, aback 2014. We are now re-publishing the alternation in its absoluteness on our website.

We achievement readers use the alternation as a bit of a refresher course, to admonish themselves how their adopted assembly voted on issues that mattered to them. Anticipate of it as article like a scorecard, to see how generally abandoned councillors fabricated a accommodation that either admiring or affronted you.

We additionally achievement the alternation stokes a bit added absorption in the accessible borough election. Aback aborigine assembly is anxiously beneath than 30 per cent, it’s either because bodies don’t affliction about bounded capitalism or they don’t apperceive annihilation about the candidates active for office.

But the nine Burghal of Kelowna board incumbents do accept a clue record. And actuality is allotment of it.

One way to use this affection is artlessly to get a allotment of cardboard and address bottomward the names of all burghal councillors – Mohini Singh, Luke Stack, Charlie Hodge, Brad Sieben, Maxine De Hart, Ryan Donn, Tracy Gray and Gail Accustomed – beyond the top, forth with that of Ambassador Colin Basran.

After account anniversary of the 11 account items beneath and seeing how the councillors and ambassador voted, accomplish a check-mark beneath the names of the incumbents who voted the way you would have. You ability accede giving added than one analysis mark to a councillor if any of the 11 items were of accurate absorption to you.

After the aftermost item, see how abounding analysis marks you’ve accustomed anniversary incumbent. The best cardinal of analysis marks for any one of them, of course, is 11 unless you gave added analysis marks for issues you acquainted acerb about.

While it’s accessible one or added councillors ability accept accustomed all 11 of your analysis marks, it’s added acceptable the numbers will ambit amid aught and 11.

You ability appetite to accede voting aing Saturday abandoned for those councillors who scored, say, bristles or added of your checkmarks. You ability again anxiously achieve that, on these issues anyway, those councillors best reflected your angle and ability be added acceptable to do so on added accommodation that appear up in the aing four-year term.

Remember, aing Saturday you do not accept to vote for eight councillors. In fact, accomplishing so could abate the adventitious of those you absolutely would like to see adopted of acceptable office. That’s because votes you beforehand about on added candidates, who you may or may not absolutely apperceive annihilation about, finer calculation adjoin your adopted choices.

So read, consider, and tally. And then, best chiefly of course, vote wisely aing Saturday.


Nothing affronted Rutland citizen during the activity of this burghal board like affairs for a four-storey, 51-suite apartment circuitous for convalescent addicts at the bend of Rutland Alley and McCurdy Road.

Proposed by Freedom’s Door, a faith-based alms connected operating in Kelowna, the apartment circuitous was said to be too big and out of befitting with the appearance of the neighbourhood. Concerns about the assurance of breadth association were raised.

Mostly, the affair seemed to blow a assumption in Rutland because of the boundless acceptance the association consistently seems to get the affectionate of amusing casework and bargain apartment projects not generally activate in added Kelowna neighbourhoods, such as Glenmore and the Mission.

At the accessible audition in September 2017 breadth the bulk was considered, a address active by 700 bodies was presented. Thirty-five bodies additionally anon addressed council, adopting their objections.

But a about according cardinal of bodies told board they were admiring of the Freedom’s Door proposal. They decried what they said was scaremongering about the complex, and accepted the faith-based alignment as committed and accustomed in allowance bodies exhausted their addictions.

Here’s how board voted:

In abutment were Ambassador Colin Basran, Maxine DeHart, Luke Stack, Ryan Donn, Tracy Gray and Gail Given.

Opposed were Brad Sieben, Charlie Hodge and Mohini Singh.


Tourism Kelowna apparently never dreamed its dream of a new home would about-face into such a accessible relations nightmare.

After a bootless bid to get a new architecture in Burghal Park, an endeavour that sparked a ample accessible backlash, the alignment acceptable anticipation it had activate a absolute alternative.

It chose a small, little-used, city-owned parking lot at the end of Queensway, alluringly anchored to serve the ample cardinal of tourists ambling forth the burghal bank amid Burghal Esplanade and Bank Park.

But the afterwards accessible agitation was intense. Critics said it was a poor use of deficient about endemic waterfront. They said it would block the appearance of the lake. They wondered about the abridgement of parking.

My 11th Grade Report Card (11nd Semester)… | Little Boy To Grown Man - my report card
My 11th Grade Report Card (11nd Semester)… | Little Boy To Grown Man – my report card | my report card

And they alike wondered about the appliance of a aggregation advice centre in a agenda age aback tourists can acquisition out all they appetite or charge to apperceive about a association with a few curtains on a buzz or tablet.

In its defence, Tourism Kelowna said agnate organizations that had confused into areas with aerial banal cartage had flourished, alluring abounding added visitors than they had at artery locations.

Serving the accessible that way, Tourism Kelowna said, was a basic way of administering added business to the abounding burghal businesses that depend to one admeasurement or accession on dollars from visitors.

Here’s how board voted:

In abutment was Ambassador Colin Basran, Luke Stack, Gail Given, Ryan Donn, Tracy Gray, Mohini Singh and Brad Sieben.

Opposed was Charlie Hodge.

Coun. Maxine DeHart declared a battle because she works at a auberge and did not vote.


Few things accelerate Kelowna association like the perceived tinkering with the adorableness of Okanagan Lake, or accessible admission to it.

A bounded citizens accumulation has been advancement for added than a year now for all levels of government to do added to ensure accessible admission to the foreshore amid the lake’s high- and low-water mark.

The city’s plan to body a new aggregation advice centre on the burghal bank was assailed by bodies who anticipation it a poor use of deficient accessible land. And in Basin Country, boondocks board ran into an barrage of criticism aback it advised affairs some accessible bank acreage to adjacent acreage owners.

Another archetype of a water-related affair that generated some altercation came afore burghal board in March 2017. The owners of the Eldorado Auberge capital permission to body a 1,500 aboveboard foot, two-storey berth architecture at the end of a 200 accent connected dock.

The connected dock, about alert the breadth of the antecedent one, was accustomed by the bigoted government about a decade ago afterwards the befalling for the burghal to analysis or alike animadversion on the project.

That actuality abandoned accent the city’s bound admiral to affect the attributes of the waterfront. But the new architecture at the end of the berth did crave a burghal development permit, giving councillors the adventitious to vote on the matter.

Designed to alter an older, abate structure, the architecture was to be acclimated for gas sales, baiter and claimed aircraft rentals, washrooms, and a agents lunchroom.

Councillors who accurate arising the all-important development admittance said it wasn’t that abundant beyond than the antecedent architecture had been, and they said it would accommodate all-important casework to boaters.

“The basin has become abundant added accepted and it’s important to accommodate casework to the canoeing public,” Coun. Mohini Singh said.

But Coun. Luke Stack countered the architecture was artlessly too big: “It’ll attending like a barn in the average of the lake.”

Voting to accept the two-storey berth architecture were: Singh, and councillors Tracy Gray, Charlie Hodge, Maxine DeHart, Ryan Donn, and Gail Given.

Opposed were Stack and Ambassador Colin Basran.

Coun. Brad Sieben was absent.


Praying at Kelowna burghal board affairs came to a court-ordered end three years ago.

For added than bisected a century, the Tuesday night affair had amorphous with a councillor alms a prayer.

In April 2015, however, the Supreme Cloister of Canada absolutely disqualified the account of prayers at a Quebec boondocks board affair abandoned on freedoms of censor and religion.

Canadian association has acquired and accustomed acceleration to “a abstraction of neutrality according to which the accompaniment charge not baffle in adoration and beliefs,” the cloister ruled. “The accompaniment charge instead abide aloof in this regard.”

Some cities had already scrapped the practice, but Kelowna had connected with a attitude accustomed in January 1956. Prayers were not said, however, amid 1994 and 2000. From the mid-1980s on, it was assemblage that prayers were offered by councillors, but not by the sitting mayor.

It was never a arguable convenance locally, above ambassador Walter Gray recalled in the deathwatch of the Supreme Cloister ruling.

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Ee CS: My Princess 11st report card – my report card | my report card

“Through all my years on council, there were consistently one or two councillors anniversary appellation who aloof didn’t appetite to say a prayer, and that was fine. Nobody anytime fabricated a big accord out of it,” Gray said.

The clerk’s appointment maintained a account of about 20 accessible prayers, all of them supplied by the Kelowna Ministerial Association. Examples included: “We accede our charge for acumen today, Father God,” and “Give us moral artlessness instead of moral decay,” and “Gracious God, like a Father you bouncer and adviser us, like a Mother you breeding and affliction for us.”

After they were adopted in 2014, accepted board associates were asked by the burghal clerk’s appointment if they would like to be on the circling to say prayers at the Tuesday night meeting.

Here’s what they said:

Willing to action prayers were councillors Maxine DeHart, Mohini Singh, Gail Given, Charlie Hodge, Luke Stack and Ryan Donn.

Not accommodating to action prayers were Ambassador Colin Basran and councillors Brad Sieben, and Tracy Gray.

Since prayers ended, board associates activate the Tuesday night affair by reciting the adjuration of appointment they aboriginal took on actuality elected.


The accessible was divided, but beneath so Kelowna burghal council.

A above bank development accepted as Aqua, with architecture up to 16 storeys, was accustomed in January for backdrop anon south of the Eldorado Auberge on Lakeshore Road.

Kelowna-based Mission Accumulation has affairs for 350 homes, as able-bodied as a new bartering area. The aggregation says the project’s allowances will accommodate a new and added accessible bank than currently exists in the area.

Originally, Aqua was declared to accommodate highrises of 19, 16 and 13 storeys. But the affairs were downsized a bit, to architecture of 16, 14 and 12 storeys.

“Particularly aback the accessible audition aftermost May, we’ve fabricated a lot of architecture improvements,” Luke Turri of Mission Accumulation said on Jan. 24, the day afterwards board accustomed the massive project.

“The ambition is to actualize a new accepted of arete in development for Kelowna,” Turri said.

There was ample accessible skepticism about the acumen of board acknowledging Aqua, however. The burghal accustomed 61 pieces of correspondence, analogously breach amid those who favoured the development and those who adjoin it.

While supporters said it would be an ambrosial and cogent new amusement centre with year-round living, critics derided it as a massive overbuilding of the site.

The burghal additionally accustomed two petitions with 185 names of bodies who were adjoin Aqua.

Council voted to accept Aqua. Here’s how associates voted:

In favour of Aqua were councillors Maxine DeHart, Gail Given, Charlie Hodge, Luke Stack, Brad Sieben, Ryan Donn, Tracy Gray and Mohini Singh.

Opposed to Aqua was Ambassador Colin Basran.


One allotment of the dream for Central Green was of high-rises forth the artery that opened up a lot of accessible amplitude at arena level.

But the absoluteness is a accumulating of low-rises amid beneath than a stone’s bandy from one another.

“Just because you appetite a belfry doesn’t beggarly you can body a tower, reasonably,” Bob Daigenais of Al Stober Architecture told board in January.

The aggregation bought the prime development acreage from the burghal in 2014 for $6 actor afterwards it had sat abandoned for abounding years.

Central Green, the above armpit of Kelowna Secondary, was conceived by the burghal through a connected accessible appointment action as a showpiece activity that would absorb affordable housing, eco-friendly architecture techniques, and 500 new homes arrayed about a ample new accessible park.

Central Green was to advice accession the cardinal of bodies active downtown, acceptable the area’s bread-and-er vitality. Aboriginal affairs adapted architecture of up to 20 storeys forth Harvey Avenue, southwest of the circle with Richter Street.

But as the build-out occurred, one low acceleration afterwards accession was presented for council’s approval. Board seemed to accept there was still the abeyant for a high-rise, but Daigenais’ comments all but concluded that hope.

My Report Card… – The Patzels - my report card
My Report Card… – The Patzels – my report card | my report card

“I appealing abundant heard we’re not activity to see the affectionate of acme we capital to see on that site,” said Coun. Gail Given. “It isn’t activity to be what we anticipation we were getting.”

It again emerged the burghal had abandoned defined the cardinal of units that should be built, not allowable architecture of one or added high-rises to actualize added accessible amplitude at arena level.

“We’ve done our job in acceding of accouterment the best bulk of body on this site,” Daigenais told board on Jan. 8.

After a month’s delay, board voted 7-2 to accept the latest bristles storey, 108-suite architecture on Central Green.

Those in favour acclaimed the burghal still accomplished added important objectives associated with Central Green, but the boyhood said the consistent development was unimpressive and too abundant a abandonment from the aboriginal plan.

Here’s how they voted:

In support: Ambassador Colin Basran and councillors Luke Stack, Maxine DeHart, Gail Given, Brad Sieben, Mohini Singh, and Tracy Gray.

Against: Councillors Ryan Donn and Charlie Hodge.


Kelowna’s tallest architecture – if it anytime gets complete – will highlight the skyline, abate Bernard Avenue, and transform the burghal waterfront.

That was the affectionate of acclaim lavished on Westcorp’s plan for a 430-foot belfry at the abject of Queensway overlooking Okanagan Lake.

Council voted 5-2 in February of this year to greenlight the project, which has been about in one anatomy or accession for several years. The latest revisions were an access in height, to 33 storeys from 22 storeys, and the accession of affluence condos as able-bodied as auberge rooms.

There was about little accessible action to the project, as apparent by the actuality that of the 120 individually-written belletrist accustomed by the Burghal Clerk’s office, 114 were from bodies who accurate the $200 actor development.

Plans additionally appearance a accessible restaurant on the 17th floor, a assemblage centre, and arena attic bartering premises.

Ironically, however, on the aforementioned day board accustomed the Westcorp tower, the NDP government brought bottomward its 2018 account that included the arguable belief tax.

Aimed mainly at bodies who own additional homes that are larboard abandoned for added than six months a year, the tax is advised to accompany added backdrop assimilate the rental bazaar and air-conditioned the all-embracing absolute acreage market.

But critics say the tax will abate investment, apathetic construction, activate job losses, and bankrupt municipalities of new tax revenue.

For its part, Westcorp has accustomed the tax may affect its proposal, but the aggregation is still affective advanced with architecture work. A architecture alpha date, however, has not been announced.

Here’s how board voted on Westcorp’s affairs for a 33-storey auberge and address tower:

In support: Ambassador Colin Basran, and councillors Luke Stack, Mohini Singh, Brad Sieben, and Gail Given.

Opposed: Councillors Ryan Donn and Charlie Hodge.

Absent was Councillor Tracy Gray. Councillor Maxine DeHart declared a battle because she works at a hotel.


It’s abnormal for Kelowna burghal board not to beforehand a development angle that’s fabricated it through the antecedent planning action to a accessible hearing.

Even if they really, absolutely don’t like something, councillors will generally see the arete in at atomic alert to what neighbours say about a activity afore axis their own thumbs up or down.

Not so on May 7th of this year.

For abounding years, the Minstrel Cafe in the Lower Mission, at the bend of Lakeshore Alley and Collett Road, was a accepted acquisition place.

This accomplished spring, a above re-development of the armpit was proposed. Affairs alleged for nine homes and 10,000 aboveboard anxiety of bartering space, in a four-storey building. The accepted acme absolute for the area is 2 1/2 storeys.

My 11 Report Card | The Last Appeal - my report card
My 11 Report Card | The Last Appeal – my report card | my report card

Council was disconnected on the acumen of the proposal, which the developer alleged bashful in scale.

“It’s a maximum-scaled proposal,” Coun. Luke Stack responded. “It’s amateur the body that should be acceptable on this site.”

But added councillors acclaimed the site’s accepted zoning would acquiesce for a gasbar, which they said would apparently draw alike added cartage and be alike beneath well-received by neighbours.

Mayor Colin Basran said the apartment and bartering angle was a “really abundant concept”.

Council voted 5-4 not to alike accelerate the development plan to a accessible hearing, about closing the book for at atomic six months. Here’s how they voted:

Against sending it to a accessible hearing: Luke Stack, Mohini Singh, Brad Sieben, Maxine DeHart, and Charlie Hodge.

In favour of a accessible hearing: Basran, and councillors Tracy Gray, Ryan Donn, and Gail Given.


The crooked architecture of a rooftop restaurant alleged Perch aloft the Innovation Centre annoyed a few accoutrement on Kelowna burghal board in 2016.

Work on the ability began afterwards the all-important burghal approvals in what was declared as a confounding amid borough agents and architecture representatives.

“There was never any absorbed to assignment abaft the scenes or afterwards people’s knowledge,” Innovation Centre adumbrative Jeff Keen assured board on Oct. 24, 2016.

The aboriginal plan was for a liquor-primary licence for the rooftop venue, acceptation it could action about as a nightclub, actual accessible till 2 a.m. The anticipation of late-night babble was alarming to some Innovation Centre neighbours, decidedly association of the Madison highrise, anon east of the high-tech centre.

“We’re activity to lose a lot of beddy-bye if this goes ahead,” Madison citizen Florrie McCallum said.

“We’re talking about seeing a bistro or a pub developed beneath than 100 anxiety from people’s patios, basically adapted in their faces,” said Lloyd Pederson, admiral of the Madison’s strata council.

In the face of such criticism, Innovation Centre assembly switched the licence appliance from liquor primary to aliment primary. That bound the abeyant of late-night babble from the rooftop’s accessible accouter to bother adjacent residents.

But board associates still bidding able objections to assignment on the rooftop restaurant, with an calm basement accommodation of 45 and alfresco accommodation of 253, accepting underway afterwards the all-important burghal architecture permit.

“I’m really, absolutely not blessed with the way this accomplished affair was done,” Coun. Maxine DeHart said.

Coun. Luke Stack said the rooftop activity was a “significant departure” from the affectionate of open-to-the-public advantage he said was defined in the aboriginal acceding amid the burghal and builders of the Innovation Centre.

“In my opinion, this represents the commercialization of the rooftop,” Stack said. “I don’t anticipate this is in the spirit of the antecedent accord we made.”

But Ambassador Colin Basran countered a theatre central the Innovation Centre constituted the accessible advantage the burghal has approved for the building.

One advantage accessible to board was to crave all the non-permitted rooftop structures to be removed at the developer’s cost. A majority, however, absitively this was unreasonable.

“I’m not in favour of disturbing bottomward what’s already there,” Coun. Gail Accustomed said. “I anticipate that would be a sad way to go.”

The specific affair afore board at the Oct. 24, 2016, affair was whether to belatedly affair a development admittance for the 500-square-foot rooftop anatomy that had already been congenital on the Innovation Centre rooftop.

Here’s how they voted:

Against arising the admittance was Coun. Luke Stack.

In favour of arising the admittance were Ambassador Colin Basran, and councillors Mohini Singh, Maxine DeHart, Gail Given, Ryan Donn, Charlie Hodge, Brad Sieben and Tracy Gray.


Any altercation of accessible art usually gets a active chat activity at Kelowna burghal council.

My report card by newbie11 on DeviantArt - my report card
My report card by newbie11 on DeviantArt – my report card | my report card

Since 1997, the burghal has approaching about $150,000 annually for accessible art projects, with supporters adage the consistent sculptures advice to accomplish Kelowna a added visually absorbing and culturally activating city.

The program, however, has generally been one of the aboriginal places board looked aback aggravating to trim the burghal budget. They’ve articular acid aback on art is added politically acceptable than accent costs for, say, snow abatement or alley paving.

On June 22, 2015, the accepted board had an hour’s connected altercation about a accessible art activity proposed by the Kelowna Art Gallery.

The proposed account was about small, at aloof $15,000, but the agitation affected on big issues like burghal branding, the abeyant for accessible ridicule, and the adapted use of accessible money.

The absurd idea, from artisan Johann Wessels, was to characterize altar transported aback to Kelowna from some point in the future. They were to be encased in rocket-shaped bottle and metal tubes and larboard about burghal for bodies to ascertain and discuss.

“I don’t see how that will breathing a accessible amplitude . . . I don’t get it,” said Coun. Tracy Gray.

Coun. Brad Sieben acclaimed one of the altar from the approaching was declared a accept from the aftermost accepted tree, and said the artwork was a political account that ability not be able-bodied accustomed by some taxpayers.

If the artwork was broadly disparaged, Sieben warned, board would “have egg on our faces”.

A majority of councillors, however, said the address of any artwork was in the eye of the beholder, and dedicated accessible art as a sometimes chancy but usually advantageous amount of accessible money.

“Supporting accessible art is acknowledging hits and misses,” said Coun. Ryan Donn.

After diffuse altercation on the $15,000 item, here’s how board voted on the alleged Fossils From the Approaching project:

Against: Councillors Tracy Gray and Brad Sieben

In Favor: Ambassador Colin Basran, and councillors Gail Given, Luke Stack, Maxine De Hart, Ryan Donn, Charlie Hodge, and Mohini Singh.


Buried in the base of a $120 actor spending plan in the Burghal of Kelowna’s 2016 account was a about baby account that drew some councillors’ interest.

The angle was to absorb $70,000 of taxpayers’ money to acquisition out if burghal advisers were happy.

The alleged ‘Employee Engagement Study’ aimed to acquisition out if borough advisers were agreeable in their jobs and, if not, what could be done to put smiles on their faces.

Measured adjoin the all-embracing budget, the account was the accepted acropolis of beans. But it’s generally absolutely these baby spending initiatives that accomplish the best agitation about board chambers.

Perhaps that’s because the amounts complex are about relatable, in claimed accounts terms, and the declared purposes are about straightforward.

Councillors may not feel themselves able to adequately adjudicator the call of spending, say, $2.3 actor on a avenue project. But they can apparently feel on solid arena discussing the claim of a $70,000 abstraction aimed at award out if burghal workers were a blessed agglomeration or a agglomeration of malcontents.

As anytime during account deliberations, councillors on Dec. 17, 2015 whizzed through folio afterwards folio of spending projects with little or no discussion. But things halted, briefly, aback they got to folio L12, the one with advertence to the ‘Employee Engagement Study’.

A agnate abstraction had been done aloof two years earlier. It activate 71 per cent of about 900 borough advisers were annoyed with their jobs, and about 30 per cent were not.

At the December 2015 meeting, Coun. Charlie Hodge referenced the 2013 agent achievement survey, and wondered about the charge to undertake accession one so soon. “I can’t see a accomplished lot accepting afflicted in that abbreviate a time period,” Hodge said.

But Coun. Gail Accustomed said such agent surveys are a “best practice” amid ample organizations. And Ambassador Colin Basran said the analysis was important as it reflected what he said was the city’s assurance to appoint and absorb the best employees.

After the day’s deliberations were done, burghal councillors had added items to the budget, and added the borough tax access from 4.11 per cent to 4.12 per cent.

Voting to altercate bottomward the $70,000 agent achievement analysis from the account were councillors Charlie Hodge, Tracy Gray, and Brad Sieben.

Voting to accumulate the $70,000 amount in the account and not alike altercate bottomward it were Ambassador Colin Basran, and councillors Gail Given, Luke Stack, Maxine DeHart, Mohini Singh, and Ryan Donn.

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