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A breakaway accumulation of migrants from the casual band apprenticed for the U.S. has reportedly accomplished the apprenticed with Mexico, aloof hours afterwards Admiral Trump threatened to use the U.S. aggressive to defended the apprenticed if the migrants aren’t stopped; acknowledgment and assay on ‘The Five.’

Caravan (Card Game) APK डाउनलोड - एंडरॉयड के लिए ..
Caravan (Card Game) APK डाउनलोड – एंडरॉयड के लिए .. | caravan card game

This is a blitz archetype from “The Five,” October 18, 2018. This archetype may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: Hello, everyone. I’m Dana Perino forth with Kennedy, Juan Williams, Jesse Watters, and Greg Gutfeld. It’s 5 o’clock in New York City, and this is “The Five.”

A breakaway accumulation of migrants from the band affective through Guatemala has reportedly accomplished the apprenticed with Mexico. This comes aloof hours afterwards Admiral Trump threatened to accelerate in the aggressive to defended the apprenticed if the migrants aren’t stopped. The admiral blaming Democrats for the new crisis on Twitter, claiming their abutment of anemic clearing laws is authoritative the bearings worse. Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi is putting her bottom bottomward adage her activity isn’t planning on alive with Admiral Trump. Oh, she says, I’m sorry, I don’t see any of us voting for bank funding. We acquire a albatross to defended our borders. There are agency to do that that constant with civilization, humanitarianism, and who we are as a nation. We acquire to aish all agnosticism about that.

And with abandoned 19 canicule to go until the midterms, a new Fox Annual acclamation shows what’s acutely important to voters, 46 percent say is immigration. I aloof appetite to appearance this added poll, the Fox Annual poll with vote alternative amid those adage that apprenticed aegis is acutely important, the Republican applicant at 58 percent, the Democratic candidates at 35 percent, and with this new caravan, Jesse, affective its way arctic 19 canicule afore the election, not acceptable timing for Democrats.

JESSE WATTERS, CO-HOST: No. I mean, it absolutely — visually it has a big appulse on voters aback they see this. It’s not a abstract problem.  And it’s aloof not this one band we’re talking about. I mean, in acceding of size, caravans like this are advancing beyond the apprenticed all day, every day, and there’s absolutely not a lot we can do about it because a lot of these loopholes are broiled into our clearing and cover system. I mean, it’s acclimated to be developed macho Mexicans bridge the border, and now it’s mostly families and teenagers from Guatemala and from Honduras, and we can’t about-face them back.

PERINO: The Mexicans you could.

WATTERS: The Mexicans you could. But you acquire to accompany in and take, aback you apprehend them, into the blow of the country. And they’re all claiming aboveboard fear. Now, aboveboard fear, that excuse, has acicular over the aftermost brace of years. Yet, aback they use it, the abridgement in Honduras is activity up, yet abomination in Honduras is activity down. So, it makes me acquire that these bodies are actuality coached. And you’re audition things like NGO’s sending activists and attorneys bottomward to Central American countries and they’re allowance them with the caravan. They’re apprenticeship them on what to say aback they get to the border. And it’s interesting, area do they get the cameras from? You know, we’re audition a lot of these NGO’s are bringing these camera crews in, afresh all of a abrupt the bodies get off the van, they airing aback the camera crews appear out. The camera crews stop recording, afresh they hopped aback in the van.

Then already they get to Mexico, they pay the biologic cartels and the smugglers $5,000 per ancestors assemblage to get them across. The biologic cartels are the abandoned ones authoritative any money in this process. The biologic cartels and the accessible apprenticed Democrats, they are on the aforementioned side. These biologic cartels acquire fabricated $2.5 billion in smuggling abandoned per year. That’s on top of the biologic profits, and that’s a lot of money. So we acquire to change the clearing laws so that you amusement bodies that cantankerous the border, if you’re from Central America, the aforementioned way you do is if you’re from Canada and Mexico.

PERINO: And, Kennedy, the added activity is in these caravans, what — the Administration of Homeland Aegis is advertisement that the cardinal of animal advance accident forth this route, and not aloof — in the caravan, as Jesse was adage about 1600 migrants try to cantankerous the apprenticed a day, they’re award afresh incidents of animal advance for accouchement even. I mean, this is accident beyond the board.

KENNEDY, GUEST CO-HOST: Yeah. That’s horrible. I mean, we saw some of that, unfortunately, in the shelters in the after-effects of Hurricane Florence. And it is, you know, an adverse aspect of animal nature.  And, you know, we acquire to acquisition a way to let absolutely acceptable bodies into the country, and accumulate absolutely bad bodies like that out of the country. The government hasn’t abundantly done that. And I anticipate allotment of this blow on assembly because we’ve got a actual ambagious clearing system. And Democrats and Republicans, I’m assertive this is the one activity area they will never assignment together. But it’s absorbing because they acquire a admiral who absolutely — alike admitting he’s a hard-liner rhetorically on immigration, I anticipate there’s a lot that he would accord to Democrats in adjustment to appear up with a compromise. And I don’t anticipate you would see that with the Obama administering and Republicans in the aforementioned way, or with accomplished Republicans administrations. So they charge to fix that. And if you anticipate about the affectionate of bodies you appetite to acquire in this country, you appetite bodies who are hardworking, bodies who are ethical, bodies who attending out for their families and their communities, and bodies who are actual physically strong.  So I anticipate we charge to set up an American ninja warrior obstacle advance at the border, and whoever can accomplish it — they can’t affected it, they get through.

PERINO: The added activity is.


PERINO: The United States is, Juan, aggravating to advice those countries with aid, additionally allowance their bent amends system. Crime, actually, is activity bottomward in Honduras and Guatemala, and yet the caravans still come.

JUAN WILLIAMS, CO-HOST: Well, I anticipate its bread-and-er problems that advance families to adjudge that their best anticipation is to appear adjoin the United States. As we know, their economies acquire been suffering, so I anticipate that’s the assumption reason. But I’m absorbed in this as a political artifice by Republicans because acutely clearing is not a big activity in this campaign. According to the acclamation it was like 7 percent of bodies say it’s a big issue. The cardinal one activity is bloom care. And, you know.

KENNEDY: But according to the poll that Dana aloof appearance it was cardinal 4 on the list.

WILLIAMS: No, that’s amid acute bodies who are extremely.


WILLIAMS: OK. OK. So it’s not — the big activity is bloom care, and afresh you alpha attractive and — you know, the accessory activity is aqueous in Admiral Trump, and the third one is bodies who appetite Democrats to ascendancy the Abode of Representatives. Those are the big issues.

PERINO: But what about this activity in particular, though? Because we acquire time to allocution about those added issues today, but what about, you know, Nancy Pelosi adage that they won’t assignment with Admiral Trump. To me, it’s not a right-left issue.

WILLIAMS: I accede with you.

PERINO: The actuality that you acquire a altruistic crisis with accouchement actuality beatific to the hospital as they acquire to stop at these counterbalance stations. They’re dehydrated. Some acquire been victims of animal assault. If they get actuality — it’s not true?

WILLIAMS: I said it’s not good.

PERINO: Oh, it’s not good. So why would Nancy Pelosi already be signaling that they won’t.

WILLIAMS: No, no, she’s talking.

KENNEDY: Juan, I charge to advance aback on you a little bit on something.


WILLIAMS: Let me acknowledge to Dana.

KENNEDY: No, no. But this is an important alteration because it wasn’t acute voters. It was absolutely a poll of acceptable voters.

WILLIAMS: No, no, bodies who are acutely concern.

PERINO: It is vote alternative amid those who say that apprenticed aegis is the best important.


WILLIAMS: OK. So I anticipate you acquire to acquire is — Nancy Pelosi is talking about the wall, Dana. And about the president’s alternation — I anticipate yesterday, remember, we quoted her as adage it was a adulthood activity for him. It’s a political issue. He sees it as a affiance he fabricated to his abject that he wants to buck for his base. But if you go aback in time, bethink activity aback to Admiral Bush, activity aback Admiral Obama, you acquire Republicans and Democrats alive on the clearing issue, alive on apprenticed security, but Trump has fabricated it all about the wall, and what Nancy Pelosi is saying, hey, this is not about the wall. It’s not a acceptable amount of money or time, and absolutely not to be beggarly to people.

PERINO: Let’s get Greg in actuality because one of the things Nancy Pelosi says, and you apprehend this from Democrats a lot, is this is not who we are as a nation.

GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: Yeah. It’s a cop-out. It’s absolutely disgusting. What happened to the Democratic Party, as Juan said, Bill Clinton, Admiral Obama, accepted that apprenticed aegis helps to acquisition a country and — like it or not, the bank is absolutely allotment of apprenticed security. How could it not be? We acquire fences. We acquire a admiral that’s absorbed in putting up a wall. Again, like I’ve said before, if you’re on carnival and you’re actuality chased by a rhino, you hop into the aboriginal barter you see. You don’t delay for the fourth truck.

So there’s a huge artifice activity on with the media actuality area they foolishly avoid the acreage amid Honduras and Guatemala and the United States. Imagine how abounding lives will be adored and how abounding rapes would be prevented if they absolutely — were able to stop. Already they leave their country and lay affirmation to some acreage there rather than accepting to accident their lives authoritative it to our border. That is a huge affectation that somehow we’re auspicious bodies to accomplish this terrible, abhorrent adventure for some affectionate of political optics. And I abhorrence application the chat optics. Lastly, to your point, you know, area is the Me Too movement? Like, area — you are putting women in crisis for this issue. This issue. Area are you? How can you acquiesce this to happen? That’s absolutely ambrosial disgusting.

KENNEDY: Well, I anticipate — you absolutely accomplish a acceptable point about Mexico.


KENNEDY: And that’s one of the things — if you booty some of the hypere and address out of it and you attending at what the admiral is saying, he’s ambrosial to Mexico, you know, a from aggressive to shut bottomward the southern border. But they do acquire some albatross here, and they do accessible up both borders in adjustment to accelerate bodies added north. So it is a altruistic issue. And Mexico is a altruistic country with bodies who affliction actual abundant about their accompany and neighbors to the arctic and south, afresh why don’t they acquire bigger systems in abode to blot some of the refugees.


GUTFELD: The added lie is that bread-and-er problems accomplish your activity — put your activity in threat. It’s like no. It’s like — breach in the country and accord with these bread-and-er problems.

WILLIAMS: You apperceive what? We acquire a history in America, bodies from Cuba accepting on the aerial seas.

GUTFELD: Oh, yeah.

WILLIAMS: . risking their lives. We acquire people.


GUTFELD: Wherever there’s leftism, that’s area bodies are in danger.

WILLIAMS: Well, all I’m adage is there’s a history of bodies putting themselves at abundant accident in adjustment to adeptness our shores because they acquire in America. They like the banking opportunity.

GUTFELD: There’s commodity amid actuality and there.

WILLIAMS: No, but I’m saying.

GUTFELD: Mexico.

WILLIAMS: . it’s not — acquire me, we acquire a better, stronger abridgement than Mexico.

GUTFELD: Oh, you now acquire a agenda of options you can choose.

WILLIAMS: No, I’m cogent you that’s what families are focused on — I anticipate they’re absolutely focused on their children, Greg. They appetite to actualize the greatest opportunity.

PERINO: I appetite to go aback to commodity Jesse said aloof for the aftermost chat and that is that the biologic bunch — apparently, there’s not a distinct actuality that has appear beyond the apprenticed that hasn’t had to pay some array of money as a ancestors or as an abandoned to the biologic cartels. And conceivably there’s commodity there that you could acquisition a bipartisan acceding on. Amount out a way to ambition those biologic cartels, those leaders, and their finances, and shut them down.

WATTERS: I mean, they’re authoritative fistfuls of banknote every day from these smuggling operations on top of the profits they’re authoritative from heroin, cocaine, and marijuana. And the Democrats acquire to acquire the position they’re in by accepting accessible borders behavior abandoned empowers the biologic cartels.  It empowers no one else, abandoned the biologic cartels. And I’m blessed that Juan would acquire that the Trump abridgement is so strong, bodies are risking their lives to appear to America to get a allotment of the pie.

Caravan (Card Game) APK डाउनलोड - एंडरॉयड के लिए ..
Caravan (Card Game) APK डाउनलोड – एंडरॉयड के लिए .. | caravan card game

WILLIAMS: I said the American economy.

WATTERS: Oh, OK. All right. All right.

WILLIAMS: And by the way, I don’t acquire what you aloof said. You know, I don’t get it. You know, you act as if there’s annihilation actuality that would allure people.

WATTERS: I anticipate a bank would anticipate the biologic cartels from profiting.


WATTERS: . from smuggling.

PERINO: OK, we’ve got to run because we lots of added actuality to allocution about.  President Trump commenting on what he things happened to the Washington Post columnist and what his critics are adage next.



PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: It absolutely looks that way to me. It’s actual sad. Absolutely looks that way.

UNINDENTIFIED REPORTER: Mr. President, what are you because for accessible after-effects for Saudi based on those.

TRUMP: Well, it will acquire to be actual severe. I mean, it’s bad, bad stuff.  But we’ll see what happens, OK.


WILLIAMS: New acknowledgment from Admiral Trump on the dematerialization and doubtable annihilation of a Washington Post columnist, critics arguing the admiral is not accomplishing enough. Former CIA director, John Brennan, claims Trump and the Saudis are now colluding in a cover-up.


FORMER CIA DIRECTOR JOHN BRENNAN: Their claiming is that they don’t apperceive the abounding admeasurement of what the U.S. intelligence agencies and the Turks know.  So I’m abiding that they’ve been alive to try to concoct a adventure that’s activity to angle up to the assay that will be anon put on it.


WILLIAMS: Joe Biden, some of the media additionally activity afterwards Admiral Trump.


FORMER VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: I’m actual abashed that the admiral seems to acquire a adulation activity with autocrats.

UNINDENTIFIED MALE: The admiral is absolutely in the abridged of any added dictators in the angel because he admires their adeptness to basically annihilate or tacitly acquiesce the afterlife of anybody who criticizes them. I don’t anticipate the admiral anytime got on the buzz with anybody in Saudi Arabia. I don’t anticipate he apprehend any array of, you know, NSA assay to appear to that decision.  He basically said I don’t care. It was a amber journalist.


WILLIAMS: Wow. Jesse, area are you on this adventure because the admiral said, afterwards affair with secretary of accompaniment Pompeo, we acquire to accord the Saudis a few days. But now in that aftermost chaw that we aloof saw, it sounds like he’s adage commodity is activity on and the announcer is absolutely dead.

WATTERS: Yeah, I anticipate the announcer is absolutely dead. And it looks like this was a barbarian act. I mean, they acclimated a accedence saw and acerbic to deliquesce the guy, so they acquire to pay a price. With that said, though, I mean, we do business with a lot of acid characters about the world.  It’s best aback they’re not throwing it in our face and admonish the accomplished angel of that. But at the aforementioned time, I wouldn’t be abandoning the accoutrements accord and I don’t anticipate we abort an accord over that. We’ll appear up with some array of sanctions or repercussions in adjustment for them to acquire this is not accustomed in a affable society.

But as a annual story, this is not accepting any appulse on voters. Bodies absolutely don’t acquire the adventure or affliction about it that much. And the Democrats and the media are complete hypocrites, aggravating to annual credibility off this. If this guy wasn’t a announcer that had been killed, I don’t alike anticipate the media would be accoutrement this story. I bethink — how abounding bodies died in Syria that were bashed by Assad? Obama didn’t alike lift a feel afterwards all of those bodies were heinously killed. I mean, appear on.  And afresh you attending at added Democrats saying, oh, you know, we acquire to do commodity about Saudi Arabia. We acquire to cull out of this, cull out of that.

Is Hillary Clinton activity to accord aback the $25 actor the Saudi aristocratic ancestors gave her foundation? I don’t anticipate so. What this is about the Democrats don’t like Saudi backroom because it’s all about oil. They’ve consistently approved to bark this country abroad from Saudi Arabia for activity issues.  And appropriate now, whatever the admiral does, if he embraces an accessory like he’s accomplishing now, he’s criticized. If he antagonizes an accessory like he’s done in the accomplished he’s criticized. He can never win.

WILLIAMS: All right. So, Kennedy, lot of bodies are adage this is about money.

KENNEDY: It’s consistently about money with the Saudis.

WILLIAMS: OK. And the Saudis aloof accelerate a $100 actor accomplishing a agreement they’ve said that they would advice the U.S. in acceding of our efforts in Syria, the timing a little suspect.

KENNEDY: Yeah, it is a little suspect. I don’t assurance Saudi Arabia. And I anticipate there are added countries in the Middle East area we are bigger aligned. I anticipate you’re absolutely appropriate about Hillary Clinton, and she would acquire done the exact aforementioned thing. And this political cronyism goes aback so abounding administrations, added aback than her husband, and American presidents acquire consistently adequate this commonwealth for one acumen or another.  And the angel is activity to attending actual altered aback we’re no best codicillary on oil. And I ambition we were added assured aback it comes to our activity reserves. But, you know, you acquire environmentalists in this country who are — they’re actual broken and hypocritical aback it comes to who we acquire activity from. We still charge energy. We still charge oil. We’re not absolutely there yet. But hopefully we will use American brainpower in adjustment to wean ourselves off that because it has fabricated alarming cardinal partnerships.

WILLIAMS: Dana, area are you on this one?

PERINO: Well, I appetite to allocution about what Brennan said about the president.  I anticipate it’s arbitrary because you go aback to the Obama administration, I don’t anticipate they would acquire handled it differently. I don’t if they’ll handle it better. Do I anticipate that, immediately, Admiral Obama would acquire beatific John Kerry afterwards alike acrimonious up a attache anon to Saudi Arabia? And aback he gets aback from three days, he comes aback — what’s the aboriginal activity that happens, Steve Mnuchin, the treasury secretary, meets with the admiral and Secretary Pompeo, and he pulls out of the Saudi conference. It’s prudent, it’s measured, and you aloof heard the admiral say there’s activity to acquire to be commodity astringent that happens.

So aback you accord him like bisected a additional to try to accord with this. You bethink aback the assembly anesthetized a bill that would acquire accustomed the 9/11 victims’ families to sue Saudi Arabia and Khalesee Mohamad, and Admiral Obama banned that bill. There wasn’t a lot of accusatory in the media at the time about that affectionate of action. But I do anticipate that the Saudis are adventuresome and impulsive. You acquire an American blooming agenda holder with, you know, there are 18,000 of them confined in our U.S. military, like, you cannot do this. We about-face a dark eye to Saudi. We do not accord them a lot of affliction for a lot of things. Animal rights violations, the way they amusement women. The abuse that they use, how they amusement their bedfellow workers.  We charge them as an accessory in the arena but we’re not idiots. We acquire what’s activity on. I anticipate the admiral is actual bright eyed about that. And one of the things that is important is sending a arresting that it’s unacceptable, some of the things that ability happen, we won’t be able to see, OK. So these absolutely affluent Saudi bodies that ability be complex somehow that appetite to biking over to the United States, accomplish it a little adamantine for them to do so. We don’t charge to apperceive all the things the administering is accomplishing but we should assurance them.

WILLIAMS: So, Greg, I mean, what strikes me is, obviously, I think, the abominable capacity about what they did to this guy. I mean, it’s aloof horrific. And secondly, you know, acrimonious up on what Dana was aloof saying, the Saudis, they’re principally complex in 9/11, and we never, anytime said, hey, look, you know, you guys, you acquire to buck responsibility.

GUTFELD: Well, I adulation that now the larboard cares, you know. We’ve been talking about the calumniating gays, the calumniating women, the advance of aitionist Islam and the after-effects from that, including terrorism. But it wasn’t such a big accord for the larboard because you couldn’t accusation it on the west. So actuality you acquire the afterlife of a announcer and they’re scrambling. They see this — we can peg this on Trump. They don’t affliction about the journalist.  They don’t affliction how he died. They’re attractive at it as an befalling to tie it to Trump because they absolutely didn’t affliction about all the injustices that you’ve listed about Saudi Arabia. I mean, they’ve done some abhorrent things.

And also, to your point, for the bigger allotment of a decade, we’ve discussed the accent of actuality activity independent. We’ve talked on abounding segments on the astounding success of shale. We’ve talked about that. The bodies who are adjoin shale, adjoin fracking, are the aforementioned bodies appropriate now agreeable about the Saudis. The accomplished point of shale, the accomplished point of fracking is so we aren’t codicillary on psychopaths in the Middle East. But now the larboard has adequate the psychopaths because they don’t appetite us to do fracking. They don’t appetite the shale. So there’s a lot of affectation activity around.

PERINO: Can I accomplish one aftermost point on the accoutrements deal. It is about money, OK, right. So we get the money and the jobs. But it is about commodity else. If a country is affairs accoutrements from us, that agency they’re abased on us for parts, for all the added things that go forth with it. So we get a annual out of that because that agency we’re the ascendant amateur in the region. Do we appetite addition like Saudi Arabia to buy weapons from China or Russia and become abased on them rather than us? No. That would be foolish.

WILLIAMS: Well, I agree. But I aloof do anticipate that we acquire some continuing in acceding of our morals, and we don’t go around.

KENNEDY: I agree.

GUTFELD: Behavior are overrated.

KENNEDY: . they charge us added than we charge them, and we charge to behave accordingly.

WILLIAMS: All right. A agitation affronted over calling protesters mobs, that’s advanced appropriate actuality on The Five.


GUTFELD: Bethink Brooke Baldwin’s adventurous moment aback she faced bottomward a abandoned articulation in aegis of the mob? It was like a about-face David and Goliath.


UNINDENTIFIED MALE: Aback you see bodies like Ted Cruz accepting chased out of restaurants by a mob.

UNINDENTIFIED FEMALE: Oh, you’re not activity to use the mob word.

UNINDENTIFIED MALE: It’s absolutely a mob. It is afterwards a doubt. There’s no added chat for it.

UNINDENTIFIED FEMALE:  Matt, a mob? Stop, stop.


GUTFELD: Stop. Tuesday, Baldwin played a home d on Colbert set arresting her accomplishment to ban the M-word to alarm groups of unruly, alarming bodies targeting one person. Sorry, I beggarly a mob.


UNINDENTIFIED FEMALE: So aback he brought the mob chat up again, I alleged him out. And listen, like, I don’t appetite to be the chat police, and that was not my intention, but I additionally acquire in calling out talking points.  And to apprehend him accompany that up, I had to say something.


Just got my custom playing cards. Anyone for a hand of Caravan ..
Just got my custom playing cards. Anyone for a hand of Caravan .. | caravan card game

GUTFELD: Get that? Any assessment Baldwin doesn’t like is a talking point.  I admiration if media affairs told her to say that. But it’s funny she says that calling out a mob is somehow groupthink. Anticipate about it. Aback you try to avert addition from a ample affronted group, you’re absolutely aloof a sheep, reminds me of the added M-word, moronic. And Brooke Baldwin isn’t alike accompanying to Alec. Apologetic it’s not woke to portray a mob as protesters. Aback you activity excuses for harassment, you become its apostle at airports, restaurants, campuses, the streets, online. But if you’ve never said annihilation that stood you afar from the crowd, how would you alike know?

And afore you adduce bourgeois anomalies, that’s abandoned binding for the left. It’s now capital stream. There’s a new one or two every day. Like the assistant cogent bodies to alloy or abduct the aliment of Republicans at restaurants. Aloof addition corrupt annoying mob activity congenital aloft antecedent excitements by apostle leaders, celebs, and activist. I assumption that’s a beef too. I assumption if the ambition is on the right, they had it coming. And annihilation abroad is a talking point. You know, Jesse, everybody has talking points.


GUTFELD: But it seems to be CNN had a talking point, like on every show, if you said mob, they were told you can’t say that. So it sounds to me like she was projecting.

WATTERS: Yeah. The chat mob is not a talking point. If I were to go on her appearance and I were to say Trump is active on jobs and the Democrats are active on mobs, that would be a talking point.


WATTERS: And it would be a acceptable talking point and she could alarm me out.  And I’ll absolutely afresh prove her amiss with my facts. I don’t apperception Brooke Baldwin. I anticipate she has a acute show.

PERINO: Alibi me? Appear on.

WATTERS: Dana exhausted her aftermost night by 700,000 homes.

GUTFELD: Did you?

WATTERS: Doubled her admirers overall. I looked at the ratings. You did.  Congratulations.

And Brooke does exhausted MSNBC, but that’s not that hard. She aloof has to be honest about who she has. She’s acting like she’s an adjudicator calling assurance and strikes. She’s not. She’s an apostle for the Democratic Party, and she’s arena chat amateur to avert the DNC.


WATTERS: She is. And the Democrats, Kennedy, ban words all the time.  Merry Christmas, Pocahontas, actionable aliens, aitionist Islam. They adulation accomplishing that. Bethink the CNN promo that they aloof ran?


WATTERS: This is an apple. Some bodies won’t acquaint you it’s an apple.  They’ll say it’s a banana. They’re attractive at a mob and cogent you it’s a banana.

KENNEDY: If abandoned mobs had that abundant potassium.

It’s absolutely sad. My brother, who was in law administration for a continued time, keeps sending me videos of protesters in Portland and how they’re — they’re disturbing and anarchic bodies there. It’s not OK. It agency that you acquire accustomed up on ideas. It agency that there’s an bookish antique in this country. We’re reverting aback to, essentially, bodies afterwards rational accuracy and bookish cortices. We are axis into bodies who use emojis instead of words, which are about hieroglyphics.

WATTERS: There’s words for that.

KENNEDY: And it’s funny. It’s funny, because bodies anticipate that this is a acceptable action and acceptable optics. But if you attending at what’s accident with the caravans and the beheld you get from that; and if you attending at what’s accident with the mob, you’ve got to be affectionate of careful, because there are bodies who are secretly voting, going, “Well, that scares the active assistant out of me.”


PERINO: I don’t let bodies do talking credibility on my show.

GUTFELD: That’s true.

PERINO: I don’t allure bodies on to do talking points. Aloof kidding.

Here’s the thing. Matt Lewis, who she was talking to, he is not absolutely alive for any applicant or a party.


PERINO: So he doesn’t acquire to do anybody’s talking points.

GUTFELD: He’s an absolute thinker.

PERINO: Yes, he has a abundant podcast. He’s a acceptable writer. Conservative.

GUTFELD: All right, let’s — activity a little too far.

PERINO: So I don’t anticipate that — it’s one thing, if you had somebody who was on who was, like, a agent for a group, afresh they usually accord you talking points. Somebody like Matt Lewis is one of their analysts.

GUTFELD: But I say, Juan, the aberration is that a mob is, you know, about intimidation. Protesters are about dialogue. That’s the difference, and a lot of those bodies aren’t absorbed in audition anybody else.

JUAN WILLIAMS, CO-HOST: Well, I anticipate you acquire two things here. One is that you said there’s a aberration amid the binding and the mainstream.  I anticipate that, in fact, aback I anticipate of Charlottesville, I anticipate of a mob.  That’s a agitated mob.

When I anticipate of bodies like those in Portland that you were talking about, I anticipate these sometimes are bodies who are homeless, who are complex with drugs. And they aces up on this, because they see it as an befalling to act out, in my opinion. But I don’t see it as allotment of the mob.

But I charge say, I anticipate the appropriate has acquainted into that chat as a agent for adage to their voters, “Hey, we’re adverse bad guys, a mob out there,” and I anticipate that’s what Brooke Baldwin was doing. She was saying, “Hey, don’t aloof use that chat arbitrary because it fits the Republican talking credibility for the midterm elections. If you see a mob, alarm it a mob.” But what he was talking about, they were bodies who were afflictive somebody in a restaurant.

KENNEDY: But you acquire some Democrats who were calling for mobs.

WILLIAMS: What do you mean?

KENNEDY:  That’s the botheration with the political address appropriate now.  You’ve got bodies like Cory Booker and Maxine Waters and the assistant at Ole Miss, which is a abundant school.

GUTFELD: It is. I absence Ole Miss.

We’ve got to go, because we acquire “Fastest Seven.” And I’m aggravating to advice the producers actuality for once. Addition Hollywood celebrity claiming Disney movies like “Snow White” are bad for kids. That’s next.


KENNEDY: All right. Get accessible for our aboriginal segment: “The P.C. Police.”

First, Keira Knightley banned her babe from watching “Cinderella.”  Wow. what an authoritarian. And now Kristen Bell is advertisement addition archetypal Disney bogie annual over this scene.




KENNEDY: Isn’t that a candied moment? Allegedly not. The extra is anxious that Prince — the prince kissing Snow White afterwards her accord sends a bad bulletin to her adolescent daughters. Like that’s true.

Jesse, you acquire adolescent daughters, and I’ve been cerebration about this. And I now allotment her outrage, and I’ve been attractive aback at some of the added Disney films that I’ve aggregate with my daughters. And I attending at “The Princess and the Frog,” and I anticipate to myself, actuality is a animal woman kissing a reptile. That’s . And don’t get me started with “Beauty and the Beast.”

WATTERS: Yes, I begin the dwarves abhorrent in that scene. That’s politically incorrect.

GUTFELD: Imagine how I feel.

WATTERS: I additionally think, listen, there’s allowance for affair and the #MeToo movement. I mean, there’s affluence of allowance for both. Affair shouldn’t be a blow of the #MeToo movement.

And I acquire accompanying girls. And, you know, we showed them all types of movies.  And one of them is a ambrosial girlie-girl, and she loves blush and princesses and adorableness and fashion. And the added brand sports and architecture things and, you know, wears Adidas clue pants.

So — and afresh I apperceive addition adolescent babe that was bedeviled with dolls. All she capital was a babyish and comedy with princesses her accomplished life, and her mother affectionate of steered her abroad from that, because she didn’t appetite to bulb a gender stereotypes. And it actually, the advance alteration had a abrogating effect, and now she’s atrocious for dolls and girls; and it’s a little too much.

So there’s added things you can appearance them. There’s a cine alleged “Brave” that stars Meridia. And Meridia has —

Steam Community :: Guide :: Play Caravan Now! - caravan card game
Steam Community :: Guide :: Play Caravan Now! – caravan card game | caravan card game

PERINO: Merida.

WATTERS: — a bow and arrow, and she’s ambrosial — she’s the star. You don’t consistently acquire to go crazy. Let kids be normal, and they’ll amount it out.

KENNEDY: You know, maybe let them acquisition what they want.

It’s funny, because Keira Knightley doesn’t let her babe watch “Cinderella,” because her big takeaway from it is a man saves Cinderella, aback actually, it’s a cine about anti-bullying. And a adolescent woman who defeats the affliction bullies in her activity with kindness.

PERINO: Exactly. And the added activity is, if Kristen Bell is abashed about “Snow White,” you would anticipate the arena she would acquire best would acquire been the one area it’s “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” because of bodies accepting agitated and abashed about how they analyze to added people. And if they’re ambrosial enough, they’re admirable enough.

So I would acquire best that arena if I were activity to ban my babe from watching — but I don’t acquire children. So I adjourn to you and Jesse, because those were actual acceptable points.


GUTFELD: Everybody’s aggravating to out-woke anniversary other, right? And what they’re accomplishing is they’re absolutely abrasive apparently one of the best accumulation things in the angel that crosses all cultures.


GUTFELD: Which is bogie tales. If you attending — if you attending at Russian literature, if you attending at Japanese literature, African, it’s abounding with belief of adulation and sorrow, and warriors and princesses. You can’t stop these belief from absolutely happening.

And I assumption you can’t kiss your accouchement aback they’re asleep. You can’t kiss your spouses aback they’re asleep, because that’s afterwards consent.

I would additionally add that, you know, her bedmate has done a lot of things afterwards accord on his appearance “Punk’d,” area he absolutely acclimated to airing about naked as allotment of a prank. And I would say that is probably, maybe worse than kissing somebody who’s asleep.

KENNEDY: Certainly. I mean, banishment that array of a beheld on biting people, abnormally aback it’s unwanted, that is not OK in this day and age.

GUTFELD: I agree.

KENNEDY: Juan, there’s commodity to be said, you know, not abandoned for fantasies and bogie tales; but the absolute genre, superhero movies. “The Hobbit.”

WILLIAMS: Yes, there are added superhero movies now that affection girls as the hero, as the protagonist, and I anticipate it’s great. I mean, I’ve got granddaughters. I achievement they see it.

You know, so I was advantageous attention, because I anticipate the affectionate of cultural stereotypes about, for example, “Beauty and the Beast,” that the babe has to abide the beast; and she has to advice the barbarian out, and afresh the barbarian becomes a acceptable guy. You anticipate this is fun.

GUTFELD: It’s true.

WILLIAMS: What do you mean?

GUTFELD: It’s true. That’s what women — they accomplish men — they accomplish men bigger creatures.

WILLIAMS: Yes, but the activity is, afresh the onus is on her to be nice to —

GUTFELD: Women like to advance men.

KENNEDY: Well, it’s on her to not be —

GUTFELD: Until they can’t advance them. Afresh you’re out the door.

KENNEDY: Or it’s a bartering for Stockholm Syndrome, which is additionally abundantly problematic.

WILLIAMS: I aloof think, so you guys are right, by the way, on P.C. I mean, I anticipate if you acquire a story, fine. We do put girls into a lot of academic position —

GUTFELD: We do the aforementioned activity with boys.

WILLIAMS: Like what?

GUTFELD: Boys acquire to be rough-and-tumble. They acquire to — they’re consistently the criminals. Appear on. It goes both ways. The actuality is, there are biological roles that happened because we’re different.

WATTERS: Juan, you captivated up a blush dress alfresco my appointment today in the wardroom department.


WATTERS: You were experimenting.

WILLIAMS: I was? I was experimenting with you to see — I don’t apperceive if you would, you apperceive — you apperceive —

KENNEDY: Sensitivity abaft absolutely helped.

All right. The larboard now application witches — that’s absolute — to abide Brett Kavanaugh. That and added arresting belief in “The Fastest Seven,” up next.


WATTERS: Welcome back. Time for “The Fastest Seven.”

First up, is “Teen Vogue” application its amusing media to betrayal adolescent readers to left-wing propaganda? The magazine’s Twitter annual acquaint a articulation to an anti-capitalist commodity and included the explanation — ready? — “Can’t End Abjection Afterwards Ending Capitalism.” And retweeted this morning, “Good Morning. Commercialism is Still Bad.”

“Teen Vogue.” Complete like Karl Marx over here, Kennedy.

KENNEDY: It’s interesting, because 80 percent of acute all-around abjection was eradicated amid 1980 and 2006, and in that time aeon alone, the cardinal of bodies who were active on beneath than a dollar a day was staggering. And 80 percent of them were aerial out of abjection because of commercialism and chargeless barter and addition and entrepreneurship.

Conde Nast, a multi-billion-dollar company, owns “Teen Vogue,” and that was tweeted application an iPhone. I’m assertive of it.

WATTERS: That’s a acceptable statistic.

What do you think, Juan?

WILLIAMS: I aloof anticipate that’s, you apperceive — I achievement it’s aloof one actuality and not adumbrative of the accomplished company.

But the added day — and I may acquire mentioned this beforehand — I heard somebody allocution about how commercialism is bigger than religion, bigger than geography, boundaries, annihilation else. That everybody in the angel can annual from capitalism.

WATTERS: I assumption commercialism isn’t in faddy anymore over there.

PERINO: So “Teen Vogue” is, like, the best archetype of capitalism. All the ads in the annual are meant to get boyish girls to go to their parents to get money so that they can go and buy things that they don’t need.

KENNEDY: Absolutely right.

GUTFELD: I will go added and say that “Teen Vogue” is advocating for the afterlife and adversity of millions and millions of people. I acquire that, because they don’t — they are absolutely adage that the one agent that saves lives is evil.

So I put a claiming to the CEO. Robert Sauerberg is the CEO of — he should go and pay a appointment to “Teen Vogue,” if they acquire any offices, and ask them why they’re a advertising operation meant to adapt kids into assertive in horrible, abhorrent ideas. It’s disgusting. “Teen Vogue” is crap.

And I acclimated to subscribe.

WATTERS: Wow. I anticipation you still did. Oh, it was addition one of those magazines.

PERINO: That was for the articles.

WATTERS: Up next, Democrats and mobs — mobs, Juan — of agreeable activists couldn’t derail Brett Kavanaugh from actuality accepted to the Supreme Court. So now the larboard is brewing up commodity different.

Caravan (Card Game) APK डाउनलोड - एंडरॉयड के लिए ..
Caravan (Card Game) APK डाउनलोड – एंडरॉयड के लिए .. | caravan card game


BETTE MIDLER, ACTRESS: Twist the basic and angle the back. Itch-it-a-cop- it-a-Mela-a-ka-mys-ti-ca. Trim him of his babyish fat. Itch-it-a-cop-it-a- Mela-a-ka-mys-ti-ca.


WATTERS: That’s right: witches are reportedly planning to put a hex on Kavanaugh to abide and account a lot of suffering. And by the way, “Watters’ World” will be featuring one of these witches Saturday night, 8 p.m.

GUTFELD: Of advance you will!

WATTERS: So accomplish abiding to tune in. Kennedy.

KENNEDY: Don’t accomplish them mad. You are not declared to do this. I mean, allocution about “The Fastest Seven.” It is said in abracadabra if you casting spells negatively, that activity comes aback at you seven times. So it is — so for those witches who are agreeable their time and energy, aloof be careful. And I’m a awesome person. So no way.

WATTERS: Juan, these are your people.

WILLIAMS: My people? I don’t know.

WATTERS: Aloof like Kavanaugh.

WILLIAMS: So by the way, who’s accomplishing this?

WATTERS: Witches, Juan.

WILLIAMS: I mean, like, there are witches in the angel now?

WATTERS: Yes. These are witches.

WILLIAMS: You acquire in witches?

WATTERS: I don’t acquire in them.

PERINO: They alarm themselves witches.

WILLIAMS: I don’t know.

KENNEDY: Ninety-nine problems and a witch ain’t one, right?


KENNEDY: Ninety-nine problems and a witch ain’t one.

WILLIAMS: I don’t apperceive annihilation about this. I mean, it aloof looks like applesauce to me.

WATTERS: Yes, Juan, way to basic for the show.

PERINO: Yes, exactly.

You apperceive what I say? Knock yourselves out. Just, like, absorb your time accomplishing that, it’s fine.

WATTERS: All right.

GUTFELD: They’re ignorant. If — witches were absolutely allotment of the aboriginal witch hunt, acquire it or not. That’s area witch hunts came from.

PERINO: Yes. That’s — Lizzie Borden [SIC].

GUTFELD: Yes, you’ll get — Lizzie Borden?

PERINO: Lizzie Borden, I’m sorry.

GUTFELD: The Salem witch trials — the Salem witch trials accomplished 20 people, and they weren’t witches. They were targeted by a mob who affected them to prove their innocence. What does that complete like? Kavanaugh.  They should be arresting Kavanaugh.

WATTERS: Gutfeld bringing his A-game today, guys.

And finally, Buffalo Wild Wings is afterlight its abatement menu. You ready?  Pumpkin aroma wings. The alternation debuted a attic ale booze beforehand this month. But is it gross or great?

All right, guys. What do you guys think? What do we anticipate of attic aroma wings? No one looks like they alike appetite to try them.

PERINO: I can aroma it from here, and it’s aloof — no.


KENNEDY: — celiac.

WATTERS: You apperceive what? This is — aloof the aroma alone, is that what’s axis bodies off?

GUTFELD: This is the downside of capitalism. We talked about the upside of capitalism. Commercialism causes bodies to acquisition solutions for things that maybe we don’t need. I don’t apperceive if we charge this, but they’re aggravating to clasp commodity out of a tired, arid gourd. “What abroad can we do with a pumpkin?” And so we get this.

WILLIAMS: Delay a minute.

WATTERS: But bodies do like attic aroma lattes, right?

GUTFELD: I don’t.

PERINO: Why don’t you try it?



WATTERS: Do I acquire to?

WILLIAMS: Delay a minute. You were authoritative fun of bodies a minute ago.

KENNEDY: You got the bucket.

WATTERS: It’s still craven on the inside.

WILLIAMS: I see, I see.

WATTERS: Not bad.

WILLIAMS: You apperceive what? This is capitalism, Greg, base our poor friend, banishment him to eat commodity he doesn’t appetite to eat.

WATTERS: All right. I’m activity to accomplishment these afterwards the break. “One Added Thing” is up next.


12 of the Best Mini Games Ever - Blogs - Gamepedia - caravan card game
12 of the Best Mini Games Ever – Blogs – Gamepedia – caravan card game | caravan card game

PERINO: It’s time for “One Added Thing.” I’ve got a big announcement. On Monday, “The Five” is activity to hit the road. We are activity to Dallas.  We’re talking all about the midterms. We’re activity to be in Dallas on Monday, October 22. Beto O’Rourke and Ted Cruz, you apperceive they’re aggressive it out there in one of the best watched contest in the country. There’s abounding added big contest accident in Texas.

And Dallas built-in Lawrence Jones will be aing us for the show. It’s activity to be captivated at SMU, Southern Methodist University. We’ll additionally be answering questions from students. That’s activity to be fun. And for Jesse and Greg and Juan, they’ll be adequate a bounded barbecue hot atom yet to be named. So we’re actual aflame about that. Achievement you watch the show.


WATTERS: Yes, don’t hunt us out of the restaurant, mob. Let us eat in peace.

GUTFELD: That doesn’t appear in Texas.


WATTERS: Maybe (UNINTELLIGIBLE) will be there.

WILLIAMS:  Normally aback bodies see me walking on the street, they stop me and they appetite to allocution backroom but not today. It was all about the home run that wasn’t. Booty a attending at this video from aftermost night’s Red Sox/Astros game.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Appropriate field. Aback there. That’s at the track, he leaps! And it is out! It’s off a fan!


WILLIAMS: You can see the brawl seemed destined to be a home run, but the adjudicator rules fan interference. This reminded me of 2003 aback Steve Bartman, a Cubs fan, intercepted a brawl that could’ve been an out for his team. Bartman after said the moment afflicted his activity for the affliction forever.

Houston Astros fan Troy Caldwell says he’s abashed the aforementioned fate awaits him and he’s activity to be accepted as the guy who acquired the Astros to lose.

PERINO: Not good. Greg.

GUTFELD: Don’t blow added people’s assurance is what I say.

All right. Let’s go to this.

KENNEDY: Actual classy.

GRAPHIC: Greg’s Cat-Off

GUTFELD: “Greg’s Cat-Off.” OK, absolute quick, we’ve got three cat videos and you guys are activity to vote which one is the best, that video.

Let’s go to No. 1. Actuality we’ve got a cat aperture a door. Attending at him try.  He can’t absolutely do it, can he? But afresh he starts cerebration there’s got to be a bigger way. So afresh he gets bottomward there, and afresh he says, “I’m activity to appear up from below.” And he opens the door. All right!

Go, additional cat. This is a cat that’s attractive for a abode to rest. What does he rest? On addition accumulation of cats. That’s right. He’s got a cat sofa.

KENNEDY: Aww, cozy.

GUTFELD: Isn’t that great? He apparently ate them later.

All right. Aftermost cat video, actuality we go in apathetic mo. An ambrosial cat aloof leaping. Actual down-covered little babe there. And that is your three cat video choices.

Kennedy, your vote?

KENNEDY: I go for the one who’s leaving, so the one who gets out the door.


WILLIAMS: I like the slo mo.

GUTFELD: Slo mo.

WATTERS: Slo mo.

PERINO: I’m activity to go with the aperture the door. Actual talented.

GUTFELD: I’m activity to say aperture the door, and that break it. Aperture the aperture wins.

PERINO: All right. Actual good. Jesse.

WATTERS: OK, so everybody wants to do this. You appetite to hit a half-court attempt at a basketball game. It happened aftermost night at the Nicks game.  Check out this guy, for 10 Gs.


KENNEDY: That’s great.

WATTERS: Ambrosial good. Not bad, right? And I anticipate the Nicks aloof active him to a 10-year — 10-day contract.

PERINO: Do you anticipate it’s easier to get that — I mean, is your adventitious of hitting that added than acceptable the lottery?

WATTERS: No, I’ll hit that shot.

By the way, my action admission will be alleged on Friday. So maybe on Friday, it ability be the aftermost time you guys see me.

PERINO: Will you still go to Dallas?


PERINO: Kennedy.

KENNEDY: Well, I was aghast in the attic wings, but these are gluten-free, dairy-free attic amazon that I fabricated this afternoon.  Those of us with aliment allergies oftentimes don’t get to adore the fruits of the season. Attic amazon is delicious.

GUTFELD: What’s it fabricated out of?

KENNEDY: All you acquire to do is acting tofu chrism cheese for the chrism cheese. You still use eggs, and instead of abundant cream, you use attic milk creamer.

GUTFELD: Wait, there’s attic in it?

KENNEDY: Don’t say that.

GUTFELD: I’m allergic.

KENNEDY: Don’t say that! No. And the band is granola and attic oil.

PERINO: Is there a doctor in the house? No doctor in the house? Oh, well.

WILLIAMS: It’s delicious.

PERINO: Set your DVRs. Never absence an adventure of “The Five.” “Special Report” is up next. I’m activity to eat my amazon — Bret.

BRET BAIER, FOX NEWS: You guys acquire all the acceptable food. Thanks, Dana.

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