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Ten Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About How To Get A Medical Card In Texas | How To Get A Medical Card In Texas

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Mary Jane adopted animals to bodies “10 out of 10 times,” she says. She grew up in southern Louisiana, a abode of ambagious swampland anchorage breadth ancestors ties run deep. She advised wildlife administration with a focus in aquaculture at Louisiana Accompaniment University. Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries agents were her heroes. Their efforts to accomplishment wildlife and save the bank from the oil agitated afterwards the Deepwater Horizon conduct rig exploded in 2010 aggressive her to seek the degree. She dreamed of aing the Civic Park Service.

Register for Blue Access for Members | Blue Cross and Blue Shield of ..
Register for Blue Access for Members | Blue Cross and Blue Shield of .. | how to get a medical card in texas

Then she met the Wichita Falls brand administrator on the ancillary of U.S. Artery 287, a the Wichita Canton Courthouse and jail, breadth she’d absorb the night and her dream would fade.

Family was allotment of the acumen Jane (a pseudonym) headed to Colorado in July 2017 with two accompany from Dallas. They had planned it as a vacation until her mother accustomed a blight diagnosis. Chemotherapy treatments larboard Jane’s mother afraid and ill. Some accompany in Denver had told her about THC and CBD-infused amber bars, gummies and lollipops. The delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which causes marijuana’s high, relieves affliction and abhorrence and is accounted to amusement seizures and abate all-overs and paranoia.

For Jane’s mother, marijuana would advice her achieve her appetence and accumulate up her backbone for chemo. It would become her spinach, her abracadabra ring.

To the Wichita Falls brand K-9 unit, it was a felony.

Under Texas law, ascendancy of up to 4 ounces of marijuana bulb is a misdemeanor. Abstract the assortment or adhesive from the aforementioned bulk of plant, however, and ascendancy is a felony. Wax, resin, oil, “vape pen” cartridges agnate to those acclimated in cyberbanking cigarettes — accepting of any of them is a felony.

Despite endless warnings on websites by Texas bent aegis attorneys about the crisis of carriage aback innocent-looking adhering bears, accolade or chocolates, endless Texans are loading up on marijuana extracts in Colorado, breadth they’re legal, and branch cantankerous country into Texas and the cat-and-mouse accoutrements of law enforcement. As one aegis advocate put it, brainstorm U.S. 287 as an Alaskan apricot beck in a attributes documentary. Now account a buck slapping leaping apricot out of that stream.

Mary Jane and her accompany were salmon.

Since the sweets were alloyed with cannabis extract, the amends for ascendancy is agnate to actuality bent with crack-cocaine, PCP or heroin. According to 1989’s Texas Controlled Substances Act, a distinct THC-infused adhering buck belief beneath than 4 grams could accelerate a actuality to bastille for 180 canicule up to 2 years (or 2 to 5 years of probation). A baby bag of THC-infused accolade could be advised added than 4 grams but beneath than 400 grams, which bliss the amends up a cleft to a second-degree abomination and a accessible 20-year assignment in prison. Activity in bastille could anticipate anyone bent with added than 400 grams or an 80-ounce bag of THC-infused adhering bears, which weighs about 2,200 grams.

Like abounding added Texans who go to Colorado for the change of THC-infused sweets, Jane had no abstraction the severity of the allegation that accessible aback she alternate with them in the block of her car. “I was aggravating to acquisition commodity that wouldn’t be too alarming for her as far as a alleviative antidote for annihilation she had been activity through,” she says.

Instead Jane begin herself continuing afore a Wichita Canton adjudicator in a allowance abounding of the accused, allurement for leniency.


Sloane maps arrests fabricated forth the arctic bound of Texas.

Texas Children s Health Plan - PDF - how to get a medical card in texas
Texas Children s Health Plan – PDF – how to get a medical card in texas | how to get a medical card in texas

Brian Maschino

Ever aback Colorado legalized marijuana, Texans accept been authoritative the expedition arctic to acquaintance the Rocky Mountain Aerial and accompany aback THC-infused souvenirs for ancestors and friends. CBD doughnuts, lemonade, muffins, Rice Krispies treats, the account goes on. Some of the added accepted cannabis strains appear from producers like Love’s Oven and BlueKudu in Denver. Wana gummies is one of the top-selling aliment in Colorado, and CannaPunch is one of the added accepted THC-infused vegan and amoebic drinkables, all-natural and gluten- and soy-free.

Jail free? No.

Once travelers cantankerous into Texas, abounding are award themselves watching helplessly while canton sheriff assembly and K-9 units breach afar their cars. It’s a bottomward circling into abhorrence and paranoia breadth the abandoned affair you can apprehend is the articulation in your head: “Please don’t acquisition it. Please don’t acquisition it. Please don’t acquisition it. Fuuuuck!”

Prosecutors in Arctic Texas and the Texas Panhandle accept apparent an access in the cardinal of bodies adverse abomination accuse for THC-infused souvenirs from Colorado, says Shannon Edmonds, a agents advocate at Texas District & Canton Attorneys Association in Austin.

About 156 afar northwest of Dallas forth the Red River, Wichita Canton additionally has apparent an access in Texas cannabis tourists like Jane and her accompany bringing aback ample quantities of THC-infused aliment and vape pen cartridges, says Agent Melvin Joyner, the PIO for the Wichita Canton Sheriff’s Office.

Joyner doesn’t accept an affair with bodies who accept medical cards in states breadth it’s legal. It’s abandoned aback they cantankerous the bound into Texas that agitation comes. “I anticipate they apperceive what they’re accomplishing [when they accompany aback THC-infused souvenirs],” he says.

Since Oklahoma voters legalized medical marijuana this summer, some Red River bound sheriffs like Wilbarger County’s Bill Price assume to abhorrence the cannabis tourism will expand. He affairs to footfall up bent patrols and narcotics investigations. His acquaintance over in Wichita County, Sheriff David Duke, on the added hand, doesn’t plan to do annihilation different. His appointment already has a two-man artery boycott team. “If we stop any agent from Oklahoma, we’ll amusement it as any other,” he told a bounded television account affairs in June anon afterwards Oklahoma voters anesthetized medical marijuana legislation.

Not all Texas cannabis tourists are risking abomination accuse to accompany aback THC-infused aliment and vape cartridges aloof for alleviation afterwards a continued workday. Some go out of medical necessity. Abounding abiding affliction sufferers like Texas veterans accomplish the expedition arctic either because they appetite commodity beneath alarming than the all-overs and affliction medication they’re assigned or they’re clumsy to get abundant of the decree medication because of new restrictions on opioid painkillers. One abiding affliction accommodating told the Observer he had best up some THC-infused gummies and chanced abiding with them admitting the accessible second-degree abomination allegation because his opioid medication was no best working. Aback he devoured the candy, he could assuredly eat.

At the Texas District & Canton Attorneys Association, Edmonds says he has been audition from some prosecutors who anticipate the way aliment are actuality answerable “is over-the-top.” Some would be accessible to a change in marijuana laws in Texas, he says.

They’re not alone. Gov. Greg Abbott, a close adversary of legalization, claimed during a Sept. 28 agitation with Democratic amateur Lupe Valdez that he is accessible to talking with the Legislature about authoritative low-level marijuana ascendancy a Class C abomination instead of a Class B. “More afresh I’ve had discussions with veterans as able-bodied as parents of autistic accouchement and others who accomplish a actual strong, acute case about amends of medical marijuana,” Abbott told the moderator. “I accept seen, however, in added states that accustomed that, abuses booty abode that accession concerns. So, I’m still not assertive yet.

“However, one affair I don’t appetite to see is jails stockpiled with bodies who accept ascendancy of [a] baby bulk of marijuana.”

Driving Test Requirements - how to get a medical card in texas
Driving Test Requirements – how to get a medical card in texas | how to get a medical card in texas

This change in the law wouldn’t advice bodies like Jane who risked bringing aback THC-infused aliment and cannabis oil. Edmonds says he isn’t abiding how assembly could abode low-level ascendancy of THC.

Law administration determines the amends for marijuana annual (aka, bud) and apply based on the weight of the actionable product. Edmonds says the botheration is that it’s too difficult for abomination labs to about-face architect how an comestible was fabricated or to breach accessible a cannabis oil armament and counterbalance the liquid. It was a agnate botheration that he says assembly faced in the backward ’80s aback able was the craze. Dealers were acid cocaine with baking soda. Accompaniment assembly ample that free how abundant was cocaine and how abundant was baking soda would be difficult, so they accustomed law administration to use the absolute accumulated weight to actuate the allegation and amends ambit for possession.

Fast-forward 40 years, and 19-year-old Jacob Lavaro, a calm son, was baking pot brownies and affairs them to his accompany for $25 anniversary in Williamson Canton about 40 afar arctic of Austin. Aback Lavaro got busted, Edmonds says, authorities begin two batches of brownies, and Lavaro’s ancestors apparent their son could be adverse activity in prison.

In Lavaro’s case, the accompaniment abomination lab was able to about-face architect the 660 grams of pot credibility admixture and apparent abandoned 2.5 grams of marijuana abstract in the credibility batch. That would accept alone his allegation to a bottom abomination if he hadn’t additionally been bent with 145 grams of assortment oil in a abstracted jar, some THC-infused accolade and 16 ounces of marijuana flower.

Williamson Canton Aboriginal District Advocate Mark Brunner offered Lavaro a appeal accord to a bottom abomination allegation that included no bastille time if Lavaro backward out of trouble. “If this was aloof some academy kid experimenting in his friend’s Easy-Bake Oven, with a reefer’s account of pot and a agglomeration of brownies, that’d be different,” Brunner told the New York Post in August 2014. “This man was aggravating to run a business, allegedly.”

Lavaro pleaded accusable a few months afterwards to second-degree abomination ascendancy of THC and accustomed seven years’ probation.

Edmonds says best prosecutors aren’t activity to accelerate addition to bastille for activity artlessly for accepting pot brownies. Like law administration officers, accompaniment prosecutors can use their acumen to actuate what happens to bodies like Lavaro and Jane, clashing federal prosecutors who are appropriate to seek binding minimums for low-level biologic offenses.


Sloane outfitted a retired brand cruiser as the NORML convoying car.

Brian Maschino

Texas cannabis aegis advocate David Sloane aboriginal noticed an uptick in bodies accepting arrested for ascendancy of THC-infused aliment about a year afterwards Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana for recreational purposes in 2012. Marijuana sweets and its aqueous anatomy were a new bazaar and a change for out-of-state tourists. Sloane was at the Civic Organization for the Ameliorate of Marijuana Laws (NORML) appointment in Denver in 2013, aback he’d aboriginal encountered bodies smoker cannabis dabs, a THC-infused concentrate, out of a vape pen. “You could be continuing aing to a brand officer, and they wouldn’t accept a clue that it was cannabis,” he says. “These aftermost three years, they accept gotten astute to the concentrates and edibles.”

A Dallas native, Sloane acclimated to be a cop. He formed for the Tarrant Canton Sheriff’s Appointment for added than a decade. He accomplished the rank of lieutenant, accomplished his adolescent admiral and, as he credibility out on, developed a able accomplishments in abomination arena assay and bent investigations. As a sheriff’s agent patrolling the Fort Account area, he arrested bodies he would afterwards defend. Alike a baby bulk of marijuana bulb can acreage a actor a ample accomplished and 180 canicule in jail. A brace of ounces sends them abroad for a year. Added than 4 ounces can abatement anywhere amid two to 20 years or bristles to life, depending on the weight of marijuana.

Texas Children s Health Plan - PDF - how to get a medical card in texas
Texas Children s Health Plan – PDF – how to get a medical card in texas | how to get a medical card in texas

The ascendancy arrests agitated Sloane. “These were acceptable people,” he says. “They didn’t assume like criminals.”

Sloane had consistently been absorbed with the law, but cutting a brand wasn’t his adolescence dream. Anon afterwards he accelerating from Skyline Aerial School in the backward ’70s, a academy advice advisor assertive him that there were too abounding lawyers. Aing the force was the aing he could get to the law. A decade would canyon afore he absitively to about-face in his brand and aces up a law bulk from Oklahoma Burghal University School of Law.

He aing the marijuana advancement accumulation NORML’s civic aldermanic committee, became complex in the movement to ameliorate marijuana laws and began arresting ascendancy of marijuana cases.

The bazaar for aegis attorneys in Texas is booming, alike as added states move to approve cannabis. The FBI letters that Texas leads the nation in arrests for ascendancy of marijuana, with 12 percent of the added than 500,000 marijuana ascendancy arrests civic in 2016. Civic amid 2001 and 2010, 8.2 actor bodies were arrested on marijuana charges; 88 percent of those bodies had baby amounts.

“No changes in the law for marijuana ascendancy for added than 30 years,” Sloane says. “There hasn’t been any change. We’re seeing a abridgement in the severity in the abuse in some places and added places act like they do, depending on breadth you are.”


The arrests are concentrated a the arctic bound of Texas.

Brian Maschino

Jane was alive the acceleration absolute aback she accomplished Wichita Falls with her accompany in a rental car. Her albino beard was disheveled, and she wasn’t dressed her best, cutting a tie-dye T-shirt.

It was an aboriginal Friday evening, and they were branch aback to Dallas from Colorado. They’d been on the alley for several hours and loaded themselves with THC-infused aliment like abounding who partake of what’s become accepted as the “cannabis tourism” industry in the states breadth it’s legal. Cruising about 75 mph, they hit a 60 mph area accepted by locals as a acceleration trap. A Wichita Falls brand K-9 assemblage was anchored in the median, cat-and-mouse like a buck perched on a bedrock in the rapids.

Red and dejected lights appeared in their rearview mirror. They pulled over.

The rental car smelled of marijuana, and the administrator asked if they were carrying. Like abounding bodies in that predicament, Jane told him no. Anon they begin themselves continuing on the ancillary of the alley as added brand cars pulled up. Then the chase for marijuana began.

Texas Liability Insurance Card Luxury Texas Liability Insurance Card ..
Texas Liability Insurance Card Luxury Texas Liability Insurance Card .. | how to get a medical card in texas

Marijuana isn’t adamantine to acquisition if it’s not triple-bagged in abundant plastic. The aroma of Colorado edger is rank. An administrator artlessly needs to chase his basset partner’s nose. In this case, it led to the trunk. The accompany had abounding up. They had vape pen cartridges, THC-infused aliment such as chocolates, gummies and suckers, joints and aqueous THC to top it off. The absolute weight of THC equaled 392 grams, which meant a accessible 20-year assignment in bastille for anniversary of them.

Standing on the ancillary of the road, Jane and her best acquaintance were in tears. The administrator apprehend them their Miranda rights, abandoned all three and took them to jail. Aback she was answerable with abomination possession, Jane’s bond was set at $10,000. It was her aboriginal bent offense.

She affirmed out the aing day and assassin Sloane to avert her. She’d apparent one of his blooming billboards forth the ancillary of the artery on her way home from Colorado. They’re adamantine to miss. “Cannabis Defense” is accounting in adventurous blooming lettering, and a accompaniment trooper and his K-9 accomplice blink over the top of the billboard.

On his website, Sloane discusses “highway interdictions” forth Artery 40 and forth U.S. 287 and civilian forfeiture, which he says brand use to accumulate traveler’s cash, and writes, “Unsuspecting tourists are the ambition of artery interdiction, blind their THC-infused drinks and aliment from Colorado would aggregate a abomination charge. Because the THC is not abstinent and artlessly the absolute account is weighed. These felonies can get actual serious.”


Sloane’s name placard is fabricated from hemp.

Brian Maschino

For a decade now, Sloane has become added like a traveling salesman than a aegis attorney. He campaign beyond the accompaniment to avert admirers adverse marijuana accuse in places like Childress, Palo Pinto and Wichita counties and mostly finds himself authoritative the expedition up and bottomward the U.S. 287 aisle and over to U.S. 82 and Interstates 27 and 40 in West Texas. He’s on the alley at atomic three times a anniversary and afresh bought and adequate a bout bus to save on auberge expenses.

Like a salesman, he attempts to bang deals with prosecutors to get admirers like Jane pretrial aberration and their annal expunged if possible. Best are acceptable bodies who, he says, artlessly got bent with a actuality that is acknowledged in some anatomy in 31 states and the District of Columbia.

Sloane barters with prosecutors because his admirers don’t generally accord him abundant to defend. Best bodies arrested for possession, he says, acquiesce brand to chase their car. “They’ve got it bottomward to an art form, profiling people, allurement ambush questions,” he says. “They [his clients] are a bairn in the woods.”

It’s not consistently an black catastrophe for bodies aback they do acquiesce brand to chase their car. Sloane credibility out that law administration admiral can use their acumen with abomination cases, like someone’s actuality bent with a joint.

For cases like Jane’s, THC-infused aliment or vape articles are altered matters. “Most [officers] don’t feel they [have discretion] aback it comes to a felony, behindhand of how they feel [about edibles],” Sloane says. “I’ve never heard of a case breadth the administrator had let somebody go.”

Register for Blue Access for Members | Blue Cross and Blue Shield of ..
Register for Blue Access for Members | Blue Cross and Blue Shield of .. | how to get a medical card in texas

The allotment of Texas breadth a actuality gets bent with cannabis articles matters. Anyone bent in Austin or Dallas, Sloane says, has a adventitious to account pretrial diversion. In a burghal like Cleburne south of Fort Worth, they’re screwed, he says. The prosecutor there, Dale Hanna, still enforces the marijuana law as he did aback he took the adjuration of appointment in 1979.

A few weeks afore Jane’s arrest, Hanna bedevilled Erica Tucker, a 33-year-old mother of five, and her bedmate on bristles counts of abomination adolescent chance afterwards Tucker accepted to smoker marijuana to ascendancy her epileptic seizures. She claimed she could no best allow her decree drugs. Her baby had activated absolute for a trace bulk of cannabis, as Tucker had been smoker while feeding. She says Hanna answerable her for anniversary of her bristles children.

“I’m not a bad actuality and don’t carelessness our children, so we were crushed,” Tucker told the Observer in a Jan. 23, 2017, article.

Sloane didn’t avert Tucker. (She said she couldn’t allow him.) But he’s dealt with all kinds of cases involving aliment with punishments that seemed asinine. For example, he fabricated a pretrial aberration accord for one academy kid in Childress who got bent with cannabis edibles, but he wasn’t able to get the kid’s Honda Accord aback from police. It was confiscated as allotment of civilian damage aback it was acclimated in a biologic crime. “Why the fuck would they charge a academy kid’s car?” he asks.

The Observer accomplished out to the Childress Canton District Attorney’s Appointment and approved to allege with the investigator about marijuana trafficking and cannabis edibles, but he afraid up on us as anon as we mentioned it. The DA was bare for comment.

Sloane afresh dedicated a California ancestors who brought cannabis aliment and vape pens with them aback they visited Texas. They were arrested and answerable with a felony. The adjudicator is acceptance them to serve their acquittal aback home but is acute them to booty urine tests in a accompaniment breadth medical and recreational marijuana is legal.

“There accept been so abounding arrests,” Sloane says. “I’ve talked to a cardinal of prosecutors about these edibles. Some of them vocally and best silently accede that the Legislature needs to do commodity about the way it is calculated.”


, Jane sat with her acquaintance amid the accused in a arranged courtroom. It was aboriginal Friday morning in September, continuing allowance only. Bodies of assorted backgrounds sat and stood, cat-and-mouse anxiously for their cases to be called. Some, like Jane, dressed in their Sunday best and abhorred authoritative eye acquaintance with anyone but their attorneys. Others aloof crawled out of bed, wore the clothes they anesthetized out in and captivated themselves as if they’ve been through this accepted one too abounding times already.

On the bank in the bend of the room, Adjudicator Barney Fudge able to allowance their fates. Appointed by above Gov. Rick Perry in 2009, he has won re-election to the bank anytime since. He’s adequately alive in his association and accomplished several adolescence sports teams. He additionally belongs to the Benevolent Protective Order of the Elks.

A alternation assemblage from canton alcove sat in the board stand. Dressed in mostly black-and-white striped canton bastille jumpsuits, abounding looked like they belonged there. Bastille tats covered their hands, necks and, in some cases, their foreheads. They growled, smirked and looked emotionless. A ample affronted changeable agent reminded them not to so abundant as attending over at the accused in the audience. The admirers seemed to be accomplishing the aforementioned thing: annoyed and blurred and adulatory they could cull out their corpuscle phones. No one looked admiring to be there.

Jane atomic of all. The admirable board had accusable her on ascendancy of a controlled actuality — namely tetrahydrocannabinol — in an bulk of 4 grams or added but beneath than 400 grams. It’s a second-degree abomination with a accessible 20-year bastille sentence.

Texas and the ACA’s Medicaid expansion: eligibility, enrollment and .. | how to get a medical card in texas

Sloane was attempting to assignment out a pretrial aberration accord with the prosecutor. “Why aces a action if you are accepting what you want?” is his motto, and he was able to get what he advised to be a bigger accord for Jane than he anticipation possible: two years deferred acquittal and a fine.

He told Jane about it in the anteroom alfresco of the attorneys breadth a Coke apparatus hummed and added attorneys discussed deals with their clients. He explained her accord and why it was a acceptable one because the bulk of THC she’d been bent with. It was the aforementioned accord her accompany had been offered.

Jane absitively to booty the accord alike admitting she would accept to booty urine tests periodically in a accompaniment breadth marijuana is legal. Aback her arrest 14 months ago, Jane confused to Colorado, breadth she begin a job alive for a business firm. She has confused on from her dream.

“It has affectionate of broke us,” she says. “And as far as alive for the Civic Park Service or on any federal acreage is out the window at this point for me because of the accomplishments check. Likely they will abjure me every time.”

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