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100 Green Card Recommendation Letter Sample Eb10 - Ambfaizelismail | eb1b green card

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I accept been a blooming agenda holder for a bit added than 5 years now, and would like to move advanced with the acclimatization process.

100 Green Card Recommendation Letter Sample Eb10 - Ambfaizelismail - eb1b green card
100 Green Card Recommendation Letter Sample Eb10 – Ambfaizelismail – eb1b green card | eb1b green card

For bigger advance opportunities, I afflicted employer anon afterwards my blooming agenda was acquired (about 2 months after). I accept backward with my aloft employer (big activity which sponsored my H1B and afresh GC petition) for 3 years, and with my accustomed one (the baby startup I abashed to afterwards the GC) for 5 years, consistently alive in the aforementioned acreage and d agnate software engineering duties.

Besides that, apple-pie almanac (just a brace accessory cartage tickets).

My catechism for you is: do you anticipate it would be astute for me to move advanced with this and alpha the N400 process, or do I accident aperture a can of worms which could backlash on me and in the affliction case accepting my blooming agenda revoked because of declared fraud, abnormally because the new administration?


If the alone was accustomed citizenship on the abject of those lies, afresh it makes absolute faculty to abjure citizenship.

That would be like hiring a developer who says he is an amazing programmer who can break any problem. Turns out afterwards he got the job, not alone is he abhorrent at programming, but he’s additionally a liar. So you blaze him.

If you lie on an appliance for something, and you are awarded, about speaking it makes faculty to abjure the accolade if it is apparent that you lied.

Having said that, I’d like to see an archetype of displacement on the area of a 1 year aberration in the year one had accustomed their degree, aback the bulk was accustomed 30 years above-mentioned to application. I would like to see it not because I’d accede with such a measure, but because it would accord you a able case.

As it stands I don’t accept that annihilation aing to that has happened.

The moment a actuality becomes a aborigine of a country, he is advantaged to the exact aforementioned adapted that the aborigine aing to him. There is no acumen of a aborigine who was built-in in the country vs a aborigine that was naturalized.

In your case, if addition profits from a lie, afresh we actual the activity so that bodies cannot accumulation from it anymoreinstead of abandoning things you gave by aberration (things _you_ gave by _your_ mistake).

If you appoint addition afterwards blockage that what they say is true, afresh I am apologetic but you’re aloof stupid. If a country accord citizenship to bodies afterwards accepting that what is accounting in the appliance is true, afresh I anticipate the activity is abundantly stupid.

Employers can allow to vet their employees. The accompaniment cannot allow to vet any accustomed citizenship appliance to the aforementioned degree. If we could, that’d be great.

This is why it makes faculty to accept the best in bodies (like we do), and if it turns out they carefully aria or mislead on their application, afresh abjure the awards that were provided based on that misinformation.

Fraud requires intent. It’s not authoritative a baby aberration actuality and there on an appliance (been there, done that, anchored it, activity goes on).

In what apple is this commodity that shouldn’t be advised a accessory aberration and be looked accomplished by an clearing officer, because that the aggregation was in acceptable faith? Hell, the guy didn’t alike change employer, it was a simple change of abode for the aforementioned company!

In what apple is this commodity that shouldn’t be advised a accessory aberration and be looked accomplished by an clearing officer, because that the aggregation was in acceptable faith? Hell, the guy didn’t alike change employer, it was a simple change of abode for the aforementioned company!

Yes, every Administering has reacted to analysis of admonition which would accept fabricated citizens denaturalizable, sometimes by advancing denaturalization. Aback the additional Red Scare, however, the government has actively and accurately accustomed to acquisition bases for denaturalization as a activity goal.


From CNN:

> Aback the Obama administration, Clearing and Customs Enforcement has additionally been alive to put added than 300,000 fingerprint annal into a arrangement that can be arrested adjoin citizenship applications.

> According to USCIS, the accomplishment to followup on those annal has resulted in 2,500 cases that accept been flagged for all-embracing review, and 95 of those accept been referred to the Justice Department to date.

Yes, I get that Trump’s a big alarming monster, but admitting the media charade, and his inartful presentation, this seems to be absolutely an addendum of what the Obama administering did.

1) Can the new startup, with a competent clearing lawyer, book a circumstantial H1-B abode with abundantly aerial affairs of success? Or can the USCIS administer acumen to accept not to accept the abode aback it’s a tiny company?

2) The circumstantial H1-B appliance wouldn’t crave me to go through the activity again, right, aback I’ve already gone through it for my primary one?

3) Is ceding ascendancy of the aggregation as simple as electing bodies you assurance to the lath of directors, and giving them the adeptness to appoint and blaze you? While still advancement 100% buying with a co-founder?

Also, altered question: accept you been seeing trends in the accepting ante for L1A applications? I’m currently alive alfresco the US for a ample tech aggregation as a Artefact Manager, and while I don’t anon accept bodies advertisement to me, I do accept executive-level responsibilities. PMs from my aggregation ahead had no agitation accepting L1As, but I’m audition rumors now of things accepting harder and slower and added rejections accident on the abject of bodies not actuality “manager” abundant with the new administration.

2. What will be the requirements for this new aggregation to book for circumstantial H1B

3. Any advocacy about which blazon of aggregation (LLC, C-corp, etc)

4. Is there a minimum claim about the cardinal of employees, allotment bulk and VC advance for this new company’s H1B abode to be successful?

I am currently on an L-1B and in the activity of accepting the GC (EB-2). My I-140 aloof got approved, and my attorneys said that my case should booty 12 added months.

I accept been with my employer aback mid-2015 (1.5y in an European office, aback alpha of 2017 in SF office).

How continued would you acclaim that I delay afore I about-face administering afterwards I accept the GC? I apprehend adverse advice, so I would absolutely bulk your opinion!

I won’t be applying for citizenship afterwards but don’t appetite to accident accident the GC.

Also what would be your 2 cents for citizens from oversubscribed countries such as China/India who about accept to delay for anytime now to get assignment based GC? Head over to Canada?

Immigration Approval - Form I-10 | I-10 | I-10 | I-10 | I-10 - eb1b green card
Immigration Approval – Form I-10 | I-10 | I-10 | I-10 | I-10 – eb1b green card | eb1b green card

Edit: Fortunately the bigoted government doesn’t absolutely accept any say over immigration, but I am aghast to see these attitudes spreading.

I anticipate it’s acquired by bodies account too abundant into sensationalist account accessories and account which amplify or hyper-focus on abortive capacity to get absorption and views. While in reality, annihilation has absolutely afflicted (or will acceptable change) that would account addition to move to addition city.

It reminds me of the bodies who talked about affective to Canada afterwards the aftermost American election. I’m analytical to apperceive if the bodies that abashed were absolutely impacted anon by the acclamation or whether they were aloof aggravating to accomplish a political statement.

Fully accede with @ajiang — Acknowledgment a lot for demography the time.

outside of YC and start-up specific clearing matters, do you handle non-YC/start-up cases?

Thank you.

I see abounding bodies online adage that would invalidate your H1-B and abounding added bodies adage it’s ok because your H1-B and EAD agenda are independent.

Is this consistent?

More specifically, at what point of your cachet can you alpha earning money accurately from addition source?

My catechism relates to the adeptness of reactivating “old” H1Bs afterwards several time periods abroad.

(French civic here)

I got my aboriginal H1B in October 2008 and larboard my job (and the US) in November 2009 (that’s ~1 year and 1 month)

Then I got it “reactivated” and came aback to assignment in the US in November 2013.

Transferred the H1B accepting to addition aggregation in May 2013 (so that’s ~6 months) and larboard the US afresh in June 2015 (that’s addition ~2 years and 1 month)

All in all, I accept acclimated about 3 years and 8 months of the “same” H1B in total.

At this point in 2018, would it be allegedly accessible to appear aback to assignment in the US beneath the “same” H1B accepting afterwards activity through the accomplished activity of quotas/lottery etc. ?

All the best

I did that aberration and had to leave US afresh afterwards my I-140 and I-485 got rejected. Already your I-485 is denied – you can’t move to options like O-1, E-2, B1 etc. H1 will be your alone option.

As far as affairs of EB1-A. If you assignment in tech and are a startup co-founder, the affairs of accepting an EB1-A currently are absolutely low. I talked to absolutely a few top law firms afresh – BAL, Wolfsdorf etc, and they all mentioned that tech startup founders are award it absolutely difficult to get EB1-A.

Two of my petitions were rejected. I had lot of media about me, awash a aggregation to Dropbox, administering positions in assorted companies, wrote a book which is allotment of MBA course, adjudicator at hackday. Allegedly that was not enough.

After 5 years of abode in the UK (except time as a student), you get PR, and citizenship anon after.

In Australia and alike in Canada agents access as abundant as IT professionals

That is not accurate in Australia, IT accomplishment are higher.

However, TN accepting is single-intent and meant to be temporary, i.e. you can’t arrive on this visa. This is altered from bifold absorbed visas H1B and L1 area they are bifold intent.

This agency that you can’t biking until you are accustomed Advance Parole. This can beggarly a year or two cat-and-mouse in limbo in the US.

Source: in the activity for appliance based blooming agenda and accept a few accompany who switched from TN/E3 accepting to blooming card

We filed a account appeal aback in April based on the case alfresco of processing time. NBC responded adage we’ll accept an activity apprehension aural 60 days. It’s been over 80 canicule now and no cachet change.

We filed an accelerate request, afresh faxed the job offer. They are allurement to delay until aing week. We accept contacted one of CA’s agent appointment in parallel, but not acknowledgment yet.

How acceptable do you anticipate this will assuredly go through? And is there annihilation abroad we can do? Her job alpha date is 3 weeks from now.

What are the affairs of RAISE act actuality accustomed by Congress? It aims to barrier acknowledged clearing by added than 50% over the aing 10 years.

Really wanna apperceive your assessment on this.

Unless this has afflicted recently, this animadversion is not true.

Unfortunately AFAIK there are no appear statistics for TN approval rates.

It adeptness additionally be account acquainted that TN is not a bifold absorbed accepting like H1B.


Reference Letter Applying Green Card O10 Sample - Album on Imgur - eb1b green card
Reference Letter Applying Green Card O10 Sample – Album on Imgur – eb1b green card | eb1b green card

My brother additionally a US aborigine is affective to Canada because her wife can’t get a accepting to access the US.

Here is my situation: I am a actuality with authorization of Russia, but I accept adventitious afore me to participate in US startup as co-founder. Aggregation will acceptable be congenital in Delaware with US aborigine as primary founder. So I accept a few questions:

1 – With “startup visa” activity asleep in baptize would it be accessible for me access US accepting with assignment permission if aggregation acceptable activity to accept no added than 5 advisers at atomic in aboriginal few years?

2 – How should I go with managing my allotment in US company? Do I absolutely charge to acquisition US advocate to represent my interests? (I absolutely assurance my US colleague, but I anguish that we can accidentally do commodity wrong). Should I annals myself as buyer of allotment in company? Or it’s bigger to ascendancy allotment through my own aggregation in EU / UK?

Thanks for abounding answers you’re already given; they are all absolutely useful! Excuse my grammar aback I abode this in haste.

As an H-1B holder with ambitious ambitions and no Blooming Agenda in afterimage for any accountable future, how adamantine is it get an O-visa?

I am not a analysis scientist or a Ph.D. holder or accept any publications, aloof your garden array Software Architect (with a alum degree). With IER acquittal gone, what is a achievable way for me to abdicate my job and assignment on my own idea?

I don’t accept allotment yet (and don’t plan to accept one nor do I charge one immediately), but accept a achievable idea, some crud prototyping and absolute responses from a baby clientele.

My abstraction requires a acceptable bulk of acreage research, activity to conferences and workshops, etc. (it’s a B2B product). I am additionally adapted to go to meetups to advance for aptitude and to accumulate beside of latest affairs in the tech scene, etc. I can’t do any of these with my accustomed H-1B 9-5 job. How do I get off H-1B?

P.S. EB-1, E-2 are not an option.


I accept you accept already helped my case via email through my company, acknowledge you for that! I aloof happened to see you actuality by accompaniment and anticipation it would be a abundant adventitious to bright some of the aftereffect queries I had:

I aloof accustomed a Job Activity from a CA-based startup. Actuality is a refresher of my H1B case:

1. My H1B backyard asleep in Sept 2015, but I accept that the abode is accurate till Sept 2018 as it was accustomed in Sept 2012

2. I spent alone 1 of the absolute 6 years alive in the States, so there are a actual 5 years of time that can be ‘reclaimed’ on the Petition

3. I was issued an L2/B2 Accepting in 2016, at which point the H1B was formed ‘Cancelled afterwards prejudice’ (the aboriginal backyard had asleep by that point anyway).

4. I accept that I abatement into the chic that is referred to as ‘Cap Exempt’ and a new H1B abode needs to be filed with the aforementioned abode id.


My questions are:

1. I accept that there is no accouterment for available ally to get H4 Dependent Visas in the US, alike if they are abiding partners. Could you amuse verify this?

2. My adherent and I accept been calm for ~10 years now and plan to get affiliated ancient anon (in the aing 2 months), primarily so that we can be calm already I move there. Is there any restriction/complication for afresh affiliated couples to emigrate? In the UK, I apperceive that there is added analysis for newlyweds.

3. Because my aboriginal H1B backyard has asleep (and was ‘Canceled afterwards Prejudice’ aback I was issued my B1/B2), I am d that I will charge to get a new stamping, and for that, I will charge to biking to the aing US Consulate. Could you amuse verify this?

4. My Authorization expires in July 2019. I accept from analysis that the Authorization needs to be accurate for the absolute continuance of the advised aeon of stay. Would you acclaim I administer for a beginning authorization (I will be alone able to administer on the 12th of July as in India you can administer for a beginning authorization alone 1 year afore your absolute one expires)? The activity takes a 15 – 20 days.

This adeptness be a appealing basal question, are there currently any acknowledged options for appliance an agent who you apprentice is undocumented?

[1] https://www.cato.org/blog/proof-government-cheating-legal-im…

For addition with I-140 accustomed and now cat-and-mouse for the antecedence date to become accustomed for a continued time due to the GC backlog, how does relocating alfresco the US affect the authority of I-140 approval? Or in added words, is it accessible to abdicate the allotment employer, assignment in the home country till the antecedence date is current, and afresh restart the GC activity appliance the aftermost I-140’s antecedence date with a new US employer? If so, can the H-1B appliance with the new employer be done afterwards activity through the cap and appliance the broad addendum provision?

– The actuality has been a GC holder for a little over 2 years now and has not been out of the US for over 10 years for any cogent aeon of time.

– The actuality has afresh larboard the antecedent aggregation that sponsored her GC (big enterprise) afterwards 8 years there in adjustment to accompany all-embracing remote-only startup that is accustomed to accept US attendance in about a year.

– The actuality is not an agent of the startup directly, but rather has a US-based association that is accouterment consulting casework to the startup and she is the distinct share-holder and agent of the corporation. Her position in the startup is in the aforementioned acreage as GC application.

– The actuality is travelling about the world, while still blockage in the US for 6 months per year or more.

– The actuality is because purchasing one of the “golden visas” (real acreage or business advance agnate to EB5) in a adopted country that is altered from startup abode area the actuality is not planning to abide or stay. This advance affairs makes her acceptable for the adopted authorization in 5-10 years alike if she is not residing in that country.

The questions is whether you anticipate that either of the aftermost 3 items (providing consulting casework to aggregation in adopted country through US-based corporation, travelling, or applying to “golden visa” affairs in added countries) would affect her GC cachet or US acclimatization appliance in 2.5 years.

Thank you actual abundant for your help!

I’m currently a alien contributor and accept spent the aftermost 5 years on the move and alive in altered countries. My basic applicant abject is in the UK (where I’m originally from). I would adulation to move to the States, about I would acutely charge to get a assignment visa. My analysis has alone absolutely advance me accepting to stop freelancing and get advocacy with an US company.

So, I was apprehensive if there are any added routes you adeptness know? I’d rather not accord up the abandon of alien freelancing aloof for the US.

100 Green Card Recommendation Letter Sample Eb10 - Ambfaizelismail - eb1b green card
100 Green Card Recommendation Letter Sample Eb10 – Ambfaizelismail – eb1b green card | eb1b green card

Cheers, M

If you are on H1-B and accept accustomed EAD but not yet blooming card, is it easier to leave your accustomed employer and alpha your own aggregation than if you are aloof on H1-B? And as an addendum to that, what account does blooming agenda accommodate in commendations to starting your own aggregation over alone accepting the EAD?

My accustomed employer has offered appointment me to the US beneath an L-1B accepting in about 6 months. On the added hand, my adherent (US citizen) and I are cerebration of accepting married.

From a absolutely abstruse point of view, do you see any issues with appointment beneath an L-1B accepting and afresh accepting married? Do you acclaim demography the fiancee accepting access instead?

Our ambition is for me to become and American aborigine at some point and alive the blow of our lives in the US.


A new US President may be added absorbed in immigration. AFAIK the US accessible abundantly supports it still, as do the able (businesses). It’s mostly the nationalists who object.

Edit: not abiding why the downvotes, here’s a source?


325 co sponsors 174 D 151 R with abounding added accommodating to vote for it.

Which Democrats feel this way? What affirmation is there?

I lived in US for 7 years, 2 years belief and 5 years alive as software architect (Microsoft, Startup). I came aback to India 4 years back, started a aggregation and now employs 10 folks. Our barter are from US.

We appetite to bureaucracy an appointment in US and I appetite to appear there to bureaucracy and assignment for my aggregation to appoint bodies and access sales.

What is the best allotment to accomplish this?

Thank you for answering so abounding questions. It’s been accessible and I anticipate I apperceive the acknowledgment to my question, but anticipation I should ask absolutely anyways.

I am on H-1B with mid-2017 antecedence date. I am of Indian nationality, accustomed for GC and accept got H4 EAD for my wife.

There are things I appetite to assignment on that could be monetized over the continued appellation (websites and online services). My ancestors associates accept agnate interests.

Is it OK for me to be able to accord to the set up and advance of the business(es) afterwards actuality a stakeholder? For example, the buying can be with my brother (based in India) and my wife (based actuality in US) with the ancestor aggregation based in India. I would alone get no pale in the business or any allotment of the profits.

I like my job and will break full-time with my employer. Does this bearings breach my H-1B cachet claim in any way?

In 2018, what is the best accepting access for an Indian apprentice on an F1 accepting to access VC-funded entrepreneurship? I would like to booty my business to market. I am starting to get absorption and I accept VC allotment lined up, could this be acclimated as a absolution for an O1 or EB1 visa?

Thank you.

I am currently on a L1B Visa, aggregation wants to sponsor the blooming agenda process. As allotment of the antecedent process, they asked my administrator for a account of abilities that I possess, and to me they asked me to ample in how I got those abilities and how to verify them (diplomas, belletrist from employers, etc).

I accept best affluence of those aback I had my own aggregation and additionally on my own, but allegedly this is usually not admissible. They appetite some analysis belletrist from antecedent employers, on aggregation letterhead. I can get it from one of my antecedent employers, but it is absurd to be able to verify all skills. A brace of companies I formed for are not alike in business anymore.

What would you advance would be the best advance of activity in this case? There is a achievability of accepting a H1B Accepting too, would that change anything?

I consistently get abashed about what a ‘position’ is, in this context. The aggregation job cipher is the same, although I accept switched to a altered group(more devops oriented, rather than aloof software development, although it is still a aloft allotment of what I do).

I was assassin and formed as an agent for the across “affiliate” for absolutely 1 year, afterwards alive a little beneath 2 years (same project) as a architect from addition aggregation – that aggregation is still in business and I can get the letter from a aloft manager.

Total assignment acquaintance dates from 2004, but best added companies did not survive to this day.

This is absolutely what I was attractive for, acknowledge you so abundant for your time. I’ll acquaintance your close if it turns out that I charge added assistance.

Again, acknowledge you.

Thank you for demography the time to admonition us all out!

Re my case: I am attractive to alteration from F1 Accepting to H1B. My abode got best in the activity and I was issued an RFE recently. Appeal is to accommodate added affirmation on how my masters is accordant to my job role. I accept a bachelor’s bulk in architecture, experiencein architecture administering and masters in cardinal architecture and management. I fabricated a career about-face to UX & UI and user reserach. I currently assignment as a artefact artist at a alpha up. My masters in cardinal design, basically architecture thinking, is meant to alert me into a architecture architect role, but artefact artist is the footfall one for that.

Would be abundant if you accept any tips for autograph a awning letter acknowledgment the above. Or if you accept any examples, I can apprentice from!


I’ve a alpha up congenital on UK. If I accessible a US annex beneath F1 OPT cachet and assignment it for 1 year on this branch, my appliance for L-1A can succeed?

As USCIS states:

L100 vs H100b - path to green card · FrontSimple - eb1b green card
L100 vs H100b – path to green card · FrontSimple – eb1b green card | eb1b green card

“Currently be, or will be, accomplishing business as an employer in the United States and in at atomic one added country anon or through a condoning alignment for the continuance of the beneficiary’s break in the United States as an L-1.”


“To qualify, the called agent charge also:

Generally accept been alive for a condoning alignment abroad for one connected year aural the three years anon above-mentioned his or her acceptance to the United States;”

What is your advocacy for a Canadian H1B holder who wants to break in the US Permanently, but employer will not sponsor/petition a i-140? (Commenting on added nationalities would apparently admonition added readers too).

I’m a aborigine Australian aborigine with southeast Asian origin.

My I-797 abode was approved, but the H1B accepting appliance is beneath “Administrative Processing” for the accomplished 3 months.

I had lived in San Francisco for about 3 years, and ahead captivated assorted US visas (J1, E3, H1B etc.). I came aback to Australia to renew/receive the new H1B accepting as I was switching aggregation in US, but currently clumsy to return.

What would you advance I do to accelerate this? Acknowledgment a lot.


My affliction if this is extraneous — I authority masters and PhD in fields actual accordant to my US job offer. My offered role in the aggregation is one of the chief roles, and I’m the alone H1B in the aggregation AFAIK. Thanks.

My antecedent H-1B in Dec 2016 was accustomed afterwards any hiccups, but it seems that the alteration is about to booty ages.

Also, I didn’t accept any 221(g) blooper afterwards the interview. In fact, the accepting account administrator was quick to add that my accepting was granted, and I was asked to accomplish the accepting arising fee at the admiral (which we promptly did and alternate him the receipt).

However, I did accept email for added admonition the actual aing day, to which I replied promptly (within a day), and aback afresh the case is ashore in “Administrative Processing”.

> … but unless your appliance fell through the cracks

By “falling through cracks”, did you beggarly that they adeptness be accomplishing a lots of added scrutiny, or is it that I’m at the basal of the antecedence adapted now?

Is there any way to acceptance how continued it adeptness booty added — added than a year?

Thank you.

My previous/original H-1B accepting is still accurate (expires in 2019), and as an Australian citizen, ahead I could biking to US with ESTA for beneath than 90 days.

While actuality on “Administrative Processing”, am I absolutely barred from entering US with the antecedent H-1B visa, or with ESTA until a accommodation is made? If H-1B is denied for some reason, how would it appulse my adeptness to biking to US in the future?

Thanks a lot.


I absolutely accept a bachelor, bifold masters and bifold PhDs (from two altered universities), assorted bookish publications, patent, and a book that I anticipate should calculation as publication. Do you anticipate I could be acceptable for EB-1, EB1A?

My plan was to administer for abode in US (via Blooming Card) afterwards H-1B was accustomed this time.

Thanks a lot.

Thanks a lot.

Any animadversion on EB-1 eligibility?

How can I get in blow with you alfresco HN?

Thank you.

## EDIT ##

Hi Peter,

Sorry to bang this [0] — I apperceive you accept a lots of new questions to answer. Afore you accomplishment today, I’d absolutely acknowledge if you could amuse leave some comments on EB-1 vs employer sponsored GC from eligibility, timeline point of view.

Thanks a lot.

[0] https://news.ycombinator.com/reply?id=17474199

I’m a currently on the H-1B assignment visa. Is there any way for me to either:

Green Card Reference Letter
Green Card Reference Letter | eb1b green card

1. alpha a aggregation with addition co-founder, who is an American citizen?


2. Get accustomed to an incubator affairs such as YC (with an american co-founder) and be a allotment of the affairs beneath acknowledged assignment status?

Thanks for demography time. You mentioned beforehand that bodies on H1B can book for a part-time/concurrent H1B with the alpha up that they are founding. I accept brace of questions with this access 1. Can I annals the aggregation with 100% buying while alive on H1B abounding time? Can this aggregation accomplish money?

2. What will be the requirements for this new aggregation to book for circumstantial H1B

3. Any advocacy about which blazon of aggregation (LLC, C-corp, etc)

4. Is there a minimum claim about the cardinal of employees, allotment bulk and VC advance for this new company’s H1B abode to be successful?

Or what would charge to be apparent particularly?

Also had some admonition with Peter in the activity – thanks!

A aborigine of Central Europe (not in Accepting Abandonment List) who needs to biking consistently to USA to appear altered workshops/conferences. Every year I accept to administer for B1/B2 (because of Technology Alert Account I guess) anew.

1) Is there a bigger accepting advantage abnormally if my basic employer is a big tech US company? (with EU-based bounded R&D office)

2) May a B1/B2 holder do assignment for a abbreviate aeon of time (a ceremony or two) while actuality in US?

Peter, does this get Extraordinarity usually accustomed through aerial bacon and or patents or commodity else? What is the archetypal beginning there? Knowing this would admonition to argue my employer to advance in this process.

Thanks for your time!

If I’m not mistaken, Stripe Atlas does some or all of what you’re attractive for:


1) We aloof submitted the appliance to get the prevailing allowance from the Labor Dept. From your experience, how abundant time is there larboard in the activity accustomed the accustomed administration? I am of a allegiance that does not accept a excess for EB3

2) Aback can I about-face jobs afterwards accepting to alpha all over again?

Thanks a lot for accomplishing this, Peter.


I’m not an clearing advocate but I am a Canadian aborigine who abashed to the US to ally my wife. I would advance attractive into the K-1 accepting if you are abiding that you appetite to go this route. Don’t get affiliated in the meantime; the K-1 is a fiance(e) accepting that allows you to move to the US, get affiliated aural three months of entry, and afresh anon acclimatize cachet to abiding resident. This avoids the actualization that the alliance was absolutely for clearing convenience, aback aggregate is above-board and accustomed first.

Getting affiliated aboriginal would crave you to administer for a CR-1 clearing visa, which is a agnate process, but neither is absolutely “quick” (I would apprehend a year or added on average).

I would booty a attending at http://www.visajourney.com/ as they accept a ton of acceptable admonition for ancestors chic immigration. Acceptable luck!

I’m on the 4th year in my H1B – when’s the latest I can alpha the PERM/GC activity and afterwards risking the borderline (5th year H1B anniversary)? I’m in a bind on whether I should do the GC activity with accustomed employer or about-face jobs now (given that it could booty 2 years). Thanks!

But, I accept no abstraction what the best/viable routes to booty are.

If I was able to do (pretty much) anything, What do you anticipate would be the easiest way to arrive to the US?

Is it accessible for an H1B holder to absorb a business abroad and do business abroad? (i.e. the audience is in the adopted country and the money is in the adopted country too) Would that accompany clearing issues/problems?

Thank you!

What are the implications for a h1b holder accompany added startup at aboriginal date as aboriginal member/cofounder? How abundant money the startup shall raise? What are implications aback accepting activity at beneath advantage compared to earlier?


Do you feel that because of your accomplishments abeyant audience will anticipate you are expensive? If that is the acumen you can adverse that with the adapted words advertence otherwise.

Or is it that you don’t appetite abeyant companies to apperceive you are a sole practitioner?

Only added affair I can anticipate of is commodity age accompanying accustomed that the majority of audience are about 20’s or 30’s.

If you’d affliction to busy I’d acknowledge as I am analytical and abstraction this blazon of thing.

Thank you for accomplishing this.

Green Card Interview Eb10b | Letterjdi
Green Card Interview Eb10b | Letterjdi | eb1b green card

While on H1b, 1. Can addition start/run a business? 2. How about a revenue-generating claimed web/mobile ancillary activity while advancement cachet with a full-time job?

Seven Ways On How To Prepare For Eb100b Green Card | Eb10b Green Card – eb1b green card
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Green Card Interview Eb10b | Letterjdi
Green Card Interview Eb10b | Letterjdi | eb1b green card
Green Card Process Steps- EB10 , EB10 and EB10 - eb1b green card
Green Card Process Steps- EB10 , EB10 and EB10 – eb1b green card | eb1b green card
eb10 recommendation letter - Kubre.euforic
eb10 recommendation letter – Kubre.euforic | eb1b green card

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