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For the West Indies, Shai Achievement denticulate 95 and Jason Holder 32, while ablaze batsman of the antecedent two ODIs, Shimron Hetmyer, ancient for a frugal 37. India will attending to hunt bottomward the 284-run ambition on a batting-friendly wicket in Pune. Afterwards acceptable the aboriginal ODI at the Barasapara Candid Stadium in Guwahati, India couldn’t win adjoin a abrasive West Indies in Vizag in the additional fixture, which concluded in a draw. From hereon, India face West Indies in the fourth ODI in the Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai. The final ODI will be played in Trivandrum on November 1.

Live Cricket Score  - live cricket score card
Live Cricket Score – live cricket score card | live cricket score card


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21:20 IST: It’s over for India! They are all out for 240, acceptance a 43-run defeat adjoin the West Indies in the third ODI in Pune.

21:19 IST: India charge 45 runs to win from 16 deliveries. They are 240/9 in 47.3 overs.

21:13 IST: OUT! Khaleel Ahmed is dismissed, as is addled by the babysitter in an advance to comedy a adventurous shot. India 237/9 in 46 overs.

21:12 IST: India charge 49 runs to win off 27 balls. 235/8 in 45.3 overs.

21:06 IST: Khaleel Ahmed and Kuldeep Yadav attempt to put things in adjustment for India. India 230/8 in 45 overs.

20:59 IST: OUT! Yuzvendra Chahal gets bent out arena a adventurous shot. India lix adjoin West Indies at 225/8.

20:54 IST: India 222/7 in 42 overs. Yuzvendra Chahal and Kuldeep Yadav are out in the middle.

20:50 IST: OUT! It’s the Indian captain Virat Kohli, who gets apple-pie bowled by Marlon Samuels. India 220/7 in 41.3 overs.

20:48 IST: It’s d on, as India crave 66 runs from 54 deliveries. Kohli is on bang with Kuldeep Yadav on the added end. Marlon Samuels bowls the 42nd over.

20:44 IST: OUT! Bhuveshwar Kumar plays a adventurous attempt to get bent out in the deep. Gets out for 10.

20:42 IST: India 215/5 in 40 overs.

20:38 IST: FOUR! Bhuvneshwar Kumar slaps one bottomward the ground. A good-length commitment from Jason Holder. India 212-5 afterwards 39.2 overs.

20:36 IST: Alone three runs from the Kemar Roach over. India 207 for 5 in 39 overs.

20:33 IST: India charge 79 runs in 70 balls. The allurement amount goes over six.

20:29 IST: Virat Kohli array his 38th century, becomes aboriginal Indian to annual three afterwards centuries in ODI cricket. India 204/5 in 37.4 overs.

20: 26 IST: Kohli is one abbreviate of his hundred. India 201/5 in 37 overs.

20: 24 IST: FOUR! Kohli alcove 97, three abbreviate of this 38th ODI hundred. India 198/5.

20: 24 IST: Bhuvneshwar Kumar walks out to bat. India 194/5 afterwards 36 overs.

20: 20 IST: OUT! MS Dhoni edges a bendable one to the babysitter Shai Hope. India 194/5 in 35.5 overs.

20: 18 IST: With 91 runs to win off 87 assurance India are 193/4 in 35.3 overs. Kohli on 92.

20: 16 IST: Afterwards 35 overs, India are 191/4.

20: 13 IST: FOUR! Kohli nudges it for a boundary. India 189 for four afterwards 34.2 overs.

20: 10 IST: Afterwards 34 overs, India are 184 for four. Dhoni and Kohli attending solid.

20: 04 IST: MS Dhoni walks out to bat to accord Virat Kohli company.

20: 02 IST: OUT! Third adjudicator Ian Gould gives the accommodation in West Indies’ favour. India lose their fourth wicket! 172/4 in 31.1 overs.

20: 00 IST: West Indies go for a analysis for bent behind. Rishabh Pant beneath the spotlight.

19: 59 IST: India 172/3 afterwards 31 overs.

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How To Share Live Cricket Scorecard On YouTube – [Tutorial Video .. | live cricket score card

19: 57 IST: FOUR! Kohli smashes Fabian Allen to long-off. Inches appear his 38th ODI century.

19: 54 IST: India charge 122 runs to win off 126 deliveries. 163/3 afterwards 29 overs.

19: 49 IST: SIX! Rishabh Pant clobbers the brawl bottomward the arena for a six. India 161/3 in 28.2 overs.

19: 44 IST: FOUR! Additional aals of the over. Windies badly try to get addition wicket to put India on the aback foot. India 154/3 in 28 overs.

19: 42 IST: FOUR! Rishabh Pant gets started, as he array his aboriginal boundary. India 142/3.

19: 36 IST: OUT! Ambati Rayudu bowled by Obed McCoy afterwards binding one on to the stumps. India 135/3 in 25.4 overs.

19: 33 IST: Afterwards 25 overs in the innings, India charge 150 runs off 150 deliveries. Obed McCoy replaces Ashley Nurse. India 134/2.

19: 28 IST: Two back-to-back boundaries by Ambati Rayudu put India in close control. India 130/2 in 24 overs.

19: 27 IST: SIX! Virat Kohli smashes it over continued on. India 119/2 afterwards 23.

19: 24 IST: Afterwards 22 overs, India are 109 for two.

19: 22 IST: FOUR! Virat Kohli brings up his 49th ODI half-century. India 104/2.

19: 17 IST: Afterwards 21 overs, India are 98/2.

19: 14 IST: Afterwards 19 overs, India are 95/2 in 19 overs.

19: 12 IST: Ambati Rayudu walks out to bat at No. 4. India 90/2 afterwards 18 overs.

19: 08 IST: OUT! Shikhar Dhawan departs, afterwards an LBW to Ashley Nurse. His botheration with right-arm off-spinners continues. India 88 for 2, afterwards 17.2 overs.

19: 07 IST: Afterwards 17 overs, India are 88 for 1.

19: 03 IST: The scoreboard is active for India, as Dhawan and Kohli booty India to 85/1 afterwards 16 overs.

18: 56 IST: Afterwards 14.2 overs West Indies were 64/3, while India are 81/1.

18: 54 IST: India 77/1 afterwards 13 overs.

18: 52 IST: Kohli moves into his 30s, while Dhawan is on 29. Both are accumulation a partnership. India 74 for 1 in the 13th over with back-to-back boundaries.

18: 47 IST: Afterwards nine overs, India are 63/1. Shikhar Dhawan and Virat Kohli are in advance mode.

18: 45 IST: Aboriginal powerplay ends, and India abide to comedy on the advanced foot. India 59/1 afterwards 10.4 overs. Dhawan and Kohli’s fifty affiliation comes up.

18: 37 IST: FOUR! Kohli drives Kemar Roach for a boundary. India 47/1 in 9 overs.

18: 28 IST: At the end of seven overs, India are 38/1.

18: 25 IST: Kemar Roach starts his fourth over. Shikhar Dhawan steers a acceptable breadth brawl appear the leg-side for the three runs. India 35/1.

18: 23 IST: Six runs off the Jason Holder over. India 32/1 afterwards six overs.

18: 22 IST: FOUR! Virat Kohli drives it through the covers for a boundary. India 30/1 afterwards 5.3 overs.

18: 21 IST: Jason Holder bowls his third over, as Windies attending for addition advance in the Indian top order.

18: 20 IST: India 26/1 afterwards bristles overs.

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Live Cricket Score 10 | live cricket score card

18: 18 IST: FOUR! Shikhar Dhawan drives Kemar Roach appear the off ancillary for a boundary. India 24/1 afterwards 4.3 overs.

18: 17 IST: India 20/1 afterwards four overs.

18: 13 IST: FOUR! Shikhar Dhawan flicks it appear aboveboard leg for a boundary. India 15/1.

18: 12 IST: Virat Kohli is yet to accessible his account, as Jason Holder allotment for his additional over. India 11/1.

18: 06 IST: OUT! Jason Holder apple-pie bowls Rohit Sharma, India 9/1 in the additional over.

18: 05 IST: FOUR! Rohit Sharma’s smashes it from the meat of his bat, through the covers for a four. India 9/0.

18: 01 IST: India 4/0 afterwards the aboriginal over.

18:00 IST: FOUR! Ablaze drive from Rohit Sharma to acquisition the fence off Kemar Roach. Acceptable timing!

17:58 IST: Rohit Sharma takes bouncer while Shikhar Dhawan is on the non-strikers end for Team India. Kemar Roach begins the affairs for the Windies.

17: 28 IST: Dot ball! Jasprit Bumrah’s acknowledgment to Team India in ballsy fashion, as he registers the 4/35 in his ten-over quota. Windies are now 283/9 in 50 overs.

17: 27 IST: It’s OUT! It’s the end of a able adornment by Ashley Nurse, who is out for 40. Windies 283 for 9.

17: 26 IST: Windies booty a review, an LBW appeal, which was accustomed out by the umpire.

17: 24 IST: FOUR! Not a acceptable improvement for Bhuvneshwar Kumar, who drops a t at the accomplished leg boundary, which goes beyond the fence. Windies 282/8

17: 23 IST: Jasprit Bumrah bowls the aftermost over.

17: 20 IST: FOUR! Nurse smashes 21 runs off the over as Windies inch advanced appear a aggressive score. Windies 276/8 afterwards 49 overs.

17: 19 IST: FOUR! Ashley Nurse is demography Bhuvneshwar Kumar to the cleaners. Windies are now 270/8.

17:17 IST: FOUR! Ashley Nurse smashes Bhuvneshwar Kumar abaft square. Windies 265/8.

17:17 IST: SIX! Ashley Nurse smashes Bhuvneshwar Kumar over continued off.

17: 16 IST: Just one run comes off Bumrah’s over as West Indies attempt to accretion drive in the afterlife overs. Windies 255/8 in 48 overs.

17: 12 IST: Jasprit Bumrah bowls his ninth over, adorable for his fourth attic of the match.

17: 10 IST: Big over for Windies as they accident 11 off Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s ninth. Windies 254/8.

17: 05 IST: Jasprit Bumrah gives six runs in his eighth over. Windies 244/6 in 46 overs.

16: 59 IST: FOUR! Nurse is demography Chahal to the cleaners! Windies 238/8 in 45 overs.

16: 59 IST: SIX! Chahal goes for runs in his aftermost over, as Ashley Nurse smashes him over mid on.

16: 54 IST: BOWLED! What a toe-crusher from Jasprit Bumrah to accelerate aback Shai Hope, who departs for 95. Windies 227/8 at the end of 44 overs.

16: 53 IST: Jasprit Bumrah allotment for his fourth spell.

16: 57 IST: Bhuvneshwar Kumar gives bristles runs in his over as Windies ability 223/7 in 43 overs.

16: 47 IST: Windies 218/7 afterwards 42 overs.

16: 44 IST: OUT! Yuzvendra Chahal gets India’s seventh advance as Fabian Allen gives Rishabh Pant some communicable practice. Windies 217/7 in 41.3 overs.

Cricket LiveScore App - live cricket score card
Cricket LiveScore App – live cricket score card | live cricket score card

16: 41 IST: FOUR! Debutant Fabian Allen smashes one off Khaleel Ahmed. Windies 216/6 afterwards 41 overs.

16: 37 IST: FOUR! Shai Achievement smashes one through the covers, inches appear his century. Windies 211/6 in 40 overs.

16: 33 IST: 200 up for Windies! Shai Achievement drives through the covers for a boundary. Windoes 204/6 in 39 overs.

16: 31 IST: OUT! Jason Holder gets bent out in the deep. Ravindra Jadeja takes a safe t as Bhuvneshwar Kumar gets his aboriginal wicket of the match.

16: 28 IST: Windies 196/5 in 38 overs.

16: 26 IST: SIX! Jason Holder smashes Kuldeep Yadav over the rope. Windies 194 for 5.

16: 24 IST: SIX! Shai Achievement smashes Khaleel Ahmed over the boundary. Third one for Hope. Windies 188/5 in 37 overs.

16: 22 IST: Khaleel Ahmed looks for his additional wicket in the 37th over, but Achievement and Holder comedy him well.

16: 18 IST: Four runs of the Kuldeep Yadav over. Windies 177/5 afterwards 36 overs.

16:16 IST: Kuldeep Yadav comes in to basin his eighth over.

16: 14 IST: At the end of 35 overs, Windies are 173/5.

16: 12 IST: SIX! Achievement smashes one good-length Khaleel Ahmed commitment over Shikhar Dhawan stationed at the boundary. Windies 172/5 in 34.5 overs.

16: 08 IST: FOUR! Shai Achievement plays it to the accomplished leg. Windies 164/5 afterwards 34 overs.

16: 07 IST: 50-up for Shai Hope, as Windies get to 158 for 5 in 33 overs.

16: 05 IST: FOUR! Jason Holder pulls a abbreviate one appear the leg side, as Windies ability 156/5 in 32.3 overs.

16: 03 IST: Khaleel Ahmed comes aback into the attack, bowls his seventh over.

16: 02 IST: Two runs off the over as Windies ability 150/5 in 32 overs.

15: 58 IST: Windies 148/5 afterwards 31 overs. With a run amount of 4.77.

15: 49 IST: Yuzvendra Chahal bowls his seventh over. Four runs from the over as Windies are now 142/5 afterwards 30 overs. Players abeyance for a drinks break.

15: 47 IST: At the end of 29 overs, Windies are 138 for 5.

15: 44 IST: FOUR! Bhuvneshwar Kumar allotment for his additional spell. And goes for a aals in the aboriginal delivery, acknowledgment to a Jason Holder beeline drive. Windies 138/5.

15: 43 IST: Address from Chahal for an LBW, but India accept no reviews left. Windies 134/5 in 28 overs.

15: 41 IST: Chahal bowls his sixth over, as India columnist for addition wicket. Windies 134/4 in the 28th over.

15: 35 IST: Windies 134/5 at the end of 27 overs.

15: 33 IST: Bumrah into the attack, as India attending advanced to addition advance to betrayal the Windies tail.

15: 31 IST: Seven runs off the over. Windies 131/5 in 26 overs.

15: 29 IST: FOUR! Shai Achievement drives a Kuldeep Yadav brawl through the off side. Windies 128 for 5.

15: 27 IST: Jason Holder and Shai Achievement attending to bandy some activity into the Windies innings. Windies 124/5 in 25 overs.

15: 20 IST: OUT! Kuldeep Yadav dismisses Rovman Powell as the Windies batsman edges one to Rohit Sharma, who takes addition ablaze catch! Windies 121/5 in 23.4 overs.

Cricket scores live scorecard / Royal cricket prediction only match toss - live cricket score card
Cricket scores live scorecard / Royal cricket prediction only match toss – live cricket score card | live cricket score card

15: 18 IST: End of the 23rd over, Windies 120 for 4.

15: 16 IST: Proving to be addition bound over by Khaleel Ahmed. Windies 120-4 in 22.4 overs.

15: 14 IST: 2 runs off the Kuldeep Yadav over. Windies 114/4 at 22 overs.

15: 10 IST: A bound over abounding of variations from Khaleel Ahmed. Windies 115/4 afterwards 21 overs.

15: 09 IST: Khaleel Ahmed brought aback into the attack. Will basin the 21st over.

15: 07 IST: Rovman Powell walks in to bat! Windies 111/4 at the end of 20 overs.

15: 05 IST: OUT! Kuldeep Yadav foxes Shimron Hetmyer as MS Dhoni furnishings a apple-pie stumping! Windies 111/4 in 19.3 overs.

15: 03 IST: A dank abounding bung from Kuldeep Yadav is burst for a six by Hetmyer!

15: 01 IST: Windies 105/3 at the end of 19 overs.

14:59 IST: SIX! 100 up for the Windies, as Hetmyer slogs Chahal for a six!

14: 56 IST: Windies 97/3 at the end of 18 overs.

14: 52 IST: SIX! A hardly lofted commitment by Yuzvendra Chahal, and Hetmyer smashes it over continued off. Windies 89-3 afterwards 17 overs.

14: 49 IST: Windies 76/3 at the end of 16 overs.

14: 46 IST: Kuldeep Yadav replaces Khaleel Ahmed in the 16th over.

14: 45 IST: SIX! Shai Achievement lofts Yuzvendra Chahal over the leg ancillary boundary. Windies 71/3 at the end of 15 overs.

14: 40 IST: Windies 62/3 at the end of 14 overs.

14: 37 IST: FOUR! Shai Achievement drives a acceptable breadth Khaleel Ahmed brawl through the off side.

14: 33 IST: Third advance for India. Khaleel strikes, Samuels walks back. Windies 55/3.

14: 31 IST: Seven runs of the 13th over. Windies 55/2.

14: 29 IST: FOUR! Samuels drives Chahal for a over on the off side. Windies 52-2.

14: 25 IST: Khaleel Ahmed bowls a bound 12th over, as Windies are 48/2.

14: 23 IST: End of the 11th over. Windies 47/2.

14: 22 IST: Addition bowling change for India, leg-spinner Yuzvendra Chahal comes in to basin the 11th over.

14: 21 IST: Six runs off the tenth over. Windies 46/2.

14: 16 IST: Jasprit Bumrah appeals for an LBW adjoin Marlon Samuels. TV adjudicator says not out. Windies 40/2 at the end of 9 overs.

14:13 IST: Marlon Samuels walks in to bat!

14: 11 IST: OUT! Bumrah drops it short, and Kieran Powell edges one to the Rohit Sharma in the slips. Windies 38/2 in 8.1 overs.

14:11: Jasprit Bumrah replaces Bhuvneshwar Kumar in the ninth over.

14: 08 IST: FOUR! Addition abbreviate commitment by Khaleel Ahmed, Powell pulls it abaft aboveboard for a boundary.

Live Cricket Score  - live cricket score card
Live Cricket Score – live cricket score card | live cricket score card

14: 07 IST: A hardly abbreviate of breadth commitment gets pulled appear the leg ancillary for a six. Windies 33/1 in 7.2 overs.

14: 06 IST: Left-arm pacer Khaleel Ahmed appear into the advance in the eighth over.

14: 05 IST: Seven overs gone. Windies 27/1.

13: 57 IST: OUT! Wicket for India as Hemraj edges a abbreviate brawl for MS Dhoni to booty a arresting catch! Windies 25/1 in 5.5 overs.

13: 55 IST: SIX! Hemraj lofts it for a six! Windies 25-0

13: 55 IST: FOUR! Hemraj smashes Bumrah for a four! Windies 19-0!

13: 52 IST: Bristles overs gone! Windies 15/0!

13:47 IST: Big address again! Adjudicator turns it bottomward but Kohli takes the review. Poor accommodation from Kohli and the Indian players. The brawl has pitched way alfresco the leg stump. India decay a review!

13:43 IST: LBW bark from Bumrah but that’s ambitious cerebration for the Indian pacer! Brawl is casting alfresco leg and is not alike hitting the stumps. 

13:40 IST: Four! Hemraj with an affected attempt picks up his aboriginal boundary.WI 10/0 afterwards 3 overs. 

13:38 IST: Maiden over! Good alpha from Bumrah. 

13:34 IST: Bhuvneshwar follows it up with three dot balls. End of the 1st over. WI 4/0 

13:32 IST: Four! Kieran Powell is off the mark with a boundary. A little short, on the pads from Bhuvi and Powell caresses it to the mid-wicket boundary.

13:31 IST: He begins with two dot balls.

13:30 IST: Bhuvneshwar Kumar to alpha the affairs for India!

13:19 IST: Here are the arena XIs for both teams:

13:13 IST:Just one change for the Windies with Fabian Allen authoritative his debut. Leg-spinner Devendra Bishoo misses out.

13:08 IST: Three changes for India from the antecedent match. Bumrah and Bhuvneshwar acknowledgment with Khaleel Ahmed additionally accepting a game. Jadeja, Umesh absence out and no Shami in the squad.

13:04 IST: India captain Virat Kohli wins toss, elects to basin adjoin the Windies.

13:02 IST: Bung time!!

12:55 IST: Minutes abroad from the toss!

12:45 IST: Virat Kohli is adorable to become aboriginal Indian to annual three back-to-back ODI centuries.

12:35 IST: TRIVIA! India accept won 2 out of their 3 ODIs in Pune.

12:30 IST: India currently advance the 5-match alternation 1-0 adjoin the Windies.

12:25 IST: The aftermost bout in Vizag had concluded in a tie giving the Windies ancillary a blink of hope. India on the added duke will achievement the acknowledgment of Bhuvi and Bumrah will advance their afterlife bowling.

12:00 IST: Hello and acceptable to the alive bout updates of the 3rd ODI amid India and Windies from Pune.

India additionally accept issues to appraise over alike as alone 16 amateur are larboard afore the World Cup in England aing year — the brittle middle-order and abridgement of bendability from the lower-middle adjustment batsmen — back they booty acreage on Saturday. For the visitors, their better asset is adolescent Shimron Hetmyer, who denticulate a animated 94 in the aftermost d afterwards an adorable 106 in the aperture encounter. The 21-year-old southpaw would be acquisitive to go at the Indian bowlers already again. Play fantasy candid and win lakhs here


India: Virat Kohli (Captain), Rohit Sharma (vice-captain), Shikhar Dhawan, Ambati Rayudu, Rishabh Pant, MS Dhoni (wicket-keeper), Ravindra Jadeja, Kuldeep Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Jasprit Bumrah, Khaleel Ahmed, Umesh Yadav, KL Rahul, Manish Pandey.    

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Featured: Top 10 Cricket Apps For Android | Android Headlines – live cricket score card | live cricket score card

West Indies: Jason Holder (Captain), Fabian Allen, Sunil Ambris, Devendra Bishoo, Chanderpaul Hemraj, Shimron Hetmyer, Shai Hope, Alzarri Joseph, Evin Lewis, Ashley Nurse, Keemo Paul, Rovman Powell, Kemar Roach, Marlon Samuels, Oshane Thomas.

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