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(CNN) — They presented as the ultimate Oregon hippie moms. But bark aback the homeschooling, amoebic aliment and music festivals, and Jennifer and Sarah Hart appeared to embrace a askance aesthetics on adolescent rearing, according to two tipsters’ accounts to authorities in 2013.

Oregon Food Handler Card - Portland, Oregon - BosonHub Digital ..
Oregon Food Handler Card – Portland, Oregon – BosonHub Digital .. | oregon food handlers card

That aesthetics was on affectation a year afterwards the women wed aback in 2010 — in what seems beeline out of the band classic, “Mommie Dearest” — the Harts beneath to advance a friend’s boyish babe because she “used wire hangers adjoin the Harts’ wishes,” according to a Minnesota Adolescent Abundance address cited in the Oregon report.

Before a accurately bagged Jennifer Hart drove her wife and at atomic four of their six adopted accouchement off a bluff in Mendocino County, California, aftermost month, the ancestors had fatigued the absorption of adolescent abundance authorities in both states afterwards assorted letters that the kids were alone and malnourished.

Sheriff considers blast a crime

In the Oregon report, which was appear this anniversary to Oregon and Washington media outlets that filed annal requests with the Oregon Administration of Human Services, two women appear the accouchement were denied aliment and subjected to acrid punishments, such as actuality affected to lie on the attic for hours, one tipster claimed. Sometimes, corruption was meted out for behavior accepted to actuality a child, such as bedlam at the banquet table.

One adviser declared anonymously, while the other, who claimed to be a above acquaintance of the Harts, asked that her character not be revealed.

Because the bearding adviser mentioned that the cars alfresco the Harts’ West Linn, Oregon, home had Minnesota plates, Oregon admiral declared Minnesota and accustomed a address advertence Jennifer Hart had atrociously spanked 9-year-old Abigail and Sarah had taken the rap for it.

Young Abigail’s transgression, according to the Minnesota report? She told her parents that she had begin a penny, but her mothers didn’t accept her. Jennifer Hart spanked the girl, abrogation bruises all over her lower torso, the babe told authorities, abacus that Jennifer Hart had additionally put her easily on her close and ashore her arch beneath algid water. Sarah Hart copped to the advance and was bedevilled on two charges.

Read the Oregon address for yourself

Eleven canicule earlier, Abigail alleged, Jennifer had banged her arch adjoin the bank afterwards academy admiral appear Abigail had been digging through the debris and demography added children’s food.

Oregon authorities were appropriately acquainted of the family’s history in Minnesota aback investigating the tipsters’ allegations in 2013. The accompaniment Administration of Human Casework board begin there were “some break of adolescent corruption or neglect,” but they were “unable to determine” whether the accusations were legitimate, admitting acrimonious up on disturbing, if not prosecutable, signs,the address said.

The administration said in a Monday account it was absolution the annal because it was “in the best absorption of allowance acquaint measures to be taken to anticipate a agnate adventure from blow afresh in Oregon or any added state.” It additionally categorical several changes to its archetypal for investigating cases like this one.

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Read the department’s abounding response

Today, Abigail and three of her ancestors are dead, forth with their mothers. Two accouchement abide missing, admitting authorities doubtable the brace were in the bedevilled SUV and were done abroad by the surf.

Here is what we apperceive about anniversary child, and the allegation of Minnesota and Oregon authorities, as laid out in the Oregon report:

The 16-year-old is one of two accouchement who abide missing afterwards the crash.

Seemingly the best abrupt of the youngsters aback it came to advertisement declared abuse, Hannah had been cogent adults about her mothers’ behavior aback at atomic 2010.

In December of that year, a Minnesota amusing artisan noticed a dime-sized abrasion on her hand, which Hannah said was the aftereffect of Jennifer Hart arresting her for lying. She added claimed her “mom, Jen, hits her all the time,” but authorities were clumsy to validate the claims.

In January 2011, Minnesota Adolescent Abundance appear her classmates had been giving her food, and aback she told a academy assistant she had not eaten one day, Jennifer Hart grew affronted and declared her disrespectful.

“Hannah said Jen shoved a assistant in her aperture as able-bodied as some nuts,” the Minnesota address said. Aback Sarah Hart was asked about apropos with Hannah’s diet, she replied, “She’s arena the aliment card; aloof accord her water.”

The Minnesota amusing artisan said that “after a while, the academy chock-full calling the parents about the child(ren) demography aliment because they didn’t appetite the accouchement actuality acclimatized or punished,” the address said.

When she was interviewed in Oregon in 2013, Hannah, afresh 11, was missing her advanced teeth, and her mothers said she’d agape them out active on balk floors the antecedent year. The women said a dentist had told them Hannah would accept to delay until she was at atomic 17 “for a accommodation with teeth.”

The bearding adviser said Hannah and her biological brother, Markis, bore the burden of Jennifer Hart’s discipline, but the babe fabricated no acknowledgment of antecedent corruption to the Oregon amusing worker.

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In the 2010 penny adventure categorical in the Minnesota report, Jennifer and Sarah Hart had apparent a penny in Abigail’s pocket. Aback they asked the babe about the penny, she said she’d begin it and got a active because her mothers anticipation she’d baseborn it.

Despite Abigail blaming Jennifer, Sarah Hart claimed albatross for the able-bodied from Abigail’s sternum to her waist, and from her mid-back to aerial ocks, adage “it aloof got out of control,” according to the report. In 2011, Sarah Hart was bedevilled of abomination calm abandon advance in the fourth-degree, and she pleaded accusable to attack to administer actual harm.

Three years later, like Hannah, Abigail fabricated no acknowledgment of the corruption aback the Oregon amusing artisan asked about conduct in the home.

The babe was 6 at the time, but the Minnesota amusing artisan remarked that she looked added like a 2-year-old. Aback apprenticed about her size, the Hart women accurate a accustomed refrain: Their adopted accouchement were “high risk” and had “food issues.” A doctor told amusing workers “she is aloof small,” the address said.

“The Minnesota Adolescent Abundance artisan said the botheration is, ‘these women (Jen and Sarah Hart) attending normal’ and they accord professionals the advice about all the accouchement actuality adopted because they are aerial needs, and accept brainy bloom issues accompanying to food, afresh bodies tend to accredit the problems to the children,” the address said.

After the Oregon interview, during which Abigail was 9, the amusing artisan remarked she was “very reserved, assuming little affect or animation.”

When she was adopted at age 2, Abigail had been “labeled ambiguous mentally retarded,” but her mothers said they acquainted the analysis was inaccurate and she’d bigger academically. The mothers generally disagreed with their children’s antecedent diagnoses, according to the Oregon report.

Abigail additionally suffered from asthma, allergies and visions problems, the Oregon address said.

The 14-year-old was one of the three accouchement begin asleep at the blow arena aftermost month.

Devonte, 15, charcoal missing afterwards the crash. Both tipsters said he was “the advantaged child.”

He was the best approachable of the kids and acquired abrupt acclaim after giving a Portland, Oregon, badge administrator a hug during a demonstration decrying the badge killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

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His hugs were a hit at music festivals, Jennifer told the amusing worker. While Sarah Hart worked, Jennifer Hart was generally on the alley demography the accouchement to festivals.

According to the anonymous above friend, “Jen does this affair for her Facebook page, area the kids affectation and are fabricated to attending like one big blessed family, but afterwards the photo event, they go aback to attractive lifeless.”

Devonte, who was 10 at the time of his Oregon interview, was social, apple-pie and well-dressed. He wore a fedora, the address said.

When he was adopted at age 6, the Hart mothers said, the alone words he knew were anathema words. He suffered corruption by his biological parents and was apparent to abandon and drugs, and already had a gun put to his head, according to the report.

“At that time, the brace address he did not alike apperceive area his fingers and toes were. Additionally, he was appear to be actual agitated and would bang and bite,” the address said.

He was diagnosed with affection ataxia and absorption arrears hyperactivity ataxia and assigned consciousness-expanding medications, assessments with which his mothers did not agree. They had taken him off the meds, they said.

“He is appear by his parents to be advancing in home academy and actual absorbed in amusing justice/issues and love. He is appear and empiric to be actual affectionate,” the report stated.

The biological brother to Abigail and Hannah, Markis, 19, was begin asleep at the blast scene.

The oldest of the six children, the “somewhat affable and reserved” Markis was 15 and in ninth brand aback the Oregon amusing artisan alone by. He seemed thin, admitting a doctor said there was annihilation aberrant in his concrete exam.

Markis said that he’d been abused in advance affliction and “reported actuality beholden to Ms. J. Hart and Ms. S. Hart for alteration his life,” according to the report. He said the ancestors abounding music festivals for fun and adumbrated he was blessed to be in Oregon area there was added befalling and the ancestors was “contributing to the world.”

The above friend, who declared that Jennifer Hart accomplished her kid on how to act and what to say, said Markis accustomed added conduct than the added children. Jennifer Hart had told the woman that Markis already approved to annihilate her, but Devonte had adored her.

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How To Get A Copy Of My Oregon Food Handlers Card | Ziesite | oregon food handlers card

“She adumbrated that on addition occasion, while the ancestors was visiting in her home, Ms. J. Hart declared Markis approved to bite her and biologic him in the home. Admitting Ms. J. Hart’s report, Ms. (name redacted) does not accept this and appear she additionally did not apprehend Markis babble as appear by Ms. J. Hart.”

On addition occasion, the ex-friend said that Markis had gotten into agitation on his birthday, and as punishment, the mothers forbade anyone from adulatory him, “Happy birthday.”

Markis had been on consciousness-expanding medication aback he was adopted, but he had aback been taken off the dieting and his mothers appear no behavioral or brainy issues, according to the report.

He had affronted 14 about a ages afore he died. He was 9 aback interviewed, and the Oregon address says he is the alone one of the accouchement who was the actual admeasurement and acme for his age.

He was “very reserved” during his account and, according to his mothers, bare eyeglasses.

Before adoption, Jeremiah had been diagnosed as autistic and the Hart women claimed he was “globally delayed” — like their added accouchement — aback they acquired aegis of him.

“The brace said Jeremiah could not alike use a angle aback he came to them, but was activity commonly now,” the address said.

He was additionally demography assigned medications “for a array of issues” aback they adopted him, but no best bare those, his adopted parents said.

She would’ve acclaimed her 13th altogether aftermost week. The biological sister of Jeremiah and Devonte, Ciera was begin about two weeks afterwards the accident, and badge afterwards articular her as one of the six Hart children.

Ciera was 8 aback the Oregon amusing artisan interviewed her.

“Like her siblings, she appeared baby for her age and was acclaimed to be actual aloof aback interviewed,” the address said, abacus that a doctor had detected annihilation aberrant admitting her weight and stature.

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Food Handlers Card Oregon Orla | Ziesite | oregon food handlers card

She told the amusing artisan she was in additional brand and enjoyed actuality home-schooled. No behavioral or brainy issues were reported.

In addition incident, the above acquaintance said she had arrive Jennifer Hart and the accouchement over to her home and they ordered pizza. Jennifer Hart would acquiesce the kids alone one baby piece, and aback anybody woke up in the morning, the actual pizza was gone.

“Ms. J. Hart became affronted and said she knew who ate it. Ms. J. Hart afresh took her accouchement to the bath and afterwards advancing out, told she and her bedmate none of her accouchement would be bistro breakfast as no one fessed up to bistro the pizza,” the adviser said.

Jennifer Hart afresh affected all six kids to lie on an air mattress “with sleeping masks on their face and their accoutrements by their ancillary for bristles hours,” she said.

The Oregon amusing artisan afraid that because the accouchement were home schooled, they did not accept “regular acquaintance with any binding reporters.” Perhaps that was by design, as Minnesota Adolescent Abundance said the ancestors pulled their kids out of academy and afterwards vanished afterward that department’s investigation.

“When the appraisal was completed, the casework were concluded, the Harts pulled the accouchement out of school, and home accomplished their children, and eventually awash their home, and moved,” according to the report.

The Harts declared Woodland, Washington, home at the time of their deaths. Canicule afore they died, a acquaintance contacted authorities to say the women had been mistreating their accouchement and denial meals. Devonte had been advancing by as generally as three times a day, allurement for food, neighbor Bruce Dekalb said.

He declared Adolescent Protective Casework on March 23, and admiral accustomed aloof afterwards Jennifer Hart came home from work, but she didn’t acknowledgment the door. The aing morning, the ancestors was gone. Adolescent Protective Casework approved to appointment afresh March 26 and 27, but didn’t accomplish contact, the Washington Accompaniment Administration of Amusing and Bloom Casework said.

One band in the Oregon address warns that article bad ability action the children, accustomed their abridgement of acquaintance with the alfresco world.

“Without any approved or constant bookish or medical oversight, and alien adolescent abundance reviews through Accompaniment of Texas for either foster/adopt subsidies, these accouchement accident falling through the cracks,” it said.

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