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Using runes with astrometry to allegedly glimpse your accessible aisle is fun and adventurous.

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The empiric avant-garde convenance of accumulation runes and astrometry takes account your zodiac sign’s love life to a new level. 

The added you understand how casting runes work you’ll see they can calmly be acclimated in a agnate actualization to tarot. There are basal concepts you charge for any blazon of bewitched astrometry account apropos adulation or any added theme.

VIDEO: The basics of Rune stones and how to use them.

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Here I’ll actualization you the runes and angelic bodies that affix to anniversary abstruse assurance and the types of admission the activity to anniversary sign, in that you will be accessible to activate application runes to assay the accommodation you admiration insights for. 

Runes awning some actual basal animal drives and functions and places them in an age-old accent of alphabetic syms carved assimilate wood, bean or metal.

The runes are afresh acclimated in either castings or layouts aloof like tarot cards. Using intuition is still the primary activity of a rune reading, this accumulated with an compassionate of all 12 signs of the abstruse zodiac.

Runes accept a Cosmic caster of their own aloof like astrometry does, This caster represents the 24 runes accumulated with the 12 zodiac signs, 9 planets as Pluto counts in this ambience aloof like it does in astrometry and the Comet Chiron and a Greek Goddess called Proserpina. 

Below is a adumbrative blueprint of the Bewitched Astro wheel. Application this to bigger accept the affiliation amid Runes and Astrometry will be accessible to Your Rune account for abstruse signs. 


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A accomplished rune clairvoyant can aloof as calmly accommodate adviser credibility of acumen for anniversary zodiac assurance based on placements of the planets in affiliation to the Viking views of the creation and how they crafted these allegorical marks to accord with the all of the mystical Universe. 

Your ambition is a able agency in Divination readings and runes are absolutely no exception. The abstruse arts are actual abounding a marrying of the spirit and apperception attempting to accumulate the surrounding energies that all bodies accept the accommodation to tap into. 

The runes affiliated to the assurance of Aries are Fehu and Uruz. These runes affix to Mars and Pluto. Fehu has the affection of abounding activity which is great for Aries.  Some of the added qualities benign to Aries are Fehu’s focus on the present, and future.

Aries is actual abounding an architect sign, active in the present moment or because the approaching but not ever afraid up on the past. ​Fehu is a rune of luck, and affluence Aries can use this activity for the signs advancing qualities giving them an added boost.

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Mars represents the activity and antagonism of the Aries sign. Aries is an advancing assurance aback they accept their mindset and they rarely aback bottomward unless they appear about to an abstraction on their own. These are Mars blazon qualities.  

Uruz shows beastly potential, this is a consummate backbone for the assurance of Aries. Uruz and Aries are accompanying for the agrarian backbone they represent.  Exuding a affectionate of adult potency.

Pluto shows Aries commanding manner. Pluto gives Aries the adeptness to get things started, they can generally use their force of personality to absolute others in any assignment they accept in mind. Aries is abundant at planning and accepting projects started. 

For the assurance Taurus, Thurisaz and Ansuz are the rune representations. The affiliated planet is Venus for the rune Ansuz and Proserpina, the Greek Goddess and wife of Pluto. 

Thurisaz is a forceful, directed activity agnate to the assurance Taurus, with a very “Bull” blazon energy. Thurisaz like Taurus symizes aptitude and ism, apple activity is angled in this pairing. 

Connected to the Greek Goddess Proserpina she gives Taurus an Esthetic actualization of the world. Taurus loves adorableness and agriculture the compensation in their lives. The Goddess Proserpina is affiliated to abundance and autumn for the age-old Greeks.

Ansuz good health, inspiration, blessings with Venus lends to Taurus a array of animal abundance and a focus on self, Venus is a planet with an age-old affiliation to adorableness and love, Taurus has an activity of self—adornment, and self—appreciation which is actual Venusian. 

Gemini’s affiliated runes are Raidu and Kauna. These affix to Mercury and Chiron, the blood-soaked warrior that you may be accustomed with from astrometry and Greek mythology. 

Raidu represents movement, evolution, and the rhythms of the world. These qualities are ill-fitted for Gemini as the assurance adequate movement, abhorrence of binding is accustomed and allegorical for Gemini. 

The planet Mercury has been associated with Gemini as accustomed adjustment as both adeptness and advice are able affiliation credibility shared. 

Gemini’s addiction to dabble in abounding areas of accomplishment and that dabbling affection applies to their relationships as well. They like assortment and change consistently attractive for added bookish stimulation. 

Kenaz is a rune of knowledge, and artistic pursuits abetment the aforementioned accommodation axiomatic in the sign Gemini. Kenaz additionally encourages Gemini’s affiliated advance in these areas.

It is a adventure and allotment of that aisle for Gemini is to apprentice to aerate these qualities for growth. 

Chiron, the Greek god referred to as the blood-soaked warrior, who was additionally admired for his bookish adeptness affiliated to Gemini’s perceptual assay traits, Chiron is a acknowledging force. Gemini has an activity of acquisition advice for advice sake.

Chiron is attributed with actuality the allegorical ancestor of Botany and Pharmacology which brings afresh to apperception Gemini’s ancestry of acquisition information.  Chiron placed with Gemini furthers the signs adeptness to assay bookish studies of all sorts. 

The assurance of Blight is apparent with Gebo and Wunjo. The Moon and Sun are the adumbrative angelic bodies for Cancer. Gebo is a rune of generosity alike sacrifice, allegorical of claimed relationships, exchanges of assorted types including gifts.

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Gebo shows affliction is actuality taken and what bigger assurance to affix with Gebo than Cancer. Blight and Gebo’s activity are accordant as Blight is the assurance allegorical of affections centered about disposed ancestors and friendships with anxious affliction and appreciation. 

with the Moon shows Cancer’s home focus and affecting gifts. Blight has a abysmal affecting capacity, area the home and ancestors are admired relationships. The adorning aspects of the moon administer to blight energies perfectly. How you breeding and how you charge to be nurtured.

Wunjo holds the activity of joy, comfort, and prosperity. These are ancestry the assurance of Blight able-bodied deserves abutment in. Cancer, in accession to aid in award and giving comfort, receives a compensation of active abutment from Wunjo, for this rune is allegorical of accomplishment a airy accolade through acutely caring emotions. 

The Sun represents affecting wellbeing aspects benign for the assurance of Cancer. The Sun is allegorical of animation and strength. This activity is bare by Blight to as it allows them to accumulate the backbone to abide while absorbed in the breeze of emotion.

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Leo is apparent to accept a affiliation with Hagalaz and Nauthiz, these are runes additionally affiliated to The Sun and Moon. 

Hagalaz shows its adeptness in the annihilative armament the wrath we can generally see in nature. It is a rune of about-face through testing, and trial, with achievement actuality accomplished afterwards a struggle.

Similar to Hagalaz and the runes affiliation to nature’s uncontrollable armament Leo is a assurance of appetite adjoin obstacles. Leo carries similar activity to the agrarian force of nature, A assertive beastly and not holey predictable energy is aggregate amid these two.  

The Sun assuming Leo’s arresting position of amusing status. The sun is there for us all day, giving it’s ablaze and amore so we can move about advisedly for our canicule work.

Leo and the Sun accept an affectionate accord as Leo is arresting and noticed alike if they are the blazon to try and hide, activity is adumbrated by Leo and the Sun.  There is a persistence, a assertive application in both. 

Nauthiz is a rune of resistance, the development of backbone through tension. This Bewitched affiliation for Leo is constant with the challenges the assurance of Leo faces in life.

Nauthiz offers Leo its activity for innovation, blaze is the basal activity for Nauthiz, this is a rune of endurance, and survival. Leo holds these qualities for astrology, the activity of Nauthiz gives backbone in times of testing for Leo. 

The Moon reflects Leo’s Affecting adeptness to be charming, as far as Leo and the Moon connection, Blight and Leo are a alteration point in astrology. The final assurance of the aboriginal set and the aboriginal assurance of the additional set.

Runic astrometry has these two signs administration these angelic bodies but for hardly altered reasons. The Moon for Leo lending an affecting attributes to the charm. Giving Leo a way of adopting a affiliation with affecting amore and absorption in addition person. 

For Virgo are the runes, Isa and Jera, these runes affix to Chiron and Mercury. 

The rune Isa brings the activity of pausing and endlessly to access. Standstills to instead turn inward, gluttonous accuracy is the activity allowance of Isa. Virgo can be apparent as a assurance of analytical perceptions, awful abundant thinking, and analytical growth. Isa is a rune that brings the abeyance to attending aural and after to appropriately gauge where adjustment lies. 

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Chiron represents Virgo’s adeptness to analyze with analytical detail. Chiron and his abundant adeptness wouldn’t be as acknowledged if he didn’t accept the adeptness to apprehension the aboriginal of details. To assay those capacity for advice and connection. Virgo has Chiron as a adviser point for the qualities of detail and analysis. 

Jera is the rune of the autumn and quiet perseverance. Patience is acquired for Virgo with Jera’s admiring energy. Virgo takes their time, they accomplish advance through absorption to the details similar to disposed your garden anxiously to its ample fruiting season.  

Jera assists Virgo in absolution the stagnation that this assurance can abatement too, Jera teaches success is becoming in life, it isn’t accustomed for free, adamantine assignment and conduct are acquaint for Virgo, Jera is a admiring teacher.   

Mercury represents Virgo’s bookish adeptness to high—level detail planning. Virgo connects to Mercury in bewitched astrometry for Virgo’s affection of allocation information. While Gemini has mercury for the adeptness to aggregate information, the assurance of Virgo is area the advice is placed into organized systems. 

Eihwaz and Perth are affiliated to Venus and Proserpine to reflect the qualities of Libra. The rune Eihwaz symizes honesty, Libra allowances from the backbone of those characteristics in Libra’s able-bodied accepted administrative actualization traits.

Eihwaz is a affective rune, auspicious affiliated activity and a try afresh attitude. Libra has the ancestry of persistence toward accuracy and balance, consistently readjusting to advance harmony. Venus shows Libra’s adulation for aesthetics and balance.

Venus is a accustomed abstruse adjustment for Libra and in bewitched astrology, the allegorical acceptation is the same, Venus the planet of adulation and beauty, lending Libra abutment for advance and accord in relationships and their environment. 

Perth offers a changeable energy. Perth is allegorical of all things female. Perth has a affiliation to the Akashic annal and represents area the history of all is stored. For Libra as a feminine assurance and the woman a attribute apery the encapsulation of all of man’s history, address anniversary man and woman alternating from the history of all. 

Proserpine is Libra’s agreeableness and manners. Proserpine, as a Goddess of fertility, gives Libra a feminine quality, one with a abundant adeptness to actualize a admirable atmosphere of adulation and address at their best. 

For the assurance of Scorpio are the runes Algiz and Sowulo. The affiliated angelic bodies are Pluto and Mars. Algiz a shield, defense, a careful warding energy, and a approach for all-powerful connection.

The abstruse assurance of Scorpio is apocalyptic of these qualities in astrology. Scorpio actuality a axis point amid bearing and death, and the abundant mysteries surrounding those themes.

Scorpio is advised a assurance able in all-powerful active channeling, with an automatic compassionate for the added and sometimes darker places bodies abhorrence to tread. Not to be confused as a abrogating association but for the abyss of it all and the afflictive answers. 

The accord amid Pluto and Scorpio is one of adeptness and dominance. Scorpio can accept an activity of quiet ascendancy agnate to Plutonian energy, anticipate about how far abroad Pluto is yet It’s in the account absolutely a bit with all the It was a Planet bygone but it’s not today.

It has a quiet adeptness over us, a abstruse angelic body, aloof on the band amid is and isn’t. Scorpio is consistently there alive away, allocation out how things work, how we work. Masters of close mechanics, testing systems actuality and there.

Sowulo rune of abundant victory. Available admiring admiral and success are adumbrated by Sowulo, Scorpio allowances in this bond as the sign’s activity focus is one of accomplishing victory. The activity of Sowulo lends added abutment to Scorpio for these amazing undertakings. 

Scorpio and Mars are in a accommodating accord with Mars lending Scorpio a forcefulness. Scorpio is a assurance of discipline and claimed power. The ascendancy Mars represents is altogether ill-fitted to Scorpio, who has the arch affiliation to discipline of all the signs.

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True too, Scorpio can accept a boiling, baking blazon of atmosphere aback pushed to anger, which can absolutely booty some time to develop.  Mars activity is the activity of aggression, for Scorpio alike aback not angered has an acuteness and aggressiveness as a abiding state.

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Runes for Sagittarius are Tiwaz and Berkana. The planets adumbrative of Sagittarius is Jupiter and Neptune. Tiwaz gives to Sagittarius the assignment of accurate backbone and the rational self, in these energies, Sagittarius is able to assay the apple with fortitude and thought. 

Jupiter symizes Sagittarius affection with attaining a high amusing status, and actuality able-bodied traveled, generally adopted biking is added generally adumbrated with Jupiter and education.

With the planet Jupiter, Sagittarius works for expansion, this assurance will adeptness apparent for acquaintance in every abode they can acquisition it. Really as far abroad from area they started the bigger for this sign.

Sagittarius wants to biking and accommodated new people, anticipate about new things, and apprentice new information. Berkana is a able rune of birth, and renewal, placed in a bond with Sagittarius at aboriginal glance may assume out of place, you adeptness admiration why its activity isn’t bigger served with say Scorpio.

If you are a in the branch of astrometry you will accept that anniversary assurance builds from the antecedent sign/signs. Sagittarius transforms the Scorpio affair of bearing and activation into a appetite for new experiences. The blazon of advance that births from the gluttonous of out of new account and new friendships. 

Neptune is placed with Sagittarius to actualization the adeptness of speculation. Sagittarius announcement this Neptunian quality can be acrid and brash, in the face of what they may accede an bookish abridgement from another.

Sometimes this can actualize a assertive arrogant feeling, Its there for absolute accretion too as belief can be actual admired to compassionate the broader abstract studies Sagittarius can acquisition themselves in. 

Ehwaz is a abundant abutment rune for Capricorn as it carries the almighty activity of slow, advised growth. Capricorn has an constant backbone for the abstruse zodiac.

Ehwaz symizes the horse and barrow for the Vikings, Capricorn is a abstruse and apathetic affective sign, advised in action, agreement their energies were solid advance will flourish. 

Saturn holds runic connections for Capricorn. Actuality Saturn is at home. Saturn for Capricorn is the allowance of time, and acumen acquired in demography an continued time, ensuring the Capricorn’s advance is abiding and enduring.

Social Adjustment is a affair for the rune Mannaz and Capricorn likewise. Following the authentic rules and basic boundaries is a affair for the abstruse assurance of Capricorn. Mannaz is allegorical for that aforementioned assumption added so than any added rune.

Capricorn is absorbed added against establishing adjustment from the created systems of Virgo, Mannaz is awful admiring for this blazon of development. Uranus is from an abstruse standpoint a planet of originality, and that is absolutely a abundant allegation for Capricorn.

The assurance Capricorn is generally advised to be awful accomplished in actual aboriginal problem—solving. This is a abundant affection of Capricorn acceptance for surmounting issues in a artistic and actual accomplishing ways

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Laguz and Ingwaz with the planets Uranus and Saturn are the access for the assurance Capricorn. Laguz positioned for Aquarius urges us to accumulate an accessible apperception in the progression of the abstruse advance the signs adviser us toward, anniversary assurance architecture from the previous.

Laguz is a rune of abysmal mysteries, secrets, the underworld, and abundant acquisitions, but no agreement for alienated loss. Laguz commutual with Aquarius brings a focus on the accepted characteristics of the assurance for the adeptness Aquarius has to be a adroit sign.

Dreams and physic eyes is a affair beneath Laguz and this is not confused for Aquarius. Aquarius has dness commutual with abundant vision, the energies Laguz are of abundant aid to Aquarius in the 11th abstruse abode in advancing Aquarius to amalgamate the acquaint of the antecedent 10 signs for the alteration to Pisces. 

Aquarius is at home with Uranus, Uranus is allegorical of advance through change, a awful individualistic placement. It’s been said, “the one affair all Aquarians accept in accepted is that they are all different”.

Again for this sign a accurate point to echo is Aquarius has a all-inclusive abundance of above-mentioned accommodation to advertence to for the date of advance the assurance represents astrologically. The rune Ingwaz symizes the activity of a time of respite, when all is assuredly resolving. 

Therefore, acceptance the Aquarian activity the allowance the assurance needs to move with beneath restriction. Its a activity claiming for the assurance of Aquarian to attack to accomplish this accompaniment and agreement the rune Ingwaz with Aquarius fosters those energies to abutment the assurance in this adventure for exploration. 

Saturn is accepted for the adherence and apathetic advance it provides. For Aquarius to allotment this planet in bewitched astrometry with Capricorn shows the abundance of the claiming airish in creating the solid advance of Saturn, and the time it takes.

Othala and Dagaz reflect Pisces with Neptune and Jupiter. 

Othala represents inheritances of all types, Pisces carries an overarching affair of airy inheritance. Its represented in the development and advance of Pisces and is accurate awfully by the rune Othala. This rune gives careful activity to Pisces, auspicious airy journeys’.

Neptune is the accustomed all-embracing adjudicator for Pisces. Neptune has a abstracted nature, illusions and the abatement of such are themes for this planet astrologically speaking.

Pisces are generally considered, as the final assurance of the zodiac, to accept a assertive naivete and artless quality, conceivably agnate to that of a actuality who has accomplished the end of a continued activity adventure and retreat in their minds to abroad times.

A final resolution is approved in this placement, acknowledging the achievement that all will be able-bodied and comfort has been earned. Dagaz is allegorical of transformation brought about by will not alfresco forces. It’s clarity and alive consciousness, the yin and yang rune.

Dagaz offers a altogether accordant activity for the assurance of Pisces. Pisces is the final placement in the Zodiac and with Dagaz is accurate in the abstruse adventure for the ideal. 

Jupiter makes a additional actualization in bewitched astrometry this time for Pisces, placed actuality Jupiter is accustomed to use the activity of amplification and insights to be assistive to Pisces in the action alteration as Pisces to advance to a absolutely new akin of consciousness.  

Amanda Ilene Sawyer is a biographer and Mississippi built-in who is absorbed in science, anthropology, and spiritualism. Aback she’s not autograph about astrology, numerology, and tarot, she enjoys active her business and designing macrame pieces for her Etsy shop.

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