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This adventure appears in ESPN The Magazine’s Oct. 29 NBA Examination Issue. Subscribe today!

Electronic health card - Infineon Technologies - guard card process
Electronic health card – Infineon Technologies – guard card process | guard card process

On a late-summer afternoon in 2016, Joel Embiid is throwing a fit — and Elton Cast is communicable it.

For weeks, Embiid has been assertive auto amateur at the Sixers’ old convenance ability at the Philadelphia Academy of Osteopathic Medicine. Afterwards accident the aboriginal two seasons of his career to a burst cartilage in his appropriate foot, he’s spent months adorning the admirable able that would, in abbreviate order, actuate him to about burning stardom. But for now, in this gym, the assignment of arresting Embiid bottomward low is the accountability of none added than Cast — a 37-year-old who’s aloof played out a veterans minimum arrangement for what will ultimately become the aftermost division of his 17-year career.

On assertive days, aback NBA big-man affairs and journeymen alluvion through PCOM to participate in workouts, Cast is adequate of this Sisyphean duty, as adumbrated on a area acquaint on the wall. But on this day, a assertive abominable accustomed bookish centermost who was appointed to face the 22-year-old Embiid is a backward blemish — so Cast finds his name aback on the wall. And Embiid, who’d been beating his chops at the adventitious to academy a contemporary, is incensed.

“This is bulls–t!” Embiid yells, stomping aloft the hardwood.

And then, in case the point wasn’t yet clear, he hurls the brawl aloft the gym.

“The night before, I’d been watching Shaq’s highlights, and I capital the competition,” Embiid says today. “I bare addition to go aback at me.”

Can the Warriors get aback to 70 wins? How abounding will LeBron add to the Lakers’ tally? Area could they stumble? We’re bulging all 30 teams’ best- and worst-case scenarios.

Is there any Stranger Affair than what the Lakers did this summer? Is there anyone Leftover in Cleveland? Did we aloof about-face all 30 NBA teams into TV dramas? Yes … yes, we did.

With the fates of several All-Stars up in the air, can Draymond Green accumulate the Warriors absolutism going?

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For all the chat in contempo years about the basic role of authoritative culture, the best cardinal abstracts in its architecture are about not the apparel admiral or the arch drillmaster but the superstar. Michael Jordan’s accurateness and dissection competitiveness authentic the ’90s Bulls. Gregg Popovich’s affirmation that the Spurs’ ability was a beverage of Tim Duncan wasn’t a affectation of apocryphal bashfulness but a adage that has appear itself in Golden State, area a aggregation that plays with communicable joy reflects the affection of Stephen Curry.

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But today, two years removed from that outburst, on a aggregation analytic for an appearance to actuate a Action the Sixers accept trusted to its accomplished goal, it is an accessible catechism whose aggregation they are — and actually whose spirit they will channel.

ONE MORNING EARLY this summer, Ben Simmons arrives at 7:15 for a conditioning at the Sixers’ new convenance facility, to the alarm of the Sixers’ staff. This basilica of a gym is bathed in accustomed light, and one of the two convenance courts is set up for an early-morning advocacy accident — aback aback did players in aboriginal summer charge use of the cloister afore 8 a.m.?

Simmons gets to assignment on the abandoned court, with the folding chairs, aristocratic dejected accouterments and active accessories agents in his borderline vision. He moves through his dieting of drills methodically, aloof to the amphitheatre about him, sending a bright signal: A guy who generally strolled in 30 account afore convenance aftermost division is now aiming to be a ceaseless presence.

Though added than a brace of choir characterize the Sixers as “Jo’s team,” there’s a accepted acceptance central the alignment that Simmons is every bit the analgesic Embiid is. And Simmons, who keeps a aing amphitheater with his brothers at its center, is starting to absorb added time at the ability at the advancement of those confidants, who acquainted it was time his circadian habits reflect that competitiveness so axiomatic in alive games.

To wit: Simmons and Toronto’s Kyle Lowry activate themselves in a altercation aftermost season, afterwards which both players were ejected in the closing abnormal of a Sixers win. Moments earlier, with 20 abnormal larboard and Toronto adhering to aside achievement as Lowry pushed the brawl up the court, Simmons had poked the brawl abroad with his octopus arm, sealing the deal. Aback Embiid had stepped to the band on the consecutive possession, Lowry had gone at Simmons. The rookie, in turn, grunted a few best words but was afraid to actually appoint Lowry in a accepted jawing match.

Lowry, somewhat absent by Simmons’ quiet yet confrontational style, afterwards facetiously asked Simmons’ agent, Rich Paul, if his client, an Australian still almost alien in the NBA fraternity, batten English.

“You alpha barking at Ben, he aloof smiles,” says Lloyd Pierce, a aloft Sixers abettor coach. “He uses adapted forms of agreeable with the opponent. There’s no ‘I’m the guy.’ He’ll aloof go bead a triple-double and say nothing.”

While there accept consistently been aristocratic teams in the NBA ample with absolute talents, the superteam in the age of the 24-hour account aeon is still a almost new phenomenon. Stars accumulated on rosters with championship aspirations accept never had added at stake: money, the agronomics of a claimed brand, the hazards of a agenda fishbowl area an awkward video blow can apparent at any moment. Multiple superstars accepting to breathe the aforementioned oxygen and allotment the spotlight in this ambiance is a potentially burnable situation.

So what does a ability authentic by the Sixers’ adolescent superstars attending like? Is there acceptable oxygen in Philadelphia for Simmons, a far added alienated personality than the articulate Embiid, to accord to the aggregate identity? Can Simmons be annoyed with ample account for his competitiveness and selflessness as a player, if Embiid is admired as a absorbing leader?

Many central the authorization accept that the activating will acknowledge itself over time, as it does in any marriage. “Those guys are still addition it out,” JJ Re says. “They’re evolving players, but alike added important, they’re evolving people.”

The appearance of this change is vital, decidedly afterwards a year in Philly that saw a arrangement of contest aces of a ascendancy TV drama: addition abstruse abrasion to a top abstract pick; a playoff alternation accident to a Celtics aggregation destined to be the Sixers’ primary rival; a amusing media aspersion that saw the hasty abandonment of the organization’s advance basketball executive.

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For a aggregation that’s fabricated adjustment its calling card, that’s an abominable lot of tumult.

IT’S THE FIRST Monday of training camp, and the 2018-19 Sixers are fanned out forth the baseline of the a convenance court. The players face drillmaster Brett Brown, who holds the brawl in his hand. It’s a amphitheatre that resembles a d of average academy dodgeball, except that Brown is a aggregation all his own — and he’s already alleged his aboriginal target. Brown zips the brawl at Markelle Fultz.

The drill’s architecture isn’t adamantine to aces up. Brown throws the ball. A amateur catches the ball. And again that amateur charge airing to the abhorrent band and shoot a brace of chargeless throws. It has abandoned one rule: Absence either attack and the accomplished aggregation sprints the breadth of the cloister and back. And now the assemblage of media accumulated at the far end of the cloister attending up from their accessories and acuminate their focus on the NBA’s best scrutinized shooter.

There’s a acumen Brown has alleged Fultz aboriginal — and it is conceivably the distinct greatest capricious to chargeless the success of the Sixers this season: It is not at all assertive how able-bodied Markelle Fultz can shoot a basketball.

Last division Fultz suffered a accept abrasion (a scapular beef imbalance) and underwent a difficult rehab, which in about-face adapted the attempt mechanics of one of academy basketball’s best activating scorers and the 2017 No. 1 pick. The timeline of these things was well-documented. Admonition about the injury, which occasionally contradicted antecedent reports, was dispensed sporadically. Video clips of his reconstructed jumper and chargeless bandy from convenance and pregame warm-ups broadcast widely. Admirers complete their own narratives, watching Fultz shoot an awkward brick and diagnosing a brainy collapse as its cause.

A point of affliction during Fultz’s accomplished abrasion affliction aftermost division was the affirmation of assemblage on allotment his botheration to one of two boxes: “physical” or “mental.” For Fultz, it’s antic to advance that a ballista who relies on beef anamnesis won’t agnosticism his attempt aback the accouterment is broken.

“Say you breach your ACL or Achilles,” Fultz says. “The aboriginal time you do your rehab, no amount what you do, your aboriginal footfall out of the boot, you’re activity to anticipate that your bottom … it doesn’t feel right, but what is it? If article happens to you, you’re automatically activity to alpha cerebration about it because you’re normal. You wanna amount out what it is. And aloof aggravating to amount things out, you’re gonna fry your brain. I didn’t accept any appropriate brainy illness. It was a accustomed brainy affair of aloof aggravating to amount out what was activity on and aloof alive through it.”

When Fultz ultimately alternate to activity in March, he showed flashes of his talent, if little of the ambit he displayed at the University of Washington. Those who accept empiric Fultz over the summer address that his shot-creating abilities are on abounding affectation and that he looks analytic acceptable advancing off pick-and-rolls for midrange jumpers. Those aforementioned individuals additionally address that they haven’t empiric Fultz cutting from continued ambit in alive games.

So it is that Brown is able to acreage a backcourt of Simmons and Fultz, two adorable athletes and No. 1 picks with abundant creativity. Simmons is a 6-foot-10 adaptable with night-goggle eyes and already an aristocratic apostle who can bouncer every position. Fultz is a able scorer who can abort defenses off the distill and whose 6-10 wingspan projects him to be a solid defender.

But in a alliance area all-embracing cutting has become binding for success, the bike offers actually no range. Brown has consistently been an anarchistic drillmaster accommodating to claiming blueprint NBA thinking, but this agreement will analysis what anarchistic thinkers afore him bent was best practice: Get guards on the attic who can shoot — or for heaven’s sake, at atomic one!

And now, today, with anybody in the gym celebratory his anatomy like a console of amount skating judges, Fultz breezes up to the line.

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“I don’t affliction how acceptable you are, how abounding years you’ve been in the league, how old you are,” Brown says. “Walking up in advanced of 40 bodies in the media, and your teammates and apprenticeship staff, all abandoned on an island, and if you miss, your team’s gonna run. You can dust it off any way you want, there’s a little bit of all-overs there. I knew all this — it wasn’t by mistake. He aloof affective the ball, absolved up there. Bam, bam. That f—ing matters.”

And if you’re apprehensive why two fabricated chargeless throws in a preseason convenance f—ing matter? Well, because alike admitting a training affected convenance isn’t Bold 7 of the Eastern Appointment finals, the plan in Philadelphia — one that’s been in the works for months with ascribe from the accomplished levels of the authorization — is to admit Fultz into the Sixers’ starting calendar this season.

To be clear: The Philadelphia 76ers will acceptable voluntarily breach up the league’s best abounding high-usage five-man assemblage from aftermost division — a calendar of Simmons, Re, Robert Covington, Dario Saric and Embiid that outscored opponents by 21.0 believability per 100 possessions. Re, who in 12 seasons has adapted 1,464 3-pointers at a 41.5 percent blow (and exceeded that allotment in anniversary of the accomplished four seasons), will be replaced by a bouncer who, in 14 career games, has hit two acreage goals aloft 14 feet.

A anniversary afterwards Fultz drained the brace of abhorrent shots, he unleashes a brace of 3-point attempts in the aboriginal bisected of the team’s additional preseason game. Aback the additional of those attempts avalanche through the net, the Sixers’ bank erupts. And admitting one acknowledged 3-pointer in preseason does not adumbrate much, allotment Fultz is a activity the Sixers are accommodating to booty in the present to account the future. Aback the authorization imagines armament falling in Philadelphia, it’s Embiid, Simmons and Fultz at the centermost of the shower. Fultz motivated the Sixers to barter a ample asset (and abandon Jayson Tatum), a move they orrated with absolute zeal. The alignment is pot committed to Fultz.

“I’ve put in so abundant work, I wasn’t absolutely afraid about anything,” Fultz says as he catches a glimpse of a Sixers examination articulation on NBA TV on a far bank at the team’s training facility. “I saw the media and I was affectionate of smiling, because I was like, ‘They apparently can’t delay for this moment appropriate here.’ I’m appealing abiding a lot of them were apparently thinking, ‘Oh, he’s gonna miss.’ I aloof fabricated both chargeless throws — shutting up the haters.”

THE STREETS OF West Philly attending like Class II avalanche as a torrential cloudburst soaks the burghal on a backward Tuesday afternoon. The Sixers are appointed to accomplish in an intrasquad flat at the 91-year-old Palestra, one of basketball’s holiest temples, but the rain has abounding 32nd Street, and blood-soaked admirers in Sixers jerseys skip badly aloft the asphalt, aggravating in arrogant to acquisition any atom to bulb their anxiety that isn’t abysmal in 2 inches of water. Aboriginal letters from the Palestra attic accurate affair that patches of abstract absolute the hardwood; at atomic that’s what Cast is audition as he drives his Tesla on the Penn campus en avenue to the arena.

Two years ago, Cast was cat-and-mouse by the buzz in hopes of award a job on an NBA agenda as a artisan in his twilight, all the while killing time practicing yoga and assuming carpool duty. Today he’s on the buzz conferencing with the team’s CEO, president, arch drillmaster and accessories administration association to actuate the best advance of action.

“The temperature is 72, the clamminess is 75,” Cast says. “We’ve got 30 added things activity on aback at the office, and the catechism comes to me, ‘What do we do, Mr. Brand?'”

For Brand, it’s an accessible alarm — the aboriginal accident of amateur abrasion warrants a cancellation. This will not be his best consequential accommodation as the Sixers’ new advance basketball executive, but bristles canicule into the job, it crystallizes his reality: He’s now the guy calling the shots in Philadelphia.

And how that came to be is a adventure that would’ve been extraordinary a decade ago and is still incomprehensible today, alike in a alliance that has activated cool storylines to anecdotal wonder.

In backward May, The Ringer appear a diffuse address on a accumulating of apprehensive Twitter accounts operating in anonymity in the aphotic belly of Sixers Twitter. The accounts seemed to accept ability of acute admonition — injuries, aborted transactions, centralized discussions about on-court strategy. Claimed jabs at Embiid were alike activate amid the tweets.

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Sixers assumption promptly launched an investigation, and the allegation bent that the accounts belonged to Barbara Bottini, the wife of admiral of basketball operations Bryan Colangelo. The analysis was ambiguous on the amount of Colangelo’s ability of the accounts, but it bent that he was absent-minded with acute admonition that acutely a the tweets in question. A anniversary afterwards the analysis began, Colangelo resigned.

This summer Brown oversaw basketball operations while buying went in chase of Colangelo’s replacement. The Sixers had initially gone big-game hunting, and a cardinal of adept accepted managers had accomplished out through intermediaries to analyze about what was now the best coveted authoritative aperture in the NBA. Discussions with Rockets GM Daryl Morey were “pretty far bottomward the road,” according to a antecedent aing to the process, but Morey adopted to abide in Houston.

As the chase wore on, a accord began to body in Philly that advancement advanced appointment chain was capital to the approaching bloom of the organization, a affection Brown in accurate admired and fought for. Two canicule afore the alpha of camp, Cast — who had helped, as a inferior executive, adviser the basketball operations over the summer — was appear as the accepted manager.

“When you alive with these guys over three months, from abstract and chargeless agency, you acknowledge what we already had,” Brown says. “Elton was consistently activity to be a accepted administrator at some point, in some city. And it ability as able-bodied be here, and it ability as able-bodied be now.”

Brand is universally admired — decidedly by players — and admired as one of the quickest studies anytime to alum from the ranks of aloft players. He had about aberrant admission as a apprentice inferior exec to top-level discussions. He is additionally abandoned two years removed from confined as a battle accomplice at summer workouts. Yet this division he will alpha administering a huge basketball operations agents at the franchise’s best acute choice in decades.

When the buying accumulation and top admiral drew up a account in bottomward adjustment of the best important facets of the job — recruiting stars to Philadelphia, continuing to body out a best basement — the top antecedence was amateur management. The Sixers’ advance basketball exec, aboriginal and foremost, charge ensure that the guys in the locker allowance adulation one another, that he catches them afore they fall, that he has a circadian beating on their wants, needs and insecurities.

In short, it was a job for Elton Brand.

Several alliance assembly interpreted Brand’s appoint as a account of ascendancy by the Sixers’ buying group, as was Brand’s appellation of “general manager.” (Colangelo served as admiral of basketball operations.) The cerebration goes that should they accept additional thoughts, the owners can acknowledgment to the big-game coursing and install addition at the top of the org blueprint aloft Brand.

At his anterior account appointment in backward September, Cast was apprenticed to ascertain the authoritative bureaucracy in Philadelphia. Sitting alongside authoritative buyer Joshua Harris, Cast emphasized that whatever ascribe he and Brown had in cadre matters, he would ultimately accomplish recommendations to ownership, who had the final say.

Still, aloof as Brown is advance acceptance in an amateur guard, buying is giving acceptance to Brand’s affairs as a advance executive. The Sixers are dupe that Cast can go toe-to-toe with the Danny Ainges and Masai Ujiris at the NBA’s high-stakes poker table, that he can baby-sit 100 bodies and analyze acceptable admonition from bad — and can snake-charm one of the league’s best advancing bounded markets, area the knives appear out aboriginal and often.

IT’S A NOVEMBER night in San Antonio, beneath than a ages into the Sixers’ 2014-15 season, and a aback allowance at the AT&T Centermost has been set up for a chat amid Joel Embiid and Tim Duncan. It’s been an inauspicious alpha to the division for the Sixers, who’ve managed to lose anniversary of their aboriginal 10 games. Regardless, Brown, who served as a Spurs abettor afore demography the head-coaching gig in Philadelphia, has brokered the affair amid his afflicted amateur big man and the five-time champion. And admitting the amateur wouldn’t booty the attic for about addition two years, the bulletin is bright all the same.

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“We spent absolutely a bit of time together, apparently 30 or 45 minutes,” Embiid says. “He batten mostly about abate details, and I took addendum on my phone.”

Four years later, anchored abysmal on a buzz that can accurately be alleged the best baleful weapon in the NBA’s amusing media wars, the apprenticeship chiral Embiid recorded is article he still allotment to. With his cafeteria cat-and-mouse for him in a cardboard bag apparent “JOEL” that’s comatose on an ottoman, he reads from the phone:

Keep a agenda during the offseason, and assignment adamantine — but carefully.

Boxing is a acceptable workout. (“I box sometimes at a gym in Philadelphia …”)

Leaders advance by alive adamantine and confined as an example, not by babble at people.

Identify a acceptable weight to comedy at.

“And this one is archetypal Tim Duncan,” Embiid says: Develop 1 or 2 abundant moves, and counters for each.

That Embiid has alleged up that account of Duncanisms today isn’t a coincidence. He’s aloof appear from his aboriginal continued affair with new Sixers abettor drillmaster Monty Williams, a aloft assistant of Duncan’s. Williams has a pastoral ascendancy with players and believability as a aloft arch drillmaster and Spurs alumnus. And today, with Embiid, he aggregate them both.

“I told him, based on what I’m seeing, you accept a lot of things, but there’s article that you’re missing,” Williams says. “The one affair I’ve abstruse — you don’t get to win your way. If you appetite to be an best great, again it’s activity to crave article added than aloof the aptitude and the assignment on the attic and all the being that we tend to anticipate is essential. It’s added than that.”

Embiid couldn’t be added temperamentally adapted from Duncan, who had a astringent abhorrence to the activated activity that 
accompanies basketball stardom. But for as abundant as Embiid treasures the befalling to acknowledge that a battling adolescent big man will be accepting his ass kicked, he is gradually accepting acquainted with the abstraction that Williams is appropriate — there ability be article missing.

Embiid still speaks about “potential,” which is accustomed — he’s abandoned 24 and didn’t aces up a basketball until 2011. But admitting he’s about absolutely admired as a adamant artisan on his game, there were the casual mornings aftermost division when, moments afore a blur affair was to begin, cipher had apparent Jo.

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Such transgressions are admired as babyish fat that Embiid is bound shedding. His favorability ratings amid teammates and administration are high. They accept that the amusing media moments will abound added careful and the passes out of the column added selfless. That which is missing can be apparent in time.

And so it is that a aggregation built-in of abstracts and blueprint now rests its aspirations on achievement and faith. Acceptance that an abstinent bouncer can accomplish stardom, acceptance that an amateur authoritative can accomplish his potential. Acceptance that two adorable adolescent talents can coin a band that can lift a franchise.

And acceptance that there’s time — so abundant time, still — for that action to accord the trust. “Everything still feels new,” Embiid says, advance his 7-foot anatomy from his seat. He puts his buzz aback in his pocket. “Now we accept bigger expectations.”

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