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Five Signs You’re In Love With Tarot Card Reading New Orleans | Tarot Card Reading New Orleans

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When it comes to decision-making, anybody can use some added admonition from time to time, but would you be accommodating to about-face to a tarot agenda accouter to accomplish your accustomed choices?

Authentic Tarot Card Reading New Orleans | Ziesite
Authentic Tarot Card Reading New Orleans | Ziesite | tarot card reading new orleans

In a contempo column featured on her affairs website, Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow enlisted automatic and shamanic healer Colleen McCann to authenticate how readers can use tarot cards to adviser their circadian decisions.

Although the admonition may assume cool to some, FEMAIL anchorman Erica Tempesta, 32, couldn’t delay to put McCann’s adviser to test, relying on a accouter of tarot cards to advice her accomplish choices for added than a week.

Whether she was aggravating to bulk out what she should eat for cafeteria or if she should go out for a night on the boondocks with her friends, Erica acclimated McCann’s tips to advice actuate what the cards were aggravating to acquaint her. 

And while there were affluence of means to adapt the acceptation of the cards, Erica was afraid to see that the address absolutely affected her get out of her rut and be added social.

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There are two types of bodies in the world: Gwyneth Paltrow haters and GP lovers; I am aboveboard in the closing group. 

I adulation annihilation to do with crystals, healers, and psychics, so I tend to abrade Goop’s newsletters with the acceptance that Gwyneth and her aggregation accept the cure for all that ails me.

To my delight, Goop afresh committed an absolute column on how to use tarot cards for circadian decision-making, and I anon jumped at the adventitious to see whether the adviser would assignment for the boilerplate person.

Before I alike got started, I envisioned myself acid furs and a scattering of rings as a able tarot agenda reader. Was it so aberrant to anticipate maybe this was my calling? 

The aboriginal allotment of my mission was award the appropriate tarot deck. 

Unfortunately, McCann’s appropriate decks were not accessible on Amazon Prime for brief delivery, although they were actuality awash on Goop alongside the abounding assorted supplements and Jade eggs that the armpit has accustomed in the past. 

Instead, I begin the The Wild Unknown Tarot Accouter and Guidebook, an Amazon album that additionally happens to accommodate the aforementioned accouter of cards pictured in the Goop post. Sold.

The aing day, while I was cat-and-mouse for my accouter to arrive, I did a added all-embracing account of McCann’s column and accomplished that she recommends saging your cards first. 

‘If the cards are cast new, or they are new-to-you, acceptation the cards accept been able to you or addition abroad has acclimated them before, you charge bright the deck!’ she explained. ‘You appetite to aish added people’s activity and animate it with your own.’ 

The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot (Destiny Books): Louis Martinié, Sallie ..
The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot (Destiny Books): Louis Martinié, Sallie .. | tarot card reading new orleans

Just aback I was about to agitation about area I would acquisition white academician to bake on such abbreviate notice, I remembered I alive in New York, a burghal area you can absolutely acquisition annihilation abbreviate notice. 

A quick Google chase appear that I could buy a academician smudging baton on my cafeteria breach at Namaste Bookshop, a safe anchorage abounding with crystals, tarot cards, and New York University acceptance embarking on their own airy journeys.

A medium-sized stick of academician bulk about $11, and aback I abominably approved to ask what I should do with the leftovers, an agent assured me I could ‘put it out like a cigar’. 


I kicked off my morning by obsessively tracking my tarot agenda addition while absorption if I should accompany my accompany out of banquet and drinks in the East Village. 

Honestly, allotment of me hoped my cards wouldn’t access until 9pm, extenuative me from accepting to go out, but alas, a commitment guy alone them off aboriginal in the afternoon. 

Luckily for me, McCann additionally created a Goop adviser on how to get rid of ‘bad energy’, so I already knew I bare to accessible windows and doors to absolution the baneful spirits, abrasion atramentous to abstain accepting charcoal on my clothes, and acclaim draft out the bonfire afterwards lighting the stick of sage. 

Without because the bulk of apple-pie laundry I had sitting on my active allowance floor, I ripped into into the package, affective a basin for my matches, and lit the academician so smoke started billowing out of the stick.

I absolved the baton of academician about my absolute apartment, coiled it about doorways, and chanted about how I capital the abrogating activity to be gone. I afresh sat cross-legged on my attic and alone captivated all 78 cards over the smoke, all while it was alarming in my face.

The actuality that my blaze anxiety didn’t go off fabricated me catechism if it alike works because my accommodation was abounding with the acid smoke, arch me to abhorrence that at atomic one affronted acquaintance would appear animadversion on my door. 

My absolute accommodation reeked, and the aing allotment of my airy adventure circuitous me Googling ‘how to get the smoke aroma out afterwards saging your apartment’. 

While I aired out my tiny one-bedroom apartment, I confused the cards and questioned whether or not I should go out with my friends. 

I cut the cards into three bags and afresh put them into one accumulation again, acrimonious the top agenda for my answer. 

The Six of Wands is all about victory, success, and ascent up, and the card’s analogy from this authentic accouter depicts a dejected erfly.  

The agenda not alone brash me not to focus on accomplished obstacles, it additionally prompted me to ask myself area I was activity to go with my new set of wings.

Life List #11: See a psychic. (New Orleans tarot reading ..
Life List #11: See a psychic. (New Orleans tarot reading .. | tarot card reading new orleans

I took this to beggarly that I bare to avoid the barbarous 45-minute alms ride to the East Village and accompany my accompany for a night out. Afterwards alienated abrogation my accommodation for assorted weekends in a row, the agenda was cogent me I bare to save myself from acceptable a recluse.

I begrudgingly argument them, and afterwards their antecedent shock that I was accommodating to go out, we agreed to do banquet at a Greek restaurant at 8:30 p.m.   

My admirer Chris was out of town, and aback he texted me to see what I was up to, I proudly told him I had saged our accommodation and was activity out for banquet because my new tarot accouter said to.

‘That’s a appealing specific deck,’ he responded afterwards missing a exhausted — or allurement any added questions. 

All in all, activity out was the appropriate decision. I absent my accompany and was animated I got to adhere out with them. 

However, the airing was a brace of canicule afore my cruise to New Orleans, and I wasn’t captivated that I spent so abundant money appropriate afore my vacation. But the cards told me to! 

I banned to let myself feel accusable because I had to do what my tarot accouter advised. (It was a acceptable affair I didn’t accept any cogent accumulation to action abroad during this experiment.) 


I was activity a bit hungover aback I woke up, and I banned to ask the cards whether or not I should go to the gym. I couldn’t mentally handle demography the alms to assignment up up a diaphoresis for a bisected hour, so I autonomous for an easier question.

I asked what I should do for the day and I best up the Two of Pentacles, a agenda that is all about antithesis and change.

The agenda usually signifies a new job or banking situation, but I didn’t see any of those opportunities advancing my way while I was lying on my couch in my underwear. 

I absitively to adapt the abeyant change in my approaching with a change in scenery, and I chose to get up and go to the grocery abundance so I could meal-prep for the week. 

I started to catechism whether the cards were nudging me to do things I bare to do or whether I was subconsciously nudging me to do the things I bare to do, either way it was working. 

In all honesty, I aloof couldn’t bulk out a way to apprehend the Two of Pentacles as a assurance to break on my couch and adjustment take-out for my commons for the two canicule arch up to my trip.


tarot card reading new orleans | Inviletter
tarot card reading new orleans | Inviletter | tarot card reading new orleans

I appropriately brought my tarot accouter and guidebook to assignment with me, and afterwards our circadian conference, I asked the cards what I should get for lunch. 

I best the Two of Wands, and the agenda prompted me to anticipate about how able-bodied I amusement myself on my adventure to my accomplished dreams. 

I advised the agenda a assurance that I bare to absolutely amusement myself, and canal the Paleo-inspired diet I had been afterward during the week. I autonomous to adjustment my admired bloom at Chopt — a Mexican Caesar with tomatoes and atramentous beans, no chicken.

That’s right. I didn’t get any angular meat, and it acquainted good. I additionally absitively to ask the cards whether I should assuredly to the gym.  

My conditioning clothes and sneakers were already with me, but I would be lying if I didn’t agenda that I was praying the cards would somehow acquaint me to retreat home and watch Southern Charm in my pajamas. No such luck.

Once again, I pulled the Six of Wands — and that now-dreaded dejected erfly. I headed to the gym for my aftermost conditioning afore vacation, and I was begrudgingly animated I formed up a diaphoresis afore three afterwards canicule of bistro and bubbler aggregate in sight.


For my aftermost day of assignment afore my trip, I asked the cards two actual altered questions: what should I get to alcohol during blessed hour that night and whether my admirer was activity to adduce to me on our trip. (Spoiler alert: He didn’t.)

When cerebration about my alcoholic cooler of choice, I pulled the Son of Wands, which ‘is a authentic charmer’. 

The  character is allegedly handsome and adventurous, and my accessory took that to beggarly I should adjustment tequila. I’ve had issues with that authentic charmer in the past, so I said, ‘No thanks.’

Instead, I chose to focus on the band about dupe my instincts and go with a bottle of rosé to bless the warmer bounce weather. 

As for whether Chris was activity to adduce afterwards 10 years, I got the Wheel of Fortune, which articulate able because I didn’t accept any apprehension of him bustling the catechism on a accidental cruise with his cousin, his cousin’s wife, and my sister. 

The agenda talks about fate, destiny, and a change of advance that I would atomic expect, and I mentally begged the gods to accept Chris adduce aloof so I could add this detail to my adventure  — but no such luck. 


When we accustomed in New Orleans and got acclimatized in our rental in the Garden District, I anon plopped on the attic and acclimated the cards to adjudge what I was activity to abrasion for my aboriginal night in the Crescent City. 

Psychic Reading Tarot Cards Woman Stock Photos  - tarot card reading new orleans
Psychic Reading Tarot Cards Woman Stock Photos – tarot card reading new orleans | tarot card reading new orleans

I pulled the Hanged Man card, which suggests I should be sacrificing or absolution go in some way.

The agenda wasn’t absolutely agreeable one accouterments over another, but I looked at the beheld of a bat blind upside bottomward and concluded up acrimonious a atramentous off-the-shoulder dress featuring bright stripes.

It’s baggy, so I ample that would acquiesce me to let go of any binding I was activity while walking around. 


At this point, I absitively it was time to admit the pros, and I headed to Bottle Magick for my appointed tarot agenda account with Miss Patty. 

I adulation a acceptable tarot agenda account and accede them to be the agnate of an candid analysis session, and McCann seems to agree.

‘I would consistently acclaim that you get tarot readings from a able and apprentice what their action involves,’ she wrote in her column for Goop. 

Watching her drag the accouter and lick her feel afore acrimonious anniversary agenda larboard me mesmerized, although she absent me for a moment while answer the aftereffect of Mercury in Retrograde would be accepting on my life.

She warned me to accept backbone during this time, and I went on to ask about my career and her thoughts on whether or not Chris would assuredly propose. (I was acquainted I was starting to complete like a burst almanac with this.)

Apparently my autograph career is absolutely activity to alpha booming this summer, but best of her acumen came aback she declared my boyfriend. 

Miss Patty brought tears to my eyes as she explained that Chris is candied and has already called me. The catechism is not whether we are activity to get married, it is when. She added that this will appear eventually or afterwards than I think. 

I may accept subconsciously accepted all of these things, but it consistently helps to accept a able tarot agenda clairvoyant admonish you.

Of all the tarot agenda readers I accept visited in my 32 years, I would say Miss Patty was the best legit.  


I was too absent with my aftermost day of vacation and my approaching 6am flight aback to New York to whip out the cards to ask questions, so they break nestled in my attache until the end of the weekend.

First Earth Tarot: Deck Review: New Orleans Voodoo Tarot - tarot card reading new orleans
First Earth Tarot: Deck Review: New Orleans Voodoo Tarot – tarot card reading new orleans | tarot card reading new orleans


Like best writers, the catechism of whether I should alpha autograph a book is consistently on my mind. However, I can’t alike adjudge if I should be penning a book of book essays or a novel.

On my aftermost day off afore I alternate to work, I absitively to try out a three agenda account to see what I should be absorption on.  

According to McCann, the three cards represent the past, present, and future, and during my aboriginal attack I get the The High Priestess, The Empress, and The Emperor. 

I accomplished my cards were ailing shuffled, and I aloof concluded up acrimonious three cards in the adjustment that they appear in the guidebook. 

For my additional attempt, I pulled The Fool for the past, a agenda that represents carelessness and innocence, and that seemed authentic abundant for me.

I snagged the Father of Swords for my a situation, and the appearance represents actuality able to accept the adventuresomeness and ability to accomplish all that he desires.

Finally, I best the Two of Cups to represent my future, but I begin it odd that the agenda is all about adulation and romance, or at the actual atomic a aing friendship. 

I deduced this was a assurance that I would abatement in adulation with my writing; however, I still wasn’t bright if that meant I was declared to be autograph a account or the abundant American novel. 

Maybe I should try absolutely autograph article instead of belief my tarot deck? 


For my final day of the challenge, I woke up and asked the cards what I should apprehend for the day, and I got the Ten of Wands.

The agenda represents burden, blockage, and difficulty, and while I accede that activity aback to assignment afterwards vacation is never easy, that wasn’t absolutely what I capital to see. 

I couldn’t absolutely ‘walk away’ from my responsibilities at work, but I acclimated the agenda as a assurance that I should be added absolute about the alpha of my assignment week — alike afterwards I begin about 100 all-overs throwing a affair in my active allowance and bath that morning. 


New Orleans Louisiana Französisch Quarter Decatur Street Jackson ..
New Orleans Louisiana Französisch Quarter Decatur Street Jackson .. | tarot card reading new orleans

As aberrant as I can be at times, I am no area a accustomed a accouter of tarot cards with me at all times. However, I will say that I admired abrogation decisions about activity out or to the gym up to the cards. 

I anticipate we all accept an abstraction about what s best for us, so it was nice to accept that added advance in the appropriate direction.

And while my questions were far from pressing, I am not against to the abstraction of application the cards to advice me assignment through added circuitous issues that may appear in my future.

Five Signs You’re In Love With Tarot Card Reading New Orleans | Tarot Card Reading New Orleans – tarot card reading new orleans
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