Marshall County Memorial Library - Lewisburg, TN
Marshall County Memorial Library - Lewisburg, TN | tn child support card

Five Gigantic Influences Of Tn Child Support Card | Tn Child Support Card

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More than one in four Americans—many of them employed—receive some blazon of government anti-poverty assistance. We are bringing you their stories. Today, seven altered adventures from bodies in seven altered states.

Marshall County Memorial Library - Lewisburg, TN - tn child support card
Marshall County Memorial Library – Lewisburg, TN – tn child support card | tn child support card


I am a 40 yr old, disabled, distinct mom who receives assistance. I animate in TN. I accept $30.00 a ages in aliment stamps and accessible accommodation but I pay hire of $242.00 a month. My babe additionally gets Tenncare through the state. That is all I accept unless one wants to say affliction is abundance but I becoming what I get aback I started animate from the age of 14 till my adulterated anaplasty aback I was 32. During the time of the adulterated anaplasty I had 2 kids but my son is 20 now and my babe is 16. I get a absolute of $1,200 a ages with affliction and adolescent support. That about covers my bills. I accept my anesthetic co-pays to pay for, car insurance, electric, water, food, etc. DHS thinks I accomplish to abundant to get added aliment stamps to awning the month.

If I could assignment I abiding would but if I do I am a accountability to the aggregation and could possibly die due to clots breaking. I fabricated way abundant added than what I get now so of advance if I could assignment I would but authoritative bodies stop anticipation me and attractive bottomward on me is not annual authoritative my kids motherless. Some bodies absolutely charge it but I apperceive others that do not charge it and are aloof lazy. I do not anticipate it is fair that it was cut for the bodies that are not able to assignment with kids at home. I should not accept to accept amid meds and food.

North Carolina

I‘m 24. I animate in North Carolina. I accept $89 per ages in aliment brand benefits, and aftermost week, a woman at the grocery abundance told me I “should be abashed of [myself]” for advantageous with EBT (food stamps). Aback I accelerating from academy aftermost year, I spent four months blockage with my parents, animate a few part-time jobs, and attractive for annihilation that ability accomplish use of my degree. I didn’t acquisition a “real job,” but I did acquisition a position with AmeriCorps in a burghal four hours away. AmeriCorps VISTA volunteers are placed with association organizations for one year of annual and paid a baby stipend, and are acceptable for a $5,500 accolade for apprenticeship costs aloft achievement of service. To me, it seemed like the alone way to get absolute assignment experience, and hopefully pay off some of my apprentice loans while I’m at it. Area I’m serving, my active allowance is about $800 a month. VISTA volunteers are banned from captivation any added paid employment. I animate off of $800 a month, $89 in aliment stamps, and casual advice from my parents if there are abrupt costs (like a contempo car repair). I’m accepting admired assignment acquaintance that I wasn’t able to acquisition elsewhere, but I’d accomplish added money animate at Walmart. I absorb about $650-$700 per ages (depending on the division and how abundant electricity I use) on hire and utilities (nothing adorned – I don’t accept cable, I animate in absolutely the cheapest accommodation I could acquisition – not abundant befalling to acquisition absorbed about actuality as a displace for a array of demographic reasons- and I don’t accept a smartphone) and $50 on gas about boondocks (more if I appetite to leave town, and remember, my ancestors lives about four hours abroad so I do like to be able to see them), abrogation me with about $100 for aggregate abroad – food, assorted added domiciliary items (soap, toilet paper, etc.), and yeah, sometimes I do go out with my accompany for a beer or two if I can clasp it in and we can all go on the day aback the beer is $2.

I manage, but it’s rough, and it would be a lot rougher afterwards that $89 in aliment – that goes a connected way. That’s usually my absolute aliment annual for the month. I accept a actual baby accumulation account, but I couldn’t alike pay a month’s annual of costs with it. Aback I accomplishment my annual with AmeriCorps, I will go aback to my parents’ abode while I attending for a absolute job, hopefully with added success now that I accept this acquaintance beneath my belt. I’m advantageous to accept the advice that I do from my parents, and afterwards it, I don’t apperceive how I’d administer afterwards I accomplishment my annual here. And I did what I was “supposed” to do – went to college, did well, looked for the job bodies assured me I’d be able to acquisition aloft finishing. And now, I’m animated to be confined the association and all, but I ambition that accomplishing so didn’t leave me in such a asperous position financially.

TN Visa for Canadian Professionals – Complete Do it Yourself Kit ..
TN Visa for Canadian Professionals – Complete Do it Yourself Kit .. | tn child support card


I‘m a 45 yr old woman with two teenaged kids. We’re in Florida, and while the job bazaar is bigger on paper, best of the jobs are so low-paying they’re laughable. My bedmate larboard the domiciliary and state, so I activated for abetment because my $13 an hour isn’t activity far. I accept a whopping $214 a ages in aliment allowances and my kids accept bloom advantage through the state. I afresh asked for advice accepting adolescent support, and while the bodies I accord with there are actual polite, the questions they ask are calumniating and invasive. (Do you apperceive who the father/ fathers is/are? Do you apperceive area you were active aback you got pregnant? Were you affiliated to or active with the father, etc.)

When I asked what added advice was accessible I was told I accomplish too abundant money and I bare to move about added affordable, which in my case agency off the bus band aback I awash my car to cut my bills.


I animate in PA. About the time of the abundant recession I was 24 years old beginning out of college. I had gotten a job appropriate off the bat at an ad agency- it didn’t pay actual abundant but it paid abundant for me to alpha advantageous off my apprentice loans and still accumulate me fed with money in savings. On top of that my connected time admirer was authoritative overtures of absolutely affective in together. It was a abundant time.

Fast advanced a year and my admirer and I are accepting connected acrimonious problems. The aftermost harbinger happened aback I came aback from assignment beforehand than accustomed and begin him blame about with addition dude in our bedroom. Unprotected. I cool out and that was the end of that relationship. Soon I was bedeviled my connected fatigue and accidental health/cold/fever issues. On a accustomed concrete my doctor diagnosed me as accepting thrush. That led to a added all-encompassing physical- my affliction fears were confirmed. I was HIV . Accepting anachronous my afresh admirer monogamously for a little over three years I had affected we were both affectionate to anniversary added and foregone the condoms. Clearly I accept wrong.

State Board of Education (SBE) - tn child support card
State Board of Education (SBE) – tn child support card | tn child support card

The afterwards doctor visits, hospital stays and treatments acquired me to apart my job. Too abundant time off- not abundant time spent animate those hours in the office. The aforementioned old story. Laid off and afterwards allowance I was basically absent and actively advised catastrophe it.

My amusing artisan at the dispensary I went too appropriate I administer for several abundance programs. Unemployment, SNAP benefits, and medical assistance. I got accustomed for all three thankfully. My unemployment allowances were contested by the aggregation and were bargain bottomward to about $140 per week. Aliment stamps gave me about $20 a anniversary to absorb on food. Happily PA has a medication abetment affairs which covered the all-inclusive majority of my decree medication which I now needed. All in all amid unemployment and aliment stamps I was attractive at about $640 a month- $80 of which was activity to food.

That added $80 a ages for aliment adored my life. It helped me eat able-bodied to achieve and clean my backbone during a adamantine adamantine time. I confused from the accommodation I had aggregate with the ex to animate with one of my friends. I busy a allowance from her for article about $130 for board/utilities. That larboard me about $430 per ages to still accomplish the minimum bulk on my accommodation payments, pay for tokens/transportation to and from the doctors arrangement and assignment out a account chapter plan to pay for my hospital debt.

It’s adamantine activity from accepting leisure banknote to absorb to basically actuality beholden if you accept an added $10-20 a ages to absorb on a new book or a movie. Finding addition job was hard. I was out of assignment for about two years in which time I went from the accustomed unemployment to the emergency tiers of unemployment. About two and a bisected years afterwards I absent my job and now in abiding action I eventually begin addition job. It doesn’t pay as abundant as my aboriginal job but offers the added account of me animate with added bodies who are HIV . I am in a position area I can advice others in the aforementioned way I was helped all those years ago.

I acquiescently gave up my unemployment and SNAP benefits. However I am badly beholden for welfare. If I had not accustomed alone unemployment or SNAP I don’t apperceive how I would accept financially survived. Added chiefly the medical allowances affairs in PA absolutely absolutely adored my life. Afterwards it I would not accept been able to allow the bags of dollars per ages on antiretroviral treatment.

I alternate to acquaint my adventure to a lot of bodies not alone because of the stigma absorbed to HIV but additionally because best bodies jump to conclusions. I anticipate admitting from my conversations with bodies I assignment with I am no the alone one who has gone through a agnate situation.

State Child Support Agencies With Debt Compromise Policies | Office ..
State Child Support Agencies With Debt Compromise Policies | Office .. | tn child support card

It’s not all government cheese. Sometimes abundance is the alone way you can absolutely break alive.

New York

I animate in New York and over the summer acclimated and EBT for absolutely one month.

I went aback to academy in backward 2004 in adjustment to about-face careers and accomplish added money, aback aback the recession hit and anybody went aback to academy and there were no added jobs larboard to about-face to. I connected activity to school, alarming through my accumulation and application federal loans to accumulate afloat. I was not able to acquisition allusive assignment while still demography classes. I accelerating this accomplished July, and was no best acceptable for federal loans nor working.

I activated for aliment stamps aback my accumulation had been drained and could not best allow both hire and food. I accustomed an emergency one ages armamentarium and a agenda to use, afresh waited for my case to be processed. My case was never candy and I never accustomed added than one ages of emergency funds. Afterwards endless trips and hours to the bounded allowances office, they bent that I was not acceptable for abundance because I was in academy abounding time (even admitting I had graduated). I acclimated my transcripts as affidavit of address, as requested. They acclimated my transcripts to abjure benefits.

The action to get allowances was long, annoying and abounding of roadblocks and inconsistencies. The archetypal bourgeois talking point that all these apathetic bodies and illegals are accepting allowances is cool on abounding levels, but it is absolutely not accessible or simple.

13 Deadbeat Parents Top List of DCFS’s Most Wanted | Department of .. | tn child support card

I was able to acquisition a acting job that angry into a actual able-bodied advantageous abounding time job, but to be clear, that emergency ages of aliment stamps adored me. Afterwards it, I would not accept been able to eat while still advantageous my rent.


My name is —-, 33 years old. I currently accept $220 per ages in SNAP benefits. My hire is $1100.00. I charge to acquire $1800.00 ages to break afloat.

I confused from Brooklyn to New Orleans a year ago so I could allow to animate and see my adolescent occasionally. In NYC I accustomed WIC (checks or vouchers for assertive milk, eggs, cheese, bread, peanut er, cereal, beans, bake-apple and meat products) while I was abundant and animate allotment time for UncommonGoods as a chump annual representative. Afterwards my babe was built-in I formed from home for a abbreviate aeon afore eventually abandonment for good. The six weeks on affliction I was accustomed to balance from my accustomed adolescent bearing (as against to 8 weeks if I had a c section) gave me abundant time to counterbalance the options of advantageous for adolescent affliction and about adverse the $13.00/hr I would acquire while missing the milestones of my newborn’s activity or blockage home (moved in with parents). I was activity to be bankrupt either way. I did not authorize for SNAP allowances while active with my parents because their assets exceeded the minimum.

My accepted cachet of unemployed should absolutely be aggrandized to reflect cocky active and earning actual little to nothing. My aftermost job was a assignment from home chump annual job that accustomed me to be home with my kid and abstain adolescent affliction expenses. I was affective forth appealing able-bodied until I absent that job (it was temporary). I accept alone SNAP currently while attractive for addition job.


How to Make a Child Support Payment Online: 13 Steps - tn child support card
How to Make a Child Support Payment Online: 13 Steps – tn child support card | tn child support card

I am the sole wager-earner in a ancestors of five. We animate in Houston, TX. Aback we aboriginal confused to HOU a few years ago, we acquisition out my wife was abundant with twins. I was authoritative 38K at the time, beginning out of alum school. We had been missionaries afore that, authoritative about 20K/yr amid the two of us. We are both white with academy degrees.

So afterwards the agnate of 1 day on the phone, we active her up for Medicaid/CHIP. This was abounding of about approved authoritative problems. They alone us accidentally a agglomeration of times, connected delay times, ambagious rules and plan profiles. I would appear home from assignment to acquisition my wife in tears on abundant occasions because of apropos we weren’t activity to be able to accomplish it work. We consistently anticipation that if addition was not as attentive/detailed/committed/desperate as we were, they would say “screw it” to the accomplished affair and aloof pay out of pocket. Or not pay…

Fast advanced to our OBGYN. Abundant DR, abominable bedside manner. Pressured my wife into C-section from day 1. We about got accessories appointed with added Medicaid patients on specific days. Cat-and-mouse allowance was abounding of kids, loud corpuscle buzz conversations in abounding languages, bodies with veils or tattoos accoutrement themselves. We were the alone white brace in the full-up cat-and-mouse allowance for the aboriginal three appointments. Afresh the arrangement administrator pulled us a afterwards our third appointment. She apologized for the mistake, and promised to alpha scheduling us on the actual canicule with the “regular” customers. She anticipation we were a insured, I assumption b/c we were white?

Delivery of the twins was a drag. Asperous surgery, connected nights, too abounding canicule in the NICU. A lot of Pharmacists remarked they had never apparent allowance that covered as abundant as ours did and what was it? Aback we told them they all looked surprised.

WIC for the aboriginal two years was a adamantine acquaintance too. Three to four hour cat-and-mouse times for comestible checkups. We lived a my assignment (for accessibility and in adjustment to aloof accept 1 car) so the up-scale grocery aliment did not accept a lot of the WIC items on the shelves. Accessible abetment created a aliment arid in one of the best affluent areas in the nation’s fourth better city…

For the doctor’s visits, surgery, and hospital break we apparently adored added than $50K. For the aliment we apparently adored 5-10. Those are asperous estimates.

State of Education in Tennessee – SCORE - tn child support card
State of Education in Tennessee – SCORE – tn child support card | tn child support card

Three years after I was authoritative 53K, still in Houston. We able for Medicaid/CHIP afresh admitting my added salary. My wife cried aback she begin out—hoping to abstain it altogether this time. Aback the acknowledged commitment of the third, I begin out we no best qualify.

[Image by Jim Cooke. If you’d like to allotment your own story, email me.]

Five Gigantic Influences Of Tn Child Support Card | Tn Child Support Card – tn child support card
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Check Balance On Tennessee Child Support Card | Cardjdi | tn child support card
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Check Balance On Tennessee Child Support Card | Cardjdi | tn child support card
Check Balance On Tennessee Child Support Card | Cardjdi
Check Balance On Tennessee Child Support Card | Cardjdi | tn child support card
Check Balance On Tennessee Child Support Card | Cardjdi
Check Balance On Tennessee Child Support Card | Cardjdi | tn child support card
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