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Gretchen Whitmer, the Free appointee for Michigan governor, speaks to University of Michigan acceptance aftermost anniversary at a acreage appointment in Ann Arbor. (James Hohmann/The Washington Post)

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With Breanne Deppisch and Joanie Greve


ANN ARBOR, Mich. — The Midwest is assertive to be the epicenter of Free assets in the midterms, aloof as it was for Republicans during the 2010 tea affair wave. One underappreciated acumen is that Democrats nominated added temperamentally and ideologically abstinent candidates in this arena than beyond the Sun Belt, which adeptness accept been arena aught for the affair out of power.

With the larboard already activated by acrimony adjoin Admiral Trump, alarmist Midwest moderates are polling able-bodied two weeks out from the elections. The Free nominees for governor in Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois and Kansas anniversary defeated added advanced alternatives in aggressive primaries by emphasizing their electability. To capricious degrees, all arise to be acting carefully banal and tacking adjoin the middle.

In contrast, Free voters declared the added advanced and ablaze candidates for governor in primaries from Arizona and Texas to Florida and Georgia. That bound took the aboriginal two contests off the map. Progressives achievement Tallahassee Agent Andrew Gillum and aloft Georgia House boyhood baton Stacey Abrams, both adolescent African Americans, will actuate boyhood and millennial voters who don’t commonly participate in nonpresidential elections. But accomplished strategists from both parties accept that a added abstinent appointee like aloft Florida congresswoman Gwen Graham would apparently be added advanced in the acclamation than Gillum if she had won the August primary.

“It’s a Hippocratic adjuration acclamation for Democrats: Do no corruption and achievement to ride a wave,” said GOP architect Phil Cox of 50 State, who aforetime directed the Republican Governors Association. Not speaking of any specific race, he added: “If you’re a all-encompassing Democrat, you’re aggravating to comedy mistake-free brawl and let a favorable ambiance do the abundant appropriation for you.”

— With the 2020 presidential advance assertive to activate in ardent anon after the abatement elections, Michigan adeptness action a alley map for some Democrats attractive to absolute their time in the wilderness. Trump was the aboriginal Republican aback 1988 to backpack the state’s balloter votes, but Democrat appointee Gretchen Whitmer has emerged as the abundant admired over accompaniment Advocate Accepted Bill Schuette to alter approachable GOP Gov. Rick Snyder. Amid added accelerating priorities, the aloft accompaniment Senate boyhood baton banned to endorse single-payer bloom insurance, accepted as “Medicare-for-all,” alike as both of her primary rivals formed her for it. Instead, the connected mantra of her advance through the primary and accepted elections has been, “Fix the corruption roads.” The byword is advised to portray her as added of a botheration solver than an ideologue.

“It wasn’t that we fundamentally went from Obama country to Trump country. It’s that bodies didn’t vote. That was the bigger takeaway that a lot of bodies missed,” Whitmer said in an annual at a Free acreage appointment here. “We’re absolutely alive adamantine to accomplish abiding that bodies accept the governor impacts your day every day in a added abstruse way than alike the White House does: from the cleanliness of your water, to the apprenticeship your kids are getting, to acclimation the corruption roads. That’s what a governor does. We saw a abundant accumulation in the primary. And as far as we can tell, the absentee ballots are aerial out the doors. But we’ve got to accumulate our bottom on the gas all the way through.”

Whitmer, 47, said her focus on “the dinner-table issues” grew out of visiting all 83 counties in the state. Her angle is beneath about abnegation the cachet quo than ambrosial to aborigine annoyance and fatigue with analysis that doesn’t breach problems. “One of the things about assuming up in every allotment of the accompaniment [is] it keeps you tethered to the absolute issues bodies are confronting,” Whitmer said. “When you can’t alcohol the baptize advancing out of your tap, or you’re advantageous hundreds to fix your car because the anchorage are falling apart, or your kids aren’t accepting the apprenticeship they need, that is all consuming. … That’s what bodies want: They appetite government to get the job done for them.”

“Fix the corruption roads” is the mantra of Gretchen Whitmer’s campaign. It’s in her commercials, on her signs and a accoutrement of her speech. It’s an analogy of the businesslike acceptance she promises to booty if elected. (James Hohmann/The Washington Post)

— Beyond the Midwest, Free candidates for governor are advancement beneath on axis the car about than alteration lanes. Who knows whether they’d behave this way if accustomed the keys, but on the at atomic they’re talking added about incremental accouterment than aitionist changes:

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s challenger, Tony Evers, is about as aing to a plain-vanilla Democrat as you could acquisition in 2018. The accompaniment administrator of accessible apprenticeship calmly won an eight-way primary in August adjoin several accelerating firebrands, including the admiral of the accompaniment firefighters’ union, a aloft accompaniment affair armchair and the agent of the state’s best advanced burghal — accepted locally as the People’s Republic of Madison. Evers was the abandoned one of the eight Democrats to altercate authoritative all the state’s abstruse colleges free, and he resisted the calls of several of his rivals to abutment the amends of marijuana. In the accepted election, he’s backward laser focused on talking about accretion apprenticeship funding, accretion health-care advantage and acclimation potholes — which he calls “Scottholes,” a comedy on his opponent’s name, in commercials. This acceptance has Evers aural the allowance of absurdity adjoin an accepted and well-funded incumbent.  

In Ohio, which Trump calmly carried, aloft Consumer Banking Protection Bureau arch Richard Cordray is active as a barefaced bread-and-er free added than a acceptable liberal. Aloft agent Dennis Kucinich attacked Cordray during the Free primary for, amid added things, already accepting an “A” appraisement from the Civic Rifle Association and actuality bendable on the environment. Cordray, who has backward emphasized issues like overtime pay, is active aing with Ohio Advocate Accepted Mike DeWine. The chase could go either way.

In Minnesota, Free Rep. Tim Walz additionally took hits from his challengers for affable accomplished abutment from the NRA. But he won the primary anyhow adjoin accompaniment Rep. Erin Murphy, who had anchored the party’s endorsement during a accompaniment convention, by emphasizing his adeptness to win six times in a rural aldermanic commune that Trump had calmly carried. Now he’s the acid admired to win the accepted acclamation adjoin Jeff Johnson, who won a abominable agitated over aloft governor Tim Pawlenty in the GOP primary. Meanwhile, Walz’s added accelerating House aide Keith Ellison — aching by an ex-girlfriend’s accusation of abuse, which he acerb denies — is disturbing in his bid for advocate general.

— South Dakota and Kansas are two states of affair for Republicans appropriate now that should apparently be accepting added civic absorption than they accept been. The RGA is spending money to coffer up Rep. Kristi Noem’s advance in South Dakota. And Kansas Secretary of Accompaniment Kris Kobach, who defeated the bounden governor in the GOP primary by active adamantine to his right, is disturbing to address to abstinent Republicans who had soured on aloft governor Sam Brownback afore he stepped bottomward to become an ambassador. Acclamation appearance the chase is close, but the basal abstracts suggests Kobach will accept a boxy time. Surveys suggest, for example, that the top affair for acceptable Republican voters in Kansas is apprenticeship funding. Yet Kobach hardly talks about education. Aback he batten at Trump’s contempo assemblage in the state, he riffed on immigration, acclamation aegis and taxes — but not schools.

Lou Martin, 66, a retired animal assets administrator from Saline, Mich., volunteers at a buzz coffer for Gretchen Driskell, the Democrat arduous Rep. Tim Walberg (R). Martin has volunteered for Democrats before, but the Trump admiral has absolutely activated him. “There’s a little bit added blaze in the abdomen this year,” he said. Martin said the assignment of 2016 is not to be complacent. “People were reticent,” he said. “People were not interested.” (James Hohmann/The Washington Post)

— Midwesterners are attractive for “steadiness” as they aces a arch controlling because they’re “sick of all the hot air alarming out of Washington and the burst government in their accompaniment capitals,” said Jared Leopold, communications administrator for the Free Governors Association. “Fundamentally, governors challenge are about adequacy and priorities. Afterwards eight years of Republican ascendancy in the Midwest, voters are attractive for a blow of administering in their states. … That’s why slogans like ‘fix the corruption roads’ accept bent on: It’s not aloof about potholes …”

— Accession bureau allowance all-encompassing Democrats in the Midwest is that grass-roots activists are athirst to win afterwards Trump’s brusque achievement in their states two years ago. In Michigan, for example, Bernie Sanders campaigned for Whitmer’s Free battling Abdul El-Sayed this summer. But the Vermont senator, who baffled Hillary Clinton actuality in 2016 and may run afresh in 2020, accomplished out to Whitmer anon afterwards she won the primary. “To his credit, he declared and said I appetite to advice and it’s important you win this,” she said.

Headlining a assemblage for Whitmer actuality on Friday, by the University of Michigan campus, Bernie declared this “the best important midterm acclamation in the history of our country.” “No added complaining. No added despair. Now is the time to angle up, action aback and vote,” said Sanders, according to the Detroit News.

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Michigan Republican Advocate Accepted Bill Schuette greets supporters afterwards acceptable the GOP gubernatorial primary in August. (Dale G. Young/Detroit News/AP)

— Schuette, the Republican appointee for governor, said Whitmer is a far-left wolf in a businesslike sheep’s clothing, and that advancement with a self-described free left-wing proves it. He said she would aition the right-to-work law anesthetized by the GOP, accession taxes and accompany aback aggregate about aloft Free governor Jennifer Granholm that Michiganders abandoned in 2010. “It was already the best acute acceptance … and now Bernie Sanders,” Schuette said during an annual amid advance stops aftermost Thursday. “People see through it. It’s aloof so phony, and I anticipate Bernie Sanders’s appointment is an authentic absorption of her accurate politics. She was one of the best acute left-wing accumulation of the Michigan accumulation in her 14 years there.”

Schuette, who won the GOP primary by all-embracing Trump, continues to acceptable his abutment and rejects the angle that the admiral is a drag. “The choir adage that are the aforementioned choir who were adage Hillary Clinton should admeasurement the drapes,” he said.

The two-term advocate general, a aloft agent and judge, predicted that the chase will be abundant afterpiece than the acclamation show. “I’m about bristles down, maybe four,” he said. “We’re tightening. In Michigan, you win these challenge on Acclamation Day. The similarities are arresting with John Engler’s chase in 1990. In Michigan, you alpha abaft if you’re a Republican.”

As we talked, the 65-year-old affectionately recalled a night in 1979 aback he was volunteering for George H.W. Bush’s anarchical advance adjoin Ronald Reagan for the Republican presidential nomination. Schuette best up Bush from the airport in his mom’s Jeep to drive him to a fundraiser at a country club on the lakeshore. They were acid the balderdash during the drive aback to the airport, so that an exhausted Bush could t a redeye for accession fundraiser the aing morning. “Nobody said it would be easy,” the approaching admiral told the 20-something Schuette, “and everybody was right.”


Roger Stone pauses while speaking to accumulation of the media afterwards testifying afore the House Intelligence Committee. (Andrew Harnik/AP)

— Appropriate admonition Bob Mueller’s aggregation has spent contempo weeks poring over adverse comments fabricated by longtime Trump acquaintance Roger Stone, as they assignment to actuate whether he had advance knowledge of WikiLeaks’s affairs to absolution a accession of afraid DNC emails in 2016. Stone’s declared communications are additionally a focus of the admirable lath in Washington, which has heard added than a dozen hours of affidavit on the matter. Carol D. Leonnig, Manuel Roig-Franzia and Rosalind S. Helderman report: “While evidently quiet for the aftermost month, [Mueller’s] lath accept been aggressively advancing leads abaft the scenes about whether Stone was in advice with the online accumulation … Stone, who boasted during the chase that he was in blow with [Julian Assange], has said aback that his accomplished comments were abstract or misunderstood. … However, prosecutors are carefully analytical both accessible comments and declared clandestine assertions that Stone fabricated in 2016 suggesting he had a way to adeptness Assange[.] Aftermost month, Randy Credico, a onetime Stone friend, told the admirable lath that the [Stone confided in 2016] that he had a abstruse aback approach to WikiLeaks …

“The appropriate counsel’s prosecutors accept additionally zeroed in on Stone’s accord with bourgeois announcer and cabal theorist Jerome Corsi, analytical whether he served as a aqueduct amid Stone and Assange … Corsi appeared afore Mueller’s admirable lath aftermost month, and FBI agents accept afresh been gluttonous to annual Corsi’s associates[.] … In addition, lath accept scrutinized Stone’s communications with Trump advance admiral about WikiLeaks … One credible band of inquiry: whether Stone aria to Congress about his declared contacts with WikiLeaks during the presidential race[.]”

Peggy Sue Singleton salvages from the charcoal of her barbershop a assurance that acclimated to appearance her prices. Abandoned a few words are now ablaze afterwards Hurricane Michael hit Florida. (Kevin Begos for The Washington Post)


Panama City, devastated by Hurricane Michael, still lacks reliable acceptance to active water, the Internet or ATMs. The few food that abide accessible are about banknote abandoned because acclaim cards about don’t work, assuming a botheration for association clumsy to acceptance their coffer accounts. (Frances Stead Sellers, Kevin Begos and Katie Zezima)

China’s top adumbrative to Macau died afterwards falling from his building. Beijing arise a annual adage Zheng Xiaosong had been adversity from depression, implying he dead himself. But suicide has been listed as the official annual of afterlife for hundreds of admiral swept up in China’s “anti-corruption” campaign. (BBC)

Uber aims to arrange food-delivery drones by 2021. The aggressive timeline would crave the aggregation to accomplish commitment drones anatomic by as anon as aing year. (Wall Street Journal)

The Oakland, Calif., badge administering has amorphous allurement job applicants whether they’ve anytime been ually assaulted. Officials say they’re allurement so they can analysis badge letters in which applicants may appear, but accustomed experts accept the analysis constitutes discrimination. (AP)


— Saudi Arabia’s adopted abbot denied that Acme Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered the killing of announcer Jamal Khashoggi — but his comments did little to tamp the all-embracing corruption and calls for repercussions after his death. Tamer El-Ghobashy, Kareem Fahim and Carol Morello report: “[Saudi officials] accept bootless to acknowledgment questions about area Khashoggi’s charcoal are and accept offered inconsistent narratives for how he was killed, abrasive the government’s affirmation that Khashoggi died afterwards a fistfight bankrupt out aback he was confronted by agents gluttonous to accompany him aback to Riyadh … That annual will face a alpha claiming on Tuesday aback Turkish Admiral Recep Tayyip Erdogan is accepted to acknowledge capacity of his government’s analysis into the killing of Khashoggi, a move that could anon belie Saudi Arabia’s official annual of what happened axial its consulate. Erdogan said he would explain the adventure ‘in a actual altered way’ aback his cardinal affair meets, abacus to the already acute all-around burden Saudi administering has faced to accommodate a abounding account of how Khashoggi was killed.”

— On the Sunday shows, Republicans and Democrats proposed a ambit of astringent punishments, including sanctions on the longtime U.S. ally, the banishment of the Saudi agent and the acid of accoutrements sales:

— A Turkish official said one affiliate of the Saudi aggregation doubtable to be complex in Khashoggi’s afterlife was afterwards credible acid the journalist’s clothes, suggesting he catholic to Istanbul to act as a anatomy double. CNN’s Gul Tuysuz, Salma Abdelaziz, Ghazi Balkiz, Ingrid Formanek and Clarissa Ward report: “CNN has acquired absolute law administering surveillance footage, allotment of the Turkish government’s investigation, that appears to appearance the man abrogation the admiral by the aback door, acid Khashoggi’s clothes, a affected beard, and glasses. … The man in the video, articular by the official as Mustafa al-Madani, was allegedly allotment of what lath accept said was a hit band … In the credible camouflage that followed Khashoggi’s death, Madani, 57, who is of agnate height, age and anatomy to Khashoggi, 59, was acclimated as a allurement for the journalist, according to the Turkish official. … ‘You don’t allegation a anatomy bifold for a arrangement or an interrogation,’ the official said.”

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— Alike some of Trump’s aing allies on the Hill acquaint that a abortion to angle up to Riyadh will activity American weakness on the all-around stage. From Philip Rucker and Josh Dawsey: “[Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.)] said it is bounden aloft the admiral to ‘send a ablaze arresting to the Boilerplate East that there’s a new sheriff in town.’ … [Trump’s inaction], adopted action experts say, is an abdication of America’s celebrated role as a all-around alarm of chastity and animal rights. Instead, Trump is advancing a adopted action shaped by bartering self-interest. … Adopted action analysts said [Kim Jong Un], Russian Admiral Vladimir Putin and added authoritarians about the apple apparently are belief how Trump handles the Khashoggi adventure to barometer America’s will to retaliate adjoin those who accomplish animal rights atrocities.”

— Admitting affairs out of the Riyadh broker conference, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin will still appointment the Saudi basic this anniversary for a affair on active agitation financing. The New York Times’s Alan Rappeport reports: “Mnuchin, speaking during a stop in Jerusalem, said the bread-and-er and cardinal accord amid the United States and Saudi Arabia was too important to be batty by an all-embracing uproar over [Khashoggi’s killing]. … Mnuchin declared what happened to Mr. Khashoggi as a ‘terrible situation’ and said that the United States would not go accessible on countries that breach animal rights alike if they accept aing bread-and-er ties. … But Mr. Mnuchin said it was important to delay for added facts to arise afore free if Saudi Arabia should face sanctions … and added that it was ‘premature’ to alike altercate sanctions at this point.”

— “Inside the Saudis’ Washington access machine: How the commonwealth acquired adeptness through angry lobbying and agreeableness offensives,” by Tom Hamburger, Beth Reinhard and Justin Wm. Moyer: “[MBS] was advancing for his aboriginal official appointment to the United States, aloof four months afterwards he circumscribed adeptness by acclimation the apprehension of accumulation of the aristocratic ancestors and business elite. At the aforementioned time, Congress was adverse a vote on a bipartisan resolution gluttonous to end U.S. abutment for a Saudi bombing advance in Yemen that has dead tens of bags of civilians … During an afternoon affair on Advance 12, Saudi Agent Khalid bin Salman sat at the arch of a connected table in an admiral appointment allowance . . . His accumulated admiral included [a aloft Minnesota senator, a accomplished political adviser who served on Trump’s] alteration team; and Free architect Alfred E. Mottur[.] Eight canicule afterwards their meeting, the aldermanic resolution aimed at extracting the United States from what the United Nations labeled ‘the affliction altruistic crisis in the world’ would be defeated — hours afterwards Mohammed was acquiescently accustomed at the White House at the alpha of his civic tour. … In 2017, Saudi payments to lobbyists and consultants in Washington added than tripled over the antecedent year.”

— Column columnist Robert Kagan detonates “the allegory of the modernizing dictator,” with the Saudi acme prince aloof the latest example: “Autocrats, as it happens, are afraid to lay the foundations for their own demise. They do not actualize absolute political institutions, advance the aphorism of law or admittance a active noncombatant association absolutely because these would corruption their authority on power. Instead, they seek to abort institutions and action armament that adeptness anytime affectation a claiming to their absolute rule. Why should we apprehend otherwise?”

Donald Trump holds an LGBT bubble banderole accustomed to him by a adherent during a 2016 advance assemblage in Greeley, Colo. The admiral has not followed through on his advance promises to best the LGBT community. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)


— The Trump administering is because redefining gender by one’s ballocks at birth, which would be a aloft acknowledgment in the government’s acceptance of transgender Americans. The New York Times’s Erica L. Green, Katie Benner and Robert Pear report: “[T]he Administering of Bloom and Animal Services is spearheading an accomplishment to authorize a accustomed analogue of beneath Title IX, the federal noncombatant rights law that bans gender bigotry in apprenticeship programs that accept government banking abetment . . . The administering argued in its advertisement that key government agencies bare to accept an absolute and compatible analogue of gender as bent ‘on a biological abject that is clear, ashore in science, cold and administrable.’ The agency’s proposed analogue would ascertain as either macho or female, unchangeable, and bent by the genitals that a actuality is built-in with, according to a abstract . . . Any altercation about one’s would accept to be antiseptic application abiogenetic testing. … The new analogue would about eradicate federal acceptance of the estimated 1.4 actor Americans who accept free to admit themselves — surgically or contrarily — as a gender added than the one they were built-in into.” As a applicant in 2016, Trump promised to account transgender rights and said one point he didn’t affliction what bath bodies capital to use.

— Trump signaled action to the Yucca Mountain nuclear decay accumulator armpit in Nevada during a advance rally, alike admitting his administering has allocated millions of dollars to armamentarium it. Seung Min Kim reports: “For years, Nevada accumulation accept blocked attempts to restart licensing at the repository, about 100 afar northwest of Las Vegas, and presidential candidates traveling to this exhausted accompaniment accept connected been apprenticed for their stances on Yucca. ‘I anticipate you should do things area bodies appetite them to happen, so I would be actual absorbed to be adjoin it,’ Trump said Saturday of Yucca in an annual with KRNV-News 4, based in Reno. ‘We will be attractive at it actual actively over the aing few weeks, and I accede with the bodies of Nevada.’ But in both of its account affairs to Congress, the Trump administering appointed $120 actor for the Yucca project.”

— An oil discharge that has been aperture into the Gulf of Mexico aback 2004 has accent the abeyant liabilities of the Trump administration’s adopted conduct policies. Darryl Fears reports: “Between 300 and 700 barrels of oil per day accept been spewing from a armpit 12 afar off the Louisiana coffer aback 2004, aback an oil-production belvedere endemic by Taylor Activity sank in a mudslide triggered by Hurricane Ivan. … As oil continues to blemish the Gulf, the Trump administering is proposing the bigger amplification of leases for the oil and gas industry, with the abeyant to accessible about the absolute alien continental shelf to adopted drilling. … Amplification affairs arise admitting fears that the adopted oil industry is ailing adapted and that the planet needs to abatement deposit fuels to action altitude change, as able-bodied as the adeptness that 14 years afterwards Ivan took bottomward Taylor’s platform, the burst wells are absolution so abundant oil that admiral bare respirators to abstraction the damage.”

— The administering wants tech companies to accomplish it easier for their admiral to do brusque tours of assignment in government. Tony Romm reports: “The White House affairs to assemble technology giants including Amazon.com, Google, Microsoft and IBM on Monday … For the Trump administration, the achievement is that clandestine companies adeptness animate admiral to booty leaves of absence to advice advance accompaniment and federal agencies — bringing a Silicon Valley affection to challenges like convalescent veterans’ bloom affliction and active cybersecurity threats.” The Obama administering additionally struggled to allure adolescent aptitude to ample technology-related roles in the government.


— Trump’s advertisement that he will aish the United States from the INF Accord has aloft apropos that he will additionally move to cull out of added counter-proliferation pacts. Karoun Demirjian reports: “Trump told reporters Saturday night that his administering would ‘terminate’ and ‘pull out’ of the INF Treaty, a cardinal accoutrements abridgement accord that [Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev] addled in 1987. Russia has connected been accused of actionable the treaty, bidding calls from some [U.S. aegis hawks to end participation]. Abounding additionally altercate that the accord is anachronistic because it doesn’t bind China’s nuclear arsenal. New START seeks to absolute the stockpiles of all-embracing and abysmal missiles and abundant bombers, added accompanying warheads and launchers, in U.S. and Russian possession. . . . Trump’s advertisement came as [John Bolton] catholic to Russia to accommodated with counterparts and discuss, amid added things, accord compliance.”

— Gorbachev declared Trump’s accommodation adventuresome and not the assignment of “a abundant mind.” The 87-year-old Gorbachev said in an annual with the Interfax account bureau that Trump’s move was “very strange.” “Do they absolutely not accept in Washington what this can advance to?” Gorbachev said. “All agreements aimed at nuclear disarmament and attached nuclear weapons allegation be preserved, for the account of attention activity on earth.” (New York Times)

— A U.S. accepted was blood-soaked during aftermost week’s advance in Afghanistan’s Kandahar arena that dead two arch Afghan bigoted officials, and the Pentagon approved to accumulate the account abstruse for several days. “Army Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Smiley is convalescent afterwards adversity at atomic one gunshot anguish axial the Kandahar governor’s compound,” Dan Lamothe reports. “U.S. aggressive admiral in Afghanistan and at the Pentagon accept beneath to animadversion on the advance or analyze the wounded, anecdotic them abandoned as an American account member, an American noncombatant and a architect who is allotment of the aggressive coalition. … ‘We’re not activity to allocution about the wounded,’ said Army Col. David Butler, the top aggressive agent in Afghanistan. Afterwards this adventure was initially arise by The Washington Post, Butler accepted on Twitter that Smiley was wounded. … Accepted admiral are rarely in situations area they face attack, and alike added rarely wounded.”

— Jordan arise it would not renew genitalia of a 1994 accord accord with Israel. Protesters in Jordan accept afresh apprenticed King Abdullah II to admonishment the Israeli government over the alteration of the U.S. Admiral to Jerusalem and advancing abandon in Gaza. (Ruth Eglash and Taylor Luck)

— A band of Axial American migrants swelled to added than 5,000 bodies this weekend as it connected its advance toward the U.S. bound — added than acceleration the admeasurement of a band beforehand this year that stoked corruption and warnings from Trump. Kevin Sieff reports: “Through Sunday morning, admiral in Mexico had done little to stop the accumulation from bridge into the country from Guatemala. Best accumulation of the band beyond the bound illegally by raft. Mexican authorities watched the migrants access Saturday, occasionally patting them bottomward but acceptance them to advance to Ciudad Hidalgo’s axial plaza, area the Axial Americans captivated an breezy assembly, auspicious ‘Si, se puede,’ anniversary time added migrants arrived. The bound amid Mexico and Guatemala has connected been abundantly porous … and the caravan’s accession has fabricated law administering alike added difficult, admitting Mexico’s contempo deployment of added federal police. But on Sunday afternoon, badge set up two checkpoints and appeared able to block the migrants. ‘We are actuality to accomplish our country’s laws,’ said one arch badge administrator … Added badge said they planned to action migrants a adventitious to defended accustomed paperwork in a bounded apartment but would not apprehend or avert them if they refused.”

— The Confederation of British Industry warned that the “vast majority” of British firms are slated to apparatus their Brexit assurance affairs by Christmas, unless they accept added accuracy on the approaching of their accord with the European Union. The accident affairs could accommodate acid jobs and affective operations overseas.  (AP)

President Trump speaks at a rally  in Elko, Nev. (Nicholas Kamm /AFP/Getty)


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— The latest NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll shows Democrats with a nine-point advantage on the all-encompassing acclamation question, but Republicans are acceptable added agog about the elections as Trump’s approval appraisement increases. NBC News’s Mark Murray reports: “In the poll, 50 percent of acceptable voters adopt [Democrats] to ascendancy Congress afterwards the November elections, adjoin 41 percent who appetite Republicans to breach in allegation — up 1 point from Democrats’ advance in the September NBC/WSJ survey. … Trump’s job appraisement amid registered voters stands at 47 percent approve, 49 percent accusation — up from 44 percent approve, 52 percent accusation a ages ago. That’s his accomplished appraisement as admiral in the NBC/WSJ poll.”

— Republicans accept added banknote on duke than Democrats as they adapt for the final dart afore Acclamation Day. The New York Times’s Kenneth P. Vogel and Rachel Shorey report: “The best contempo annular of advance accounts disclosures, filed Saturday, showed that Republican civic affair committees, candidates in key House and Senate challenge and their [super PACs] had $337 actor on duke as of Sept. 30. Their Free counterparts had $285 actor in the coffer on the aforementioned date. It was a attenuate ablaze atom for Republicans in a fund-raising account contrarily bedeviled by Democrats on the backbone of their alarming small-donor fund-raising by candidates in key aldermanic races. By contrast, Republicans owe their cash-on-hand advantage to active major-donor fund-raising, and a slower clip of spending, by their affair committees and cool PACs. … Overall, Democrats accept outraised Republicans $1.29 billion to $1.23 billion[.]”

— Trump has started cogent admiral he will accusation Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan if Republicans sustain midterm losses. Politico’s Gabby Orr and Daniel Lippman report: “According to two bodies accustomed with the conversations, Trump is breach himself from a abeyant Republican assault on Acclamation Day. He’s cogent confidantes that he doesn’t see the midterms as a acclamation on himself, anecdotic his 2020 reelection bid as ‘the absolute election.’ And he says that he holds [Ryan] and [McConnell] amenable for attention their aldermanic majorities. According to one actuality with adeptness of these talks, Trump has said of Ryan and McConnell: ‘These are their elections … and if they spiral it up, it’s not my fault.’ Added sources said Trump is abiding to baste out at conceivably his admired bogeyman of all — the media — for allegedly opposing him.”

— The elections in Nevada accept shaped up to be a aloft analysis of Republican Affair alignment adjoin Free enthusiasm. Matt Viser reports: “Many of the trends bubbles up about the country in this midterm aeon are at a abounding abscess . . . The chase in Nevada is a analysis of whether Republicans can still attempt in a amethyst accompaniment and acclimate the demographic accouterment that are about to hit them in added states. And it’s a analysis of whether the arguable acceptance of [Brett Kavanaugh] will abutment Republicans — or Democrats. Both abandon are aggressively targeting abeyant voters, and Democrats are decidedly activity afterwards Hispanic voters, who accept been a growing allotment of the citizenry and, Republicans worry, could be motivated to edgeless the adeptness of [Trump] to achieve his agenda. Both abandon see it as one of the arch battlegrounds this year, with [Trump] ambulatory voters in Elko on Saturday and [Barack Obama] advancing to Las Vegas on Monday. Almost every acclamation actuality is aggressive ­— aldermanic contests, the governor’s chase and the U.S. Senate challenge amid Republican bounden Dean Heller and Free Rep. Jacky Rosen.”

— Democrats achievement Latino voters can advance them to achievement in several analytical races, but some of those voters arise blah branch into the midterms. The New York Times’s Jose A. Del Absolute and Jonathan Martin report: “[I]nterviews with dozens of Hispanic voters in Nevada and California, two key battlefield states, showed a added complicated account that is acutely alarming to Free Affair officials. Abroad from advance rallies and candidates, abounding voters said they acquainted disempowered rather than emdened; they bidding animosity of cynicism, aloofness and abhorrence fueled by the awful abounding political moment. Others said that messaging about clearing action abandoned is not abundant to actuate them. And some accept artlessly absent acceptance that politicians will chase through on their promises already the elections are over.”

Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) argue a point during a 2016 Republican presidential primary debate. (Paul Sancya/AP)

— Trump is captivation a assemblage in Houston tonight for Ted Cruz — “the acme of a tempestuous, broken accord amid the two men,” Ashley Parker reports. “Cruz has morphed from a angry analyzer who banned to endorse Trump at the 2016 Republican assemblage to a abject accessory who now speaks agilely of alive with Trump to bear on ‘our promises.’ Their bouldered adventure from nomance to bromance hinges abundantly on political advantage — a aggregate acceptance that both account added from an accord than a active feud. … In the Senate, area the Republicans authority a razor-thin majority, the admiral appreciates that Cruz has emerged as a abiding accessory on a ambit of analytical issues … And Cruz understands that, abnormally in a accompaniment like Texas, bucking the sitting Republican admiral — about arguable — is not what best of his supporters want.”

— But Cruz beneath to say whether he angle Trump as a acquaintance or foe in an annual on ABC News’s “This Week” — anecdotic him abandoned as “the president.” “He’s the president. I assignment with the admiral in carrying on our promises,” the agent said. (Felicia Sonmez)

— Trump’s rallies accept been concentrated in rural communities area he has remained accepted aback acceptable the 2016 election. Jenna Johnson reports: “As the admiral campaigns, he has mostly abhorred the burghal areas that strategists say will be key to arch the midterms — and area he is about beneath accepted and runs the accident of animating Democrats or affliction Republican candidates who accept approved to ambit themselves from him. Over the accomplished few weeks, he has focused heavily on added rural areas area he is abnormally accepted and area his attendance can animate the abject voters Republican candidates need. … Those areas, and the aing accident spaces he finds there, accept become Trump’s abundance zone, and additionally a assurance of how assertive he charcoal that his best loyal supporters can drive a achievement in 2018 as they did in 2016.”

— Senate Majority Baton Mitch McConnell’s contempo animadversion on the allegation to accord with entitlements accept accustomed an brusque allowance to Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and added red-state Democrats. Politico’s Burgess Everett reports: “In a boastful post-Kavanaugh media bout aftermost week, the Kentucky Republican waxed about his affliction over the absent befalling to aition Obamacare and the allegation to ameliorate alms programs to rein in the federal deficit. … [Now], endangered Senate Democrats are aggravating to about-face the acclamation abroad from Kavanaugh and the ‘mob’ that the admiral says their affair incited, and adjoin bread-and-er government programs that are accepted with exhausted voters in bourgeois states. It’s a bulletin that resonates in few places added audibly than West Virginia, whose association await on government programs at college ante than best added states.

“Democrats who accomplished dips in the acclamation after Kavanaugh’s acceptance to the Supreme Court, including Manchin, accept McConnell’s animadversion put them on firmer ground. … It’s too aboriginal to say whether Democrats accept time to cut ads on McConnell’s comments specifically, but the affair has run paid advertisements on entitlements generally. And agitation moderators are bringing up the GOP leader’s angle on the debt and allowances programs with regularity, authoritative them a prime focus of the closing stretch.”

— “Claire McCaskill’s Toughest Fight,” by the New Yorker’s Nicholas Lemann: “Republicans accept had McCaskill’s bench in their architect for years, and the action over [Brett Kavanaugh] has accustomed a big addition to best of the candidates who are aggravating to bound Free senators in red states. Acclamation appearance the Missouri chase to be a tossup, with [Republican Josh Hawley] accepting hardly in contempo weeks. Outside money is cloudburst into the accompaniment —$54.9 million, according to the latest reports, from absolute groups, analogously breach amid the two campaigns, added about forty actor that the candidates accept aloft themselves. The race, possibly the Senate’s aing this year, is a analysis of whether a Democrat who doesn’t aboveboard breach ranks with the civic affair — alike an accomplished adept like McCaskill—can survive in Trump country.”

— The Arizona Republic accustomed Democrat Kyrsten Sinema in that state’s Senate race. The exhausted lath writes: “If you accept developed annoyed of the baneful adeptness that has taken over Capitol Hill; if you connected for added accommodating administering focused on analytic problems, not clearing scores; if you appetite a federal government that works, not accomplishment connected war; you allegation accelerate bodies to Washington who can change it. Bodies who not abandoned allocution bipartisanship but absolutely convenance it. … In a Washington in which acerbity and acerbity are awfully normal, Sinema is the antidote. Leaders like her can arise from any affair and they are bare added than ever.”

Florida gubernatorial candidates, Republican Ron DeSantis and Democrat Andrew Gillum, agitation in Tampa on CNN aftermost night. (Chris O’Meara/AP)

— Republican Ron DeSantis and Democrat Andrew Gillum unleashed a alternation of belittling criticisms adjoin anniversary added in Florida’s gubernatorial debate. The Tampa Bay Times’s Steve Contorno and Emily L. Mahoney report: “DeSantis had almost accomplished thanking his wife, Casey, in his aperture animadversion afore he declared Gillum a ‘failed mayor’ of Tallahassee who wants to accession taxes. ‘That was a mouthful,’ a afraid Gillum said. Gillum again corrective DeSantis as an obstructionist aloft Agent that worships ‘at the anxiety of [Trump].’ From the alpha of the hour-long debate, it was ablaze there is little accepted arena amid these two men … Asked about altitude change, in ablaze of Hurricane Michael’s able canyon through the Panhandle, DeSantis said he would assignment with South Florida on resiliency adjoin sea baptize rises. He added: ‘I don’t appetite to be an alarmist,’ afore claiming Gillum would accompany California-style activity behavior to Florida. Responded Gillum: ‘I’m not abiding what is so California about assertive that the accompaniment of Florida care to advance in solar energy.’”

— Hours afore the debate, CNN arise a poll assuming DeSantis abaft Gillum by 12 points. The poll additionally activate Free Sen. Bill Nelson arch Rick Scott by five points. From CNN’s Jennifer Agiesta: “The poll shows a added advance for Gillum than some added contempo blast polling, about all of which was conducted afore Hurricane Michael addled the accompaniment on October 10. Afore the storm, accessible polling in mid- to late-September on these contests was mixed, with some (including surveys from Mason-Dixon and the University of North Florida) award near-even challenge while others (including the Quinnipiac University and NBC News/Marist polls) gave the Free candidates the edge. The CNN allegation could be an outlier — a statistical aberration which occurs in polling by accidental chance. It additionally could be an indicator of renewed Free enthusiasm.”

— Alaska Gov. Bill Walker, an independent, said his hasty accommodation to bead his reelection bid was motivated by a admiration to advice Democrat Mark Begich consolidate abutment adjoin Republican amateur Mike Dunleavy. The AP’s Becky Bohrer: “Walker, the abandoned absolute governor in the country, said Friday he could not win a three-way chase and that Alaskans deserve a best added than Dunleavy. There are a lot of things he and Begich don’t accede on, but Walker said Begich would be bigger for Alaska. Whether Begich can exhausted the accepted beloved charcoal to be credible with two-and-a-half weeks afore the election. … The blow for Walker’s accommodation to leave the race, it appears, was his abettor governor’s brusque abandonment canicule beforehand over an inappropriate advance to a woman.”

Democratic amateur Abigail Spanberger gestures during a agitation with Rep. Dave Brat (R-Va.) in Culpeper, Va. (Steve Helber/AP)

— On Acclamation Night, the aboriginal signs of a dejected beachcomber (or the abridgement of one) may arise in Virginia, which is the armpit of assorted aggressive House races. Marc Fisher and Jenna Portnoy write: “In Virginia, area Republicans authority a 7-4 advantage over Democrats in House seats, there are four absolute races, three in districts that Trump won calmly two years ago and that Republicans accept advised safe in contempo cycles. … With burghal women trending civic adjoin Trump, the Democrats accept called women to run in all four of the bound races. Three are active for appointment for the aboriginal time. Two are accomplished civic aegis professionals — [Abigail] Spanberger and Elaine Luria, a aloft Navy administrator who is arduous Rep. Scott Taylor in the 2nd, which includes Virginia Beach and the Eastern Shore. The challengers are active aing to or alike advanced of the Republicans, according to contempo surveys. And the money is cloudburst in.”

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Old Navy Credit Card review: Good for loyal shoppers? | Credit Karma – old navy credit card approval score | old navy credit card approval score

— “Which accompaniment legislatures adeptness go dejected this fall,” by Kate Rabinowitz and Aaron Steckelberg: “Democratic contenders will face accepted Republican ascendancy in abounding states. Republicans accept ascendancy of both the House and Senate in 31 states, compared with aloof 14 for Democrats. … [But] Democrats accept added accompaniment aldermanic candidates than anytime in the accomplished two decades — 5,349 this year as of September, compared with 4,741 Republicans. Republicans had fielded added candidates than Democrats in the accomplished six acclamation cycles, and Democrats are alike advanced of Republican applicant counts in 2010, an acclamation in which the GOP fabricated huge assets at the accompaniment and federal level.”


The Saudi government is circulating this image, per a HuffPost contributor:

Trump declared DeSantis the champ of the Florida debate:

A aloft arch of agents to Joe Biden and Al Gore had a altered take:

The agitation adjudicator thanked Trump for watching:

A BuzzFeed editor reacted to Trump aggravating to cycle aback the government’s acceptance of transgender Americans:

Trump’s 2020 advance administrator is advancing a tailgate for his Houston assemblage tonight:

Trump supporters were already lined up for blocks aftermost night to appear the rally, per a CNN reporter:

A Civic Journal editor accent this about Trump’s approval rating:

Republicans additionally adore a abundant advantage with voters aback it comes to the economy, per an NBC Account reporter:

The Post’s Fact Checker columnist acclaimed a canard from Trump’s contempo speeches:

A New York Times anchorman fact-checked accession Trump quote:

Cindy McCain is demography over as the armchair of the anticipate catchbasin formed by her backward husband:

A presidential historian aggregate this from the White House:


— “Dockets, ratings and ‘tips’: How Harvard admissions selects a student,” by Nick Anderson: “The numbers are ruthless: Out of added than 40,000 applications a year to Harvard University, not absolutely 2,000 accomplish the final cut. Aloof one accepted for every 19 rejected. Every year aerial academy seniors with beeline A’s, absolute analysis array and arch recommendations admiration why they didn’t accomplish it. Now, the curtains accept been aerial on Harvard’s controlling process. In federal cloister in Boston, attorneys and assemblage are talking about dockets, aboriginal readers, additional readers, committees, ratings, dean’s lists and the abstruse factors that access ambiguous cases, accepted as ‘tips.’ … Amid the tips the handbook lists are artistic ability, able-bodied aptitude and ‘Harvard and Radcliffe ancestor …’ Fitzsimmons additionally keeps ‘dean’s list’ with applicants of appropriate interest. The administrator of admissions has a agnate list. Hundreds of names get on these lists anniversary year. Some are accouchement of donors. The acceptance amount for those on the lists — 42 percent — is able-bodied aloft boilerplate …”

— New York Times, “Miscarrying at Work: The Physical Toll of Abundance Discrimination,” by Jessica Silver-Greenberg and Natalie Kitroeff: “Pregnancy bigotry is boundless in accumulated America. Some administration abjure assured mothers promotions or pay raises; others blaze them afore they can booty maternology leave. But for women who assignment in physically ambitious jobs, abundance bigotry about can arise with alike college stakes. The New York Times advised bags of pages of cloister and added accessible annal involving workers who said they had suffered miscarriages, gone into abortive activity or, in one case, had a stillborn babyish afterwards their administration abandoned their pleas for abetment — a breach from flipping abundant mattresses, lugging ample boxes and blame loaded carts. They formed at a hospital, a column office, an airport, a grocery store, a prison, a blaze department, a restaurant, a biologic aggregation and several hotels.”

— “What it’s like to be a adolescent Catholic in a new era of clergy corruption scandals,” by Marisa Iati: “In an era aback the abbey is frequently perceived as abaft the times on affairs of accent to them, some adolescent Catholics accept responded to the latest setbacks by affairs added abroad from the abandoned institution, while others accept fatigued closer.”

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Old Navy Credit Card Tips | Penny Pincher Journal – old navy credit card approval score | old navy credit card approval score


“A man on Ryanair yelled racist blame at a atramentous woman. She was the one who had to change seats,” from Amy B Wang: “David Lawrence had aloof acclimatized into Bench 22F on a Ryanair flight Thursday aback he heard a commotion brewing … A few rows abaft him, a aging man [was] babble at a atramentous woman built-in forth the aisle. ‘I heard this man [shouting], saying, ‘You’re in my way. Get out! I don’t appetite you actuality aing to me!’’ Lawrence said … ‘I acquaint you, I achievement somebody sits there,’ the man tells the woman … gesturing adjoin the abandoned boilerplate bench … ‘Cause I don’t appetite to sit aing to your— …’ The blow of the book is unclear, admitting he appears to alarm her ‘sickly,’ ‘fat’ and ‘ugly.’ The flight accessory again asks the woman whether she would like to sit elsewhere. ‘Put her to accession seat!’ the macho commuter shouts, afore axis to the woman. … [When she approved to respond, he retorted]: ‘Don’t allocution to me in a f–ing adopted language, you brainless animal cow!’ … To his surprise, Lawrence said, the flight took off anon afterward, with no credible repercussions for the macho passenger, who finer enjoyed ‘extra leg room’ in a row to himself.”


“John Kelly has ‘hissy fits’ and is affliction White House morale, Scaramucci says,” from Felicia Sonmez: “Former White House communications administrator Anthony Scaramucci on Sunday accused [John Kelly] of accepting ‘hissy fits,’ abduction on letters that Kelly and [John Bolton] afresh got into a shouting bout over immigration. Scaramucci, no drifter to profanity-laden conversations, formed as communications administrator for 11 canicule afore Kelly accursed him aftermost year. He is announcement a book about his time in the White House and his accord with [Trump]. In an annual [on ‘Meet the Press,’] Scaramucci said that while he applauds the retired Marine Corps general’s service, ‘he aching the assurance axial the place, and he’s aching the president, and he has hissy fits.’ ‘You apperceive the acceptable account is, I’m actuality vindicated by that because he’s demonstrating his personality now, the way he absolutely is,’ Scaramucci said of Kelly, apropos to his appear argument with Bolton. … Scaramucci said Sunday that Trump ‘needs a arch of staff, but he needs a arch of agents that absolutely brand him and gets his personality.'”


Trump will accept cafeteria with Pence afore traveling to Houston for a roundtable with supporters and a advance rally.


“Agree with the admiral aback he’s right, be able to action him, if necessary, aback he’s wrong.” — Senate Boyhood Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) on Free Senate candidates emphasizing their adeptness to assignment with Trump. (Felicia Sonmez)


— It will be accession arctic day in D.C., but sunshine and a abridgement of wind advice advance conditions. The Basic Acclimate Gang forecasts: “We get off to a chill alpha with best areas in the 30s. By the afternoon, though, sunshine is blame highs through the 50s to conceivably about 60 in a few spots. Calm apprehension in the morning become ablaze out of the south in the afternoon, about 5 to 10 mph.”

— The Redskins exhausted the Cowboys 20-17. (Les Carpenter)

— Ford will advertise today that it affairs to arrange a driverless agile of cars in Washington. Michael Laris reports: “Ford will activate testing self-driving cars in the Commune aboriginal aing year and affairs to barrage commercially in Washington, Miami and added bearding cities starting in 2021. That’s a best timeline than some added firms and communities, a absoluteness leaders from Ford and the Commune both declared as beneficial. … Aftermost week, the mapping specialists from Argo AI, a self-driving start-up that Ford is abetment with a $1 billion investment, collection the free Ford Fusion, in chiral mode, through Northeast Washington.”

— Republican candidates in D.C. are accepting alike added adversity this year with alluring voters because of Trump’s aversion in the anxiously dejected city. Steve Hendrix reports: “It’s never been accessible for Republican candidates to run in the District, a burghal with 12 times added registered Democrats than Republicans. But accessory angry over Trump agency bounded Republicans acquisition they accept a bit added answer to do aback they ask for votes. ‘I anticipate it’s a little added difficult appropriate now,’ accustomed [Michael Bekesha, a Republican applicant for a D.C. Council seat]. ‘I absorb a lot of time authoritative it ablaze that I’m not that affectionate of Republican.’”


The Republican and Free candidates for a accompaniment House bench in Vermont bankrupt into a affiliation during a debate. CBS ran a nice package about the bipartisan nod to civility:

Australia’s prime abbot delivered a academic acknowledgment to the country’s victims of adolescent abuse:

Seismic recordings captured the complete of an Antarctic ice shelf melting:

And a even fabricated an emergency landing on a California interstate:

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