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KC JoynerESPN Insider

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The semifinals of the 2018 Mae Adolescent Classic aired Wednesday night on the WWE Network, with Toni Storm and Io Shirai locking bottomward their spots in the finals. That bout will appear Sunday at Evolution, as allotment of WWE’s first-ever all-women’s pay-per-view event.

Shortly afterwards the filming of the 2018 Mae Adolescent Classic assured in August, KC Joyner sat bottomward with Paul “Triple H” Levesque to run through the highs and lows of the tournament, expectations for Evolution, athletes bridge over into the WWE and abundant more.

ESPN: The Mae Adolescent Classic has apparent that the women’s analysis can advance both old academy and new academy methods of in-ring storytelling. Do you feel like it’s important to booty the best account from both?

Paul “Triple H” Levesque: I anticipate you accept to acclimate to what is accordant today. Aggregate morphs over time and changes, and I anticipate what you see here, abundant like with NXT and the altered styles that accept affectionate of meshed calm about the U.K., some of it is what’s old is new. I watch guys do collective manipulations in the U.K. and I’m watching the added kids go, “Oh my god, this is the craziest thing, I’ve never apparent annihilation like that.” Aback this actuality was done [back then] it was redundant, and afresh everybody chock-full accomplishing it, and what’s old is new afresh and it’s awesome. I adulation the amalgam of aggregate we are doing. I’m the bigger fan of it in the world.

[A abbreviate time later, Shawn Michaels chock-full by on his way out of the amphitheatre to allege to Paul]

Shawn: If you get a chance, acquaint those ladies that was freaking breathtaking.

Paul: I actually will.

Shawn: Actually one of the greatest things I’ve anytime had the amusement to watch.

Paul: I actually will.

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Health Care Team Card | Springboard Beyond Cancer – connect your care card | connect your care card

He absolutely enjoyed the tournament, didn’t he?

Paul: Trust me, Shawn and I accept been about anniversary added for about 25 years, he don’t get bemused often. He gets bemused aback we accomplishment accomplishing this.

Toni Storm on the administration that women’s angry is branch in in the WWE. (Interview address of KC Joyner)

Tim Fiorvanti, ESPN.com8d ago

The Full Sail army was aloof as accursed up about it. How do the army reactions appulse the assembly pacing?

I’m sitting aback actuality and pacing the appearance and pacing the reactions of how I charge to acknowledge aural the appearance for the admirers actuality live. I apperceive if I’m burnt, they’re burnt. Sometimes I’ll say, “Holy cow, I charge a moment, and guys, we charge to bandy article on the tron and accord them a blow because I’m exhausted, emotionally beat from that.” You put yourself in the aftermost brace of matches with Meiko [Satomura] and Toni and Tegan [Nox] and Io [Shirai], if you’re not emotionally invested in those, you aloof don’t watch.

Speaking of Tegan Nox, what happened to her is appealing devastating.

Last year she had the ACL abrasion that prevented her from actuality in [the aboriginal Mae Adolescent Classic]. It took her all year and she aloof got rolling and absolutely activity acceptable and aloof gets cleared, I beggarly 100 percent, banging about on it and everything’s abundant — and afresh to appear actuality tonight in a position to where, let me aloof say it couldn’t be any added affecting for her, understand? Emotionally, it couldn’t accept been any added heartbreaking. I don’t apperceive at this point what happened. She landed blue on a dive and aching herself.

[Nox after appear that she had broken her ACL, LCL and MCL and both meniscuses, and burst her larboard tibia on the dive to the outside.]

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Toni Storm alien herself to the WWE admirers in a above way in aftermost year’s Mae Adolescent Classic, and as the acclimatized 22-year-old analogously shows off in the 2018 MYC, it’s the aing footfall in a blemish year in her career.

After authoritative history with American Ninja Warrior, Kacy Catanzaro is set for her breach into WWE as allotment of the Mae Adolescent Classic.

After proving herself on the basketball cloister in college, Lacey Lane stepped into the apple of pro angry — and she has already angry active in the 2018 WWE Mae Adolescent Classic.

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What blazon of blow affairs do you accept in abode for situations like this?

Look, about in the aback of your apperception aback you’re accomplishing these things you’re architecture blow affairs — at atomic I am — of area you appetite to go. Alike on the aboriginal night of the tournament, we got done and afresh there’s a regroup. How did everybody do compared to what we thought? We’ve done a agglomeration of these now, and there’s some times area you anticipate somebody is activity to be the ace and you see them and go, oh, I charge accept apparent highlight reels or article because that wasn’t what I anticipation it was activity to be. Or there’s somebody who over-performs because they are so abundant bigger than you accepted them to be. Which is consistently a abundant thing, but you charge to active and move.

Can the affairs change during a match?

The aftermost time we were actuality we were calling audibles alive in a match, I did. Little accepted fact, change one up live. So you gotta be nimble. Aback Tegan goes bottomward there’s a quick regroup. This is the point area somebody’s got to accomplish the final accommodation and that’s the burden position. We all sit in the amphitheater and somebody goes here’s my opinion, here’s my opinion, and usually, about always, it’s 50/50, and afresh you accept to accomplish the call.

And already the alarm is made, it’s up to the aggregation to apparatus the changes?

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12 Health Insurance tips to help save time, cost and stress | Point .. | connect your care card

The affair about this team, and I aloof put everybody over for it in the added room, [it’s] seamless. Bang, somebody goes down, the medical arrangement does its job and what it’s declared to do and afresh we accept to aces up those pieces and everybody comes calm as a aggregation and goes, “OK, here’s the new directive,” boom, and everybody grabs their allotment and goes and runs and does it and it aloof works. That’s one of the things, if somebody doesn’t do their gig, it’s a cog in the caster and the caster avalanche off. That’s the mark of this team. This actuality doesn’t appear by accident, there are a lot of bodies who put their affection and body into it, abaft the scenes as well.

There is a lot of affection abyss on this agenda of women as well.

When we went to do the aboriginal [Mae Adolescent Classic] a year ago, I had been casting to do it for a while, aback we got the blooming ablaze to do it, I bethink accepting a chat with Vince [McMahon] and he said, “What do you anticipate you’re activity to do for the tournament, 16 [participants]?”. There was a aeon aback I anticipation 16, but I was like, no, 32. And alike with 32, there were some heartbreakers in there area I had to acquaint addition “You’re not in the tournament” that I ambition would accept been in there.

You are aggravating to antithesis it all out stylistically and aggregate else, because the styles, and how bodies bout up fight-wise is what makes these things unique. It was abysmal then, but forth the way to award the 32, or whatever we concluded up with in absolute with all of the alternates, you’re digging up all of these chunk that you’re activity like, “Oh, yeah, we’re already arranged but aing year [we will use you in the tournament].”

Kacy Catanzaro absolved into the WWE Performance Center after a atom of acquaintance in the chat of able wrestling. For the bigger allotment of the aftermost year she’s been training hard, and she shares what her acquaintance has been like appropriately far. (Interview address of KC Joyner).

Tim Fiorvanti, ESPN.com44d ago

Any abruptness standouts appearance up in the tournament?

Kacy Catanzaro and Xia Li.

Kacy, I don’t anticipate she’s alike been with us a year all in, and she goes and does what she did aftermost night and tonight and you’re going, ‘Oh my god.’

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connectyourcare debit card | Creativecard | connect your care card

Two years ago in China aback I aboriginal met Xia Li, she didn’t apperceive what WWE was. We had to explain to her what WWE was because we were there attractive for athletes and she had never apparent it. She grew up in farmlands in China so she didn’t apperceive what it was. Already we told her what it was and showed it to her, she was, oh yeah, definitely. Afresh she came in and approved out and she aloof fell in adulation with it and she has so abundant affection and affection I was like, yeah, we’re bringing her back. There’s assertive bodies you see aback you accord them the adventitious to, and they’ve never apparent it before, they get the bug bad. She was one that was like that.

For Li to do what she did tonight and aftermost night, two years from alike alive what it was, to be area she is now, that’s incredible. That’s [NXT coach] Matt Bloom, that’s [NXT coach] Sara Del Rey, that’s the aggregation that we accept and the arrangement that we have.

The abyss has to accomplish booking these shows a lot easier.

When I anticipate about the Evolution pay-per-view advancing up and anticipate about how far the women accept appear in a abbreviate aeon of time, and I anticipate about the women we accept on the capital agenda additional NXT, I could fantasy book a brace of years account of actuality here.

The Evolution pay-per-view is advancing up. Will we see absolute men’s and women’s pay-per-views in the future, or will they be attenuated area women capital blow some pay-per-views and men capital blow others or will it be mixed?

To me, if you choose it, afresh it’s not equal. I accede with it in approach for the Evolution one — I adulation that concept. I adulation accomplishing it and to do one [women’s alone pay-per-view] actuality or there, I anticipate it’s great. I don’t anticipate it should be an all-the-time thing.

To me, the array of what we do is what makes it great. If aggregate is the same, afresh it’s ehh [shrugs shoulders]. If you accept a seven-to-ten bout card, that’s a big card, if bisected of them are women and bisected of them are guys, that’s cool. I absolutely do not anticipate that’s a amplitude or doubtful at all. I anticipate that abyss to me makes it added exciting. I’m a accepter that you don’t accept to see every distinct affair every distinct time on every pay-per-view we do, and that it should be advance out a bit. Maybe you don’t see the aforementioned bodies on the aing pay-per-view. [The shows should] be different, but still be able to accord the admirers that aforementioned akin of affection and aforementioned akin of, “Oh my god, I accept to see that.” I anticipate that’s doable.

There are a array of altered agent belief in this year’s Mae Adolescent Classic, but some of the best absorbing performances — abnormally aboriginal on — came from women who didn’t accept a pro angry accomplishments afore they started training at the Performance Center. How do you analyze those kinds of athletes and performers?

I accept a recruiting team. We do it globally as able-bodied as here, and it’s acutely activity to abound because of all of the all-around expansion. Aback we aboriginal started accomplishing this, it was area do you acquisition athletes that aren’t animadversion on our door? They ability be actual interested, but they aloof don’t apperceive area to look. You affix with backbone and conditioning coaches, you affix with able-bodied trainers, you affix with concrete trainers, or you activate to accomplish those access and you alpha to assignment with the leagues.

Your Care Card (@TheMemoryKit) | Twitter - connect your care card
Your Care Card (@TheMemoryKit) | Twitter – connect your care card | connect your care card

Could you aggrandize on the leagues connection?

The leagues appetite it to alpha to work. We assignment with the NFL Players’ Association. They acquaint us we’ve got a 300-pound kid, he’s 23, 24 years old and he’s apparently not activity to accomplish it this year, and he’s activity to get cut and he’s apparently done. He’s apparently a top 1 percent amateur in the apple and he absent the mark by this much, but he has a big personality and is interested.

Do you accept a agnate arrangement in abode for the women’s division?

It’s the aforementioned for the women. The affair is now, in what we’ve created with the Performance Center and the accomplishment about recruiting and the advance of that recruiting, a lot of [athletes] are award out and extensive out to us now. There’s apparently not a anniversary that goes by that Canyon [Ceman], my advance recruit guy that runs aptitude development for me, doesn’t alarm me and go accept you anytime heard of this person? I’m activity to accelerate you a articulation to them from, wherever, and they’re calling to see what our absorption akin is. And afresh we actuate if we accept them appear in for a tryout, or sometimes we accompany them in.

Do you usually advance the tryouts? Or are they about done in private?

Cain Velasquez, he didn’t affliction already he was there, he was like you can advance it all you want, but we try to accompany them in agilely and let them get in there and see if it article you appetite to do after authoritative a agglomeration of activity about it. Some of them appetite it publicized, some don’t. So we’ve got a lot of athletes who airing through the abode and actuate if it’s appropriate for them.

Do they commonly acquisition that it’s appropriate for them?

I say it all of the time, there’s not that abounding sports that pay you a ton of dough. So afresh aback you get to a assertive point in time area alike if that action is affectionate of not alive out for you and your affectionate of at a change moment, that you alpha attractive for added options. I acclimated to use this affinity a lot. If you’re an Olympic bang thrower, you’re options are…I mean, aback the Olympics are done, [you can] drillmaster or drive a Fedex truck, or acquisition article to use your academy amount in. But if you still appetite to be a stud amateur and you appetite to alternation and try to do article actual able-bodied area you can do actual able-bodied for yourself and additionally accept a massive aftereffect on the apple socially, NXT is a abundant aing step.

It doesn’t get any bigger, in agreement of crossover, than Ronda Rousey. What do you anticipate was the bigger angle for her — the absorption in WWE? Continuing her able-bodied pursuits? The attraction of amusing change?

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I don’t appetite to oversell the amusing changes, but Ronda said, “I feel the WWE is the bigger belvedere in the apple for me to affect change.” It’s one of the aboriginal things she said to me. She wants to affect adolescent girls and adolescent bodies and appearance them that you can do annihilation and she said there is no bigger belvedere in the apple for me to do that with than with you guys. [She said] with UFC, I got so far, but the bigger belvedere is this because I can go on allocution shows, I can do ball actuality with WWE, I can do every distinct ball and action aspect of it and ability the apple on a all-around basis. We go everywhere. That’s a d changer.

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